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While in today’s iTunes and Spotify driven world it may seem hard to imagine radio stations having a place in the music landscape, many college campuses operate thriving independent stations via traditional FM/AM platforms and online listening platforms. According to a report by UNESCO, there are over 44,000 radio stations worldwide, while AM/FM radio listening accounts for 86% of the total time adults aged 25 to 54 spend listening to audio.

Overwhelmingly, students are drawn to college radio stations not only because they provide access to an underground music scene, but also because they give timely updates to listeners on campus and local happenings. Here’s our list of the 51 Colleges with the Best Radio Stations. Note that schools on the list are sorted alphabetically; schools are not actually assigned a one through fifty rank.

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Adelphi University

Paws Web Radio, the official student-run station of Adelphi University, serves up a mix of radio hits alongside shows and music produced by current students. The radio station also has a section of the site devoted to student written music blogs. Though only available online, the station has a full schedule of programming and partners with other university media outlets to make sure students voices (and their favorite tunes) are heard.

In addition to a main campus on Long Island, the school also has outposts in Manhattan, Hudson Valley and Suffolk County, contributing to a total student population of nearly 8,000 students who can tune into Paws from any device with Internet.

  • Paws broadcasts 24/7, with a mix of music, political shows and other student-driven programs. Paws DJs can also be seen around the school spinning music for campus events.
  • In addition to the bustling radio station, Adelphi has a number of other options for student involvement, including organizations, leadership opportunities, volunteer and community service programs, Greek life and social events and multicultural opportunities.
  • The school was named as a Best Buy in Fiske's 2014 Guide to Colleges, while U.S. News & World Report named the school a Top 15 Overperformer in undergraduate academic reputation.

Athens State University

KASU broadcasts 24/7 to Athens State University students via 87.7 FM and an online platform, although listeners wanting to tune in without commercials do have to pay to become VIP members. The station also has an app that shares info on current selections, artist information and offers the ability to purchase songs through Radionomy.

Genres covered are truly diverse, ranging from alternative and folk to hip-hop and oldies. Known as the BEAR, the station has been in operation since 2014 and is sponsored by ASU's College of Business. It is student-driven with a mix of popular music and talk radio programs produced by students. There is an emphasis on sharing the College of Business's news and updates.

  • ASU is a public two-year senior college serving 3,500 students who have completed their first two years at a different institution.
  • The most popular degrees at ASU include business administration and management, elementary education and teaching, accounting, liberal studies and English language and literature.
  • 68.2% of all students receive need-based funding, averaging $3,770 in grants or scholarships annually.

California Polytechnic

Cal Poly's radio station, known as KCPR, has been around since 1968, when it was started as a student project. Today the FM radio station serves CPSU's more than 20,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students with 24-hour programming. The station can be found at 91.3 FM and is known as Cal Poly Radio around campus. Weird Al Yankovic started his music career at the station, volunteering as a DJ while a student at the university.

The station also has several well-known programs, including Club 91, The Red Spot, and ANTI!. Fans of the station can take advantage of a wide range of KCPR merchandise.

  • CPSU is ranked by U.S. News & World Report as the #10 Best Regional University in the West.
  • There are over 70 undergraduate and 30 postgraduate degrees at CPSU, with top studies including engineering, business and management, agriculture, architecture and social sciences.
  • Money magazine ranked Cal Poly 70th out of over 1,500 schools in the country in its 2014 Best Colleges listing.

California State University-Long Beach

KBeach Radio serves nearly 450,000 students enrolled at 23 California State University campuses across the state. The station, found at 88.1 FM, is student-run and currently broadcasting via internet and hybrid digital radio. In addition to playing the latest hits, the station also has a number of talk programs featuring intellectually stimulating or opinion-based views, often in conjunction with notable professors, the school's award winning debate team or the Department of Journalism.

12 talk programs include highlights like Fergalicious, Food-ology Radio and Hi-Definition News. The music shows are just as versatile and include Beatles at the Beach, Musical Massage and Rebirth of Rock.

  • Though the station broadcasts out of the Long Beach campus, students from all of CSU's campuses are able to listen to an online station.
  • The radio station is very active on social media, with a presence on Facebook and a podcast.
  • KBeach comprises one third of Associated Students, Inc. student media, with other members including The Union Weekly Newspaper and College Beat Productions.

Dakota State University

Our Campus. Our Music. That's the motto of KDSU radio, an online station serving the 3,000+ undergraduate and postgraduate student population at Dakota State University. You never know what you'll hear on KDSU, which features a broad range of rock, electronic dance, country, metal and alternative music. It is entirely student-run, and those involved have free-reign to make the airwaves their own.

Students can listen 24/7, either in the university's Student Union or online. The station is also active on social media, with a stream of Twitter updates on upcoming programming and events around the school.

  • U.S. News & World Report tied DSU for the 80th Best Regional University in the Midwest.
  • The most popular degrees among undergraduates include computer and information sciences; business and marketing; education; parks, recreation, leisure and fitness studies; and health professions.
  • In addition to KDSU, students have many activities and clubs to participate in: nearly 45 organizations, including Greek Life, are currently active on campus.

DePaul University

Radio DePaul is DePaul University's award-winning radio station. In recent years, the station has been voted the Best College Station in the Nation and the Best Streaming College Radio Station. The station is overseen by the College of Communications and provides students majoring in communications-related studies with the opportunity to build hands-on, real world experience outside of classroom lectures.

The music is eclectic, rotating between alternative and classic, folk and pop. In total, the station has won 12 awards since 2006 and has a full rotation of music and talk shows.

  • At the most recent Illinois Broadcaster Awards, Radio DePaul took home two IBA Silver Dome Awards for Best Community Affairs programming and Best Website.
  • In addition to its main music and talk show programming, Radio DePaul also operates a live stream for covering the university's sporting events.
  • The radio station maintains an active profile on Facebook, providing streaming information, university updates and staff profiles.

Five Towns College

WFTU can be found at 1570 AM or via an online listening platform, serving up a mix of top musical hits, news updates and a variety of student-run talk shows. The radio's news department maintains a staff of student reporters who cover both local and national news alongside campus happenings. Musical styles include anything from classical to hip-hop, theatrical presentations and special event music.

The station also does a live listening segment for all of the college's concerts. Aside from providing a fascinating stream of music and programming, WFTU also offers hands-on training for students hoping to make a career out of broadcasting or communications.

  • In addition to a flourishing radio station, students can participate in a variety of clubs and organizations, ranging from Anime to Acapella and Student Government Association to The Record, the college's student newspaper.
  • Five Towns College is home to approximately 800 students, including master's and PhD students.
  • Degree programs available include jazz and commercial music; video; mass communication; childhood education; music education; theatre arts; and business management.

Florida International University

Florida International University is proud to call WRGP - The Roar its student-driven radio station, which broadcasts to the school's nearly 55,000 students and 8,000 plus members of staff. The station has three signals broadcasting throughout the greater Miami area, including 88.1, 95.3 and 96.9 FM. It is located in the Graham Center at the university's University Park Campus in Miami.

First established in 1988, today the station is dedicated to raising the profiles of independent artists from all musical backgrounds. Every night, the station sets aside the evening hours to an individual style of music, and DJs are able to pick their own songs. The station also carries a variety of news and sports-related programming.

  • In addition to WRGP, student media plays a large role in FUI student life. Other undertakings include the student-run newspaper, The Beacon and FIUSM, a student-led news and media outlet.
  • FIU has been ranked by U.S. News & World Report as one of the Best National Colleges, Tier 2.
  • Aside from student media, Greek Life is a huge part of student activities, with over 30 active member organizations on campus. There are an additional 300 student clubs, organizations and societies, all of which are overseen by the Student Government Association.

Florida State University

Known as 'The Voice of Florida State,' WVFS is a student-led station affiliated with FSU's Student Government Association and the College of Communication and Information. The station broadcasts 24/7, 365 days a year from both 89.7 FM and through Internet audio streaming. The aim of the station is to provide an eclectic blend of new and classic music, news, sports and entertainment relevant to the student body and the Tallahassee community.

The station is also very involved in training students in radio broadcasting and communication. In addition to popular hits, the station seeks to highlight genres that don't receive as much attention on the airwaves, such as experimental, reggae, blues, metal, club and local music.

  • Aside from music, the station also keeps students abreast of campus and community happenings and provides information about student activities alongside programming on news, sports, literature, social commentary and comedy.
  • Students can rent out the station's digital recording studio packed with professional equipment and student experts who can assist in the recording process. Studio time is charged on an hourly rate.
  • The station is always looking for student-driven content; one of the unique features of WVFS is its Public Service Announcement service allowing FSU and outside providers to put out a PSA free of charge if they are a non-profit organization, community or student organization, or an individual who wants to publicize an upcoming event.

Foothill-De Anza Community College District

KFJC 89.7 FM serves the Foothill-De Anza Community College District with a mix of fresh and appealing music and information, with a focus on playings songs that may not be widely available elsewhere. While 35% of tracks played have been added to the airwaves in the last eight weeks, this isn't your standard Top 40 station.

The station functions as a hands-on teaching tool of the Fine Arts and Communications Department. Students must register for a broadcasting class; those looking to start a weekly music show must complete eight hours of station work per week and attend weekly meetings. In addition to FM and online listening, the station also has an active music review section on their website.

  • TheKFJC 3.0 app can now be found in the iTunes app store to allow for easy listening, broadcast archives and a live webcam video from the studio.
  • The station archives all of its broadcasts for the previous two-week cycle, making it easy for listeners to look up songs they've heard.
  • KFJC is completely listener supported and relies on donations to continue. Fans of the station can suit up in a range of gear or purchase music from their online store.

Georgetown University

WGTB has been on air since 1946 and today currently broadcasts on 92.3 FM in certain dormitories and online. The station is housed in the university's Leavey Center and is known for its far left political leanings. The station provides a mix of new, eclectic music alongside news, review, event information and community participation activities.

WGBT also hosts a variety of concerts, including Girl Talk, Best Coast, The Hood Internet and Nick Waterhouse. They also have occasional in-studio performances by artists. WGBT2 is a sister station providing sports updates.

  • The station is completely run by students, who interview interested DJs at the beginning of each semester.
  • WGBT has a solidified schedule seven days of the week, including programs such as Old Tunes and Sports Goons, DJ Delicious Tasty Beats and Anything Goes.
  • In addition to the radio station, Georgetown also has a campus television station, GUTV, which has been around since 1999 and hosts a film festival every April for student filmmakers.

Georgia Tech

Started in 1968, WREK is an integral part of the student experience at Georgia Institute of Technology. Broadcast from the GT Student Center, the station is wholly managed, operated and engineered by students, for students. Music is diverse, ranging from atmospherics and blues to synthesizer and zydeco.

There are nearly 50 hours per week of WREK specialty shows in addition to syndicated programming, public affairs broadcasts and other formats. For instance, Earth & Sky is a daily program providing an update on the planet and stars. DJs can also be rented out for campus events at $30/hr and $30 for equipment and DJ rental.

  • Students who aspire to be DJs can attend a training session and begin apprenticing. If all goes well, students can eventually become official DJs for the station, which requires at least one weekly shift each semester.
  • Public Service Announcements are also popular and are accepted from groups within Georgia Tech, Atlanta and national PSA organizations.
  • In addition to the FM station and an online platform, WREK also has an app available for a variety of smartphones.

Gettysburg College

The small liberal arts Gettysburg College is served by WZBT 91.1 FM, the student run radio station. In addition to serving the educational community, the signal is strong enough to reach the surrounding communities of Adams County. While primarily an alternative rock station, the station has been known to play jazz, blues, Americana and other genres.

Aside from music, the station offers a variety of in-house programming, including Nocturnal Transmissions, WZBT Morning Jazz and The Roots Cellar. In addition to the FM station, listeners near and far can tune in via an online streaming platform.

  • The station is active on social media, with fan pages available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Other popular forms of student media on campus include The Gettysburgian newspaper and Channel 34 Gburg TV.
  • U.S. News & World Report gave Gettysburg the #50 slot in its rankings of the Best National Liberal Arts Colleges.

Keene State

WKNH has been on the air since 1971, providing a blend of "alternative, jazz, world, hip-hop, metal, folk and god-knows-what else" to the Keene State College and surrounding communities. The station is truly part of the academic and local community and is run by college students and volunteer community members. The station can be heard via 91.3 FM or by streaming it online directly from the station's website.

The show schedule includes blocks of open air listening along with a mix of in-house programs, such as Planetary Prismatic Sonics, Hayden's Sports Show and Our Music is Better than Yours. In addition to music, the station serves up news and community information for the area in and around Keene.

  • The station allows interested individuals to apply for DJ positions, which are open to Keene State students, faculty members or members of the local Keene, NH community.
  • Other opportunities for student involvement around the campus include community service, Greek life, leadership development and a host of student activities and organizations.
  • KSC was ranked as the 74th Best Regional University in the North by U.S. News & World Report for 2015.

Kent State University

Known affectionately as Black Squirrel Radio, this student-run radio station serves Kent State University via online streaming, iTunes and campus television. The station has over 100 students on staff and provides a steady stream of music, sports coverage, news and updates on happenings around campus. Main genres include rock, urban and local tunes, while other music programs are devoted to highlighting alternative genres.

Popular shows include Rockin' Oldies, Good Vibe Tribe and Not Your Typical Fair-Weather Sports Show. The station regularly hosts in-station music and interviews, and archives of these special events are kept on the station's website.

  • BSR has a Mobile DJ program where student groups and organizations can rent out a DJ for their special events for $50 per hour.
  • In addition to hosting a variety of live music and programming, the BSR website is also home to a steady stream of song, album, concert and movie and television reviews.
  • Fans of the station can pick up a variety of unique studio merchandise, including vinyl record bowls and t-shirts.

LaSell College

Lasell College Radio started broadcasting in 2004 and offers a wide range of programming, including varied music, news, weather, campus activities, live performances and more. Students produce numerous in-house programs each week, such as Thoughts of an Over-Caffeinated College Student, Real Talk: Sports Talk and Last Minute Rock.

The station consistently receives awards for producing exceptional content, including Show of the Year, Best Public Service Announcements (finalists) and Best College Student Organization. Students tune in via an online listening platform or iTunes.

  • Lasell isn't only known for it's rocking radio station: in 2015, U.S. News & World Report ranked the school as the 27th Best Regional College in the North.
  • Located less than 10 miles from Boston, students at LaSell have access to many opportunities, including internships, extracurricular activities and lots of cultural and historical events.
  • Other student media outlets include the 1851 Chronicle, a student newspaper and Polished Magazine, which is put out by the school's fashion department.

Lyndon State College

Known as the 'Voice of LSC,' WWLR 91.5 FM serves Lyndon State College's student population of over 1,500 bachelor's and master's level students. While the majority of music tends to be classic rock, the station does not format programming, allowing DJs complete autonomy to play the music they like. The station broadcasts from Vail Hill, near the college's President's House.

In addition to offering a host of hits, LSC students can also gain real-world experience in studio management, engineering and radio broadcasting. Management positions are available for students who seek to run a radio station within a business setting and have a valuable addition to their resumes.

  • In addition to WWLR, students have further opportunities to be involved on campus via more than 25 student clubs and organizations. Other popular activities include the Student Government Association, the Alliance for Women in Media and the Lyndon Model UN Club.
  • The school has 23 undergraduate programs, the most popular being mountain recreation management, exercise science, music and performing arts, visual arts and business.
  • U.S. News & World Report included LSC in its 2015 rankings of Best Regional Colleges in the North, Tier 2.

Mercer County Community College

Operating as a classical music station, WWFM broadcasts from Mercer to both the local communities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, as well as New York and Philadelphia via digital radio. The station is also available via a live webcast. On air since 1982, today the station is known for providing a robust selection of classical music and orchestral pieces to listeners. The station also maintains a full calendar of local events within live music, theatre, museum exhibits, opera and dance recitals.

  • In addition to FM programming, the station has several web only programs and a selection of archived features.
  • Other clubs and activities open to students include The College VOICE, a student newspaper, the Go Green Club, an International student organization and more.
  • Over 13,000 students currently attend MCCC, some opting to complete their educations at the associate degree level, with others opting to transfer into six New Jersey colleges offering dual enrollment programs.

Michigan Technological University

WMTU-FM serves Michigan Tech's student population of over 7,000 students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Operating from 91.1 FM and via an online streaming platform, current students and alumni can tune in from across the world. The station is overseen by the university's Student Government Association and broadcasts from the Wadsworth Hall basement on the school's campus. The station has been around since 1954 in various forms, while today it is known for an eclectic musical selection and over 70 programs produced by volunteer student DJs.

The station holds open DJ sign-up sessions during the first week of each semester, and those selected take part in the tradition of allowing whoever is on deck to select their favorite tunes.

  • Popular programs throughout the week include The Local Music Show, DJ of the Week, and Spotlight On…, which features rare or infrequently played tunes.
  • The station sponsors a variety of concerns throughout the academic year, including the Copper Country Crush-a-Thon and the Kweenawesomefest alongside other acts popping up throughout the year.
  • Outside of WMTU-FM, there are over 200 other student clubs, activities and organizations for students to find their niche.

Milwaukee School of Engineering

WMSE 91.7 FM has been serving the Milwaukee School of Engineering and the larger Southeastern Wisconsin region for over 25 years. The station's mission is to provide a diverse array of musical selections that listeners may not find elsewhere on the radio dial. This includes featuring many local artists who sometimes struggle to gain initial radio exposure. In addition to their FM presence, listeners can also tune in online.

The station broadcasts 24/7, 365 days a week and offers many programs created by students volunteering at WMSE. Popular programs include The Blues Jam, The Disclaimer and the City Rock Showgram.

  • The station hosts and sponsors a variety of live music and events throughout the academic year, and provides a robust calendar of local acts worth seeing.
  • In addition to great on-air programming, the station's blog features interviews, album and song reviews, and up-to-date info on campus and community happenings.
  • Identifying as a champion for new and local music, the station welcomes submissions from artists and bands hoping to get their music on the airwaves.

Northeastern Illinois University

Identifying as a freeform radio station, WZRD 88.3 FM serves both the Northeastern Illinois University and local Chicago communities with programming 24/7, 365 days a week. The station has been on-air since 1974 and has a devout following both from university students and the local community. Listeners are never quite sure what they'll happen on, as DJs are given full control in deciding what to play.

In addition to music, the station has a number of weekly programs, both syndicated and produced by students at WZRD. One of the most popular weekly programs is Thursday Night Live, a section devoted to welcoming a new live band to play a set directly at the station. Artists interested in appearing on this set may send a demo to the station to be considered.

  • In addition to on-air programming, the station also runs several blogs devoted to album reviews, artists of the week and art.
  • WZRD can be accessed by several forms of social media, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  • Listeners can tune in locally or from afar. The online listening platform is particularly popular with NIU alumni.

Northern Arizona University

KJACK 1680 AM is Northern Arizona University's student-led radio station specializing in local artists and new tunes. It is overseen by the College Music Journal and, in addition to providing quality radio entertainment, also offers an outlet for students interested in radio broadcasting to gain hands-on experience. The station is popular with local Flagstaff residents as well, who tune in via 107.1 FM.

Students are encouraged to create their own shows and unique programming, resulting in a robust selection of weekly music, talk and sports segments. Popular programs include Otaku Attack.

  • In addition to KJACK, the university also has NAZ Today, a TV channel available on local and campus channels.
  • Aside from media outlets, the university offers over 200 student organizations, ranging from professional, service-oriented, academic and sport related.
  • In 2015, U.S. News & World Report ranked NAU among the Best National Universities, Tier 2.

Northern Michigan University

WUPX 91.5 FM has been in operation on Northern Michigan University's campus for over 45 years, serving both university and nearby communities. Over 100 volunteer student DJs take part in programming each semester, resulting in a vibrant weekly schedule of music, news, sports reports and in-house shows.

The station is in operation 24/7, 365 days a year and is known for broadcasting a wide-spectrum of music, from Guns N' Roses and Bob Dylan to Rush and Frank Zappa. The station hosts a number of concerts and benefits throughout the year and also features call-in and discussion shows regularly. The station broadcasts from NMU's University Center.

  • The station maintains an active following on various social media sites, including Myspace.
  • Students or alumni unable to listen in on the local station can also access programming via the online listening platform.
  • U.S. News & World Report ranked NMU as the #91 Best Regional University in the Midwest for 2015.

Occidental College

KOXY Radio has been in intermittent operation since 2001; today, the station is located in the college's Johnson Student Center. The station is completely student-run, and volunteer DJs take great pride in providing unique and fun programming to their fellow Occidental classmates. Weekly music shows include Shut Up and Listen, Gentlestep and Local Market. In addition to constant music, the station also features local and national news, talk show spots and campus information. Outside the studio, KOXY sponsors a number of concerts throughout the year, sometimes streaming live music or inviting bands for in-studio performances.

  • The KOXY blog offers a consistent stream of music related news, reviews and concert details, and also features interviews with artists working within the creative sphere.
  • Occidental also has a TV station known at CatAList, which features weekly student-run content on numerous topics.
  • U.S. News & World Report ranks Occidental as the 44th Best National Liberal Arts College for 2015.

Randolph College

Randolph College's student-led radio station, WWRM, has been in operation on campus since the 1960s, although it has gone through numerous periods of inactivity over the years. Today, 'The Worm,' as it is affectionately known, is a vibrant part of student life. The station maintains a censorship-free policy , allowing DJs to "say what they want to say and play what they want to play." This guiding principle results in a wide-spectrum of student-produced shows and an incredibly diverse weekly playlist. Outside the studio, WWRM DJs can also be found hosting parties or providing music for campus events.

  • Outside of WWRM, Randolph students have access to more than 40 clubs, organization, leadership opportunities, community service activities and intramural sports teams.
  • The Randolph Student Center was ranked #7 in the nation thanks to a snack bar, coffee shop, video gaming center, yoga studio, theatre, meeting spaces and more.

Rochester Institute of Technology

WITR 89.7 serves both Rochester Institute of Technology and the surrounding region, offering up a diverse range of genres that all have an indie edge. DJs are committed to highlighting artists who aren't always in the spotlight, leading to an eclectic mix of folk, post-punk, electro-pop, garage rock and more.

During the evening hours, however, the station takes a break from indie tunes to offer specialty shows featuring oldies, blues, ska, heavy metal and jam bands. Popular shows include The Pulse of Music, Normal Happiness and Raised on a Rock.

  • Hockey is an integral part of student life at RIT; the station offers live streams of coverage for both men's and women's games throughout the school year.
  • WITR DJs aren't always in the listening booth: the station sponsors a variety of local music concerts and campus events throughout the year.
  • Quality musical-programming isn't the only thing RIT has going for it: U.S. News & World Report gave the school the #8 slot in its 2015 list of Best Regional Universities in the North.

Roosevelt University

WRBC The Blaze, Roosevelt University's online student radio station, has been in intermittent operation since 1946. Located in the university's Gage Building, the station broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Programming tends to be a mix of music, news, comedy and pop culture, with a number of in-house produced music and talk shows.

The station also hosts a number of events each semester, including open-mic nights and concerts. Sports plays a big part at Roosevelt, and the station provides live updates on sporting events along with team interviews. Listeners tune in via the station's online listening platform or via a smartphone app.

  • WBRC is a member of the Intercollegiate Broadcasting Systems and uses Backbone, a streaming radio software program for Internet-based stations.
  • U.S. News & World Report tied Roosevelt for the #91 Best Regional University in the Midwest ranking.
  • In addition to WRBC, other popular student activities include Greek Life, an active student newspaper known as The Torch, the Student Government Association and the Sociological Society.

Rutgers University-New Brunswick

WRSU 88.7 FM is one of the oldest college radio stations in the country, having joined the airwaves in 1948. Since that time, the station has undergone many changes, but it has always been a student-driven initiative. Today DJs range from freshmen to alumni, all of whom take part in the WRSU tradition of allowing DJs to create their own playlists.

Popular styles of music include electronic, hip-hop, world, metal and gospel. The station is also an outlet for all Rutgers football and basketball games. Aside from music and sports, the station provides regular news updates, talk shows and original reports from student anchors.

  • WRSU maintains an active alumni database for those who wish to take part in annual alumni broadcasts, anniversary banquets and other events.
  • Current students and alumni looking to stay up-to-date with the latest WRSU happenings can 'Like' the station's Facebook page.
  • For those who can't listen locally, the station maintains a large online following via its Internet-based listening platform.

Santa Clara University

KSCU 103.3 FM, also known as The Underground Sound, has been serving Santa Clara University for over 50 years. The station uses a Variety format, meaning it plays indie rock, punk, ska, jazz, blues, reggae and other genres. KSCU is entirely student run and offers over 30 different student-produced and engineered music and talk programs throughout the week.

Popular shows include Misguided by Voices, Rock & Roll Restroom No. 5 and The DJ Violet Show. The station is always welcoming of non-commercial music submissions from bands and individual artists, some of which are played on air. DJs also keep a running list of the Top 30 songs of the week around the station.

  • KSCU is very involved in the local concert scene and regularly provides tickets to concerts, movies and other cool events. The station also sponsors local concerts throughout the year.
  • Aside from being accessed in the Santa Clara area, the station can be listened to across the globe via an online radio page.
  • In 2015, U.S. News & World Report named Santa Clara University the #2 Regional University in the West.

St Johns University

KJNB has been on the airwaves since 1954, making it one of the older college-based radio stations in the U.S. While it has always been known as a source of eclectic music, news and campus information, in recent years the station has begun offering even more programming. A new addition is the live webcasting of athletics, including football, soccer, basketball, wrestling and baseball.

The daylight hours are devoted to a constant stream of music and news, while the evening is reserved for the station's 27 student-produced show. Over 55 student volunteers work to make the station a success alongside other campus organizations who have weekly shows on-air. A full schedule can be found on the station's website, with highlights including Terrific Tuesday Sports Talk, Female Fortes and Giant in the Jungle.

  • Listeners can tune in live via an online listening platform no matter their location.
  • There are lots of ways to keep up with what's happening in the KJNB studio, including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Music isn't the only important thing at SJU. U.S. News & World Report tied the school for the #73 position in their Best National Liberal Arts Colleges rankings for 2015.

St. Cloud State University

KVSC 88.1 FM, though part of the Minnesota Independent Public Radio network, is operated by Saint Cloud State University. The station has been on the airwaves since 1967 and features a freeform blend of many genres, including reggae, rock, jazz, blues, folk and local artists. The station also provides wide coverage of the university's sporting events. Top 30 lists, playlists, song submissions and a Top 88 are just some of the extras listeners can hope to find on the website, which is updated regularly and filled with interactive components.

The station is well regarded outside the halls of SCSU: in 2013, the station received five Associated Press awards for radio sports reporting and radio features, among others.

  • "I Was There" is an interactive feature where DJs and guest writers provide reviews of concerts and festivals they attended. Students can submit articles for consideration.
  • In recent years, KVSC has become known for its annual 50-hour trivia competition where over 100 teams participate in a weekend-long trivia battle. Winners become the owners for the year of The Minnesota Masters of Trivia Traveling Trophy, a chipped vase.
  • Aside from being home to a well-regarded radio station, SCSU is also known for its academics: in 2015, U.S. News & World Report gave the school the #99 slot for Best Regional Colleges in the Midwest.

Stevens Institute of Technology

Castle Point Radio is the official name of WCPR, Stevens Institute of Technology's original and independent radio station. The station first started in 1961 and, to date, has amassed a collection of more than 10,000 LPs, making it one of the largest collections in New Jersey. Genres played run the gamut, from hip-hop and indie to mainstream and classic rock.

Student DJs contribute a variety of original programming each evening, including Songs of the Underground, The Blender and Thrash Can. WCPR also prides itself on being a teaching tool for students who wish to gain experience in broadcasting, publicity and marketing.

  • As of now, the station is only broadcast online. Listeners tune in through an online listening platform hosted on WCPR's website or via a smartphone app.
  • In celebration of their 50th anniversary, the station started The Story Project, a series of interview conducted with alumni throughout the years. Interviews are archived on the website.
  • Students have a number of clubs and organizations to join once enrolling at SIT, including over 15 Greek life organizations and over 90 service, leadership, social and cultural clubs.

Stony Brook College

In addition to serving the Stony Brook University community, WUSB 90.1 FM also has the distinction of being Long Island's largest non-commercial, freeform radio station. Listeners of WUSB are never quite sure what they'll find, with programming ranging from reggae and polka to punk and folk. Mixed in amongst the tunes are interviews, news reports, commentary, live recordings and more.

The station was first opened in 1977 and over 160 volunteers comprised of students, faculty, staff, alumni and local community members lead the station today. 24/7 programming means there is something for everyone, be it folk, political commentary or global rhythms.

  • DJs frequently post their previous playlists or lists of songs they are loving at the moment.
  • In addition to regular programming, the station also has a separate web-based station to cover the university's athletic events.
  • Each semester, the station holds a training class for students and local community members who want to volunteer or learn more about radio and broadcasting.

Tarleton State University

KTRL 90.5 FM is part of the College of Liberal and Fine Arts at Tarleton State University and provides a wide-ranging program of music, news, community event information and college athletics coverage. The station maintains a partnership with Texas A&M's radio station, allowing it to provide NPR news and classical/jazz programming.

In addition to student-produced programming, a number of faculty members contribute shows within their fields of study. One such program is T for Texas, a weekly Texas history miniseries. Live athletics coverage is also provided by KTRL, with volleyball and football receiving primetime slots.

  • Programming tends to be made up of a mix of syndicated NPR shows, local community spots and student-created programs.
  • In recent years, Tarleton has become well recognized for pioneering programs in music, nursing, agriculture, teacher education and medical technology.
  • U.S. News & World Report ranks Tarleton as one of the Best Regional Universities in the West for 2015.

The University of Alabama

WVUA 90.7 The Capstone radio calls itself "the voice of the University of Alabama," providing 24/7 programming to more than 36,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students currently enrolled. WVUA is one of the oldest college stations in the country, dating back to 1940. It was originally created to provide students who sought to become radio broadcasters real-world experience. That vision is still intact today, with more than 100 student volunteers taking part in programming each semester.

While the station plays many different genres, it emphasizes local music, particularly artists from close to Tuscaloosa. Alternative rock takes up the majority of the airwaves during the day, while specialty shows in the evening cover any and every genre under the sun. When music isn't playing, it's likely the station is airing coverage of the university's many sports matches.

  • Aside from providing engaging content on-air, WVUA DJs and volunteers also regularly post album and concert reviews for listeners.
  • In addition to a presence on FM radio, listeners can tune in from anywhere via the station's online listening platform.
  • Academics play a big part in student life at UAL; U.S. News & World Report gave the Tuscaloosa institution the #88 slot for Best National Universities in 2015.

Trinity College

WRTC operates from 89.3 FM and serves both Trinity College and the local Hartford communities. The station first opened in 1947, making it one of the oldest college stations in the country. Today the station is proud to produce over 60 weekly music programs in genres spanning from jazz and Caribbean to gospel and Broadway. Jazz is given particular emphasis, with over 30 hours of programming each week.

Proving just how diverse the station's musical interests are, each year the station participates in sponsoring the Plumb Memorial Carillon Concerts and a Chamber Music Series. Outside of music, listeners can expect to hear the latest news and campus happenings, alongside live coverage of the Trinity Bantams sports teams.

  • U.S. News & World Report gave Trinity the #45 slot in its 2015 rankings of the Best National Liberal Arts Colleges in America.
  • Top academic programs for undergraduates at Trinity include economics, political science and government, English language and literature, history and psychology.
  • Aside from WRTC, students can participate in more than 140 student-led organizations and clubs – the college has even hosted TEDx talks on campus in the past.

University of California-Berkeley

KALX 90.7 FM is the independent radio station of the University of California at Berkeley, serving the institution's more than 36,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students. Nearly 300 volunteers, comprised of both students and community members, run the station.

KALX began broadcasting in 1962 and started creating its own programming in the late 60s. Today the station provides a diverse mix of music, public affairs programming, public service announcements, news, community information and more. Programs attracting the most interest include Film Close-ups, Jazzmaster and Women Hold Up Half the Sky. As of 2015, the station has over 100,000 items covering every genre and style imaginable.

University of California-Riverside

KUCR Radio 88.3 FM broadcasts from the University of California's Riverside campus but additionally serves the educational system's nine other campuses. All told, over 240,000 students and 155,000 staff and faculty members have access to KUCR programming.

Since starting in 1964, the station has maintained a focus on providing diverse musical offerings, be it classical, hip-hop, jazz or rock. This same mentality holds true when discussing the public affairs and news offerings, which include local and national interest stories, discussion and commentary spots, special interest pieces and world affairs. Students or alumni who are unable to access the FM station can tune in from anywhere via the online listening station.

  • The station has archived every playlist used since 2007, providing listeners with a fascinating glimpse at the evolution of both the station and music in recent years.
  • Operating 24/7, 365 days a week, KUCR has a jam-packed schedule of programming, ranging from orchestral concerts to science discussions, women's issues panels to jazz programming.
  • Fans of KUCR can keep up with the station daily via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

University of California-Santa Barbara

KCSB 91.9 FM maintains the mission of being educational for both student volunteers and listeners. While those working at the station are given the chance to learn about the ins and outs of radio broadcasting under the supervision of trained audio professionals, listeners can look forward to great broadcast content.

The station aspires to be a place where listeners know they'll get content and music they may not be able to find elsewhere on the radio dial, including stimulating news pieces, informative PSAs and new or local music. Programming runs 24/7, 365 days a week with all specialty programs being produced by students. Top shows include Motown Beat, Culture of Protest and Sonic Earscape.

  • Sports play a significant part in the life of UCSB students, and KCSB provides exclusive live streaming coverage of all women's soccer, softball and volleyball games and men's volleyball games.
  • U.S. News & World Report tied UC Santa Barbara for the #20 spot among the Best National Universities in 2015.
  • Aside from KCSB, other popular media outlets include The Daily Nexus newspaper, the La Cumbre yearbook, The Bottom Line newspaper, The Catalyst, a student-run literary arts magazine and the Gaucho Free Press , a conservative magazine.

University of Cincinatti

The University of Cincinnati's radio station, Bearcast, is available to the institution's 43,000+ undergraduate and postgraduate students and nearly 10,000 faculty and staff members. The station is housed in the College-Conservatory of Music and any student attending the university can apply to be a volunteer or DJ.

Most of the daytime hours are devoted to open music programming, while the evening airwaves come alive with a diverse range of student-produced independent programming. A mix of comment, news, opinion and music shows fill the roster, while live coverage of sporting events is also included in the weekly schedule.

  • The station sponsors a number of local events, concerts and community initiatives throughout the year. A new program is Live on Short Vine, which brings together local musicians and listeners.
  • Students or local community members looking for advice on the latest music or films need look no further than the Bearcast website, which features timely information on all the newest raves.
  • Students and alumni alike can listen to the Bearcast anytime, anywhere via the online listening platform.

University of Iowa

KRUI 89.7 FM serves both the 31,000+ students attending the University of Iowa and nearby residents. The station began in 1952; today it is known for offering a wide variety of genres, such as alternative, dance, hip-hop, blues, jazz and funk.

The station has the distinction of shying away from playing the majority of Top 40 pop songs, instead choosing to focus on underrepresented genres or songs.

In addition to musical selections, listeners can also expect to find shows pertaining to news, politics, student happenings and sports. Over 100 student volunteers keep the hits on the airwaves during the school year, with many different original programs being aired each week.

  • KRUI keeps a full archive of past in-studio and live performances alongside a list of upcoming concerts.
  • In addition to spending tunes and keeping up with news, students also take time to pen album reviews on their favorite new releases.
  • Functioning as a champion of new and local music, the station is always seeking a cool new song or artist and regularly accepts music submissions.

University of Nevada-Reno

Wolf Pack Radio is the University of Nevada's college station, which operates out of the Reno campus. Local listeners can tune in to 1700 AM, while students at the Las Vegas campus can listen via mobile app or online. The station has been in operation for over 10 years and is committed both to providing quality programming and providing students with an outlet to express themselves while learning about radio broadcasting.

All programming is produced and engineered by UN students; morning listening includes a variety of music, while evening programming involves more specialty shows. Some of the most popular include Low Fidelity and Funk Zone.

  • The station accepts Public Service Announcements to be broadcast on air from qualifying organizations or individuals. Those seeking to do so can fill out a PSA form on the station's website.
  • Other popular forms of student media include the newspaper, The Nevada Sagebrush and Insight Magazine.
  • U.S. News & World Report thinks highly of the school, giving it the #71 spot in its 2015 list of Top National Universities.

University of New Hampshire

91.3 FM WUNH is the official non-commercial college radio station of the University of New Hampshire, broadcasting to the schools 15,000+ students and the surrounding community of Durham. The station has been around in one form or another since 1952, making it one of the older college radio networks in America.

The station places emphasis on being an alternative channel, providing coverage of artists and topics traditionally underrepresented in mainstream media. Daytime programming is general music that includes a minimum of 60% new music released within the previous two months. Specialty shows fill the evening hours, with programs devoted to nearly every genre imaginable. WUNH is also known for providing extensive coverage of the university's sporting events.

  • Listeners from further afield can still tune in: the station has an online platform accessible via Internet browsers or digital music players.
  • Aside from radio broadcasting, the university also has a stellar reputation for its academics: U.S. News & World Reports included UNH in its list of the Best National Universities, while The Princeton Review praised the school for its entrepreneurship program.
  • UNH has over 200 student clubs and organization, including others devoted to student media pursuits. These include The Granite yearbook, SCAN TV and the Student Committee on Popular Entertainment.

University of Richmond

Students enrolled at the University of Richmond get to enjoy 90.1FM WDCE, an entirely student-run station in existence since 1960. Over the years, numerous student DJs have launched successful radio broadcasting careers based off their time at WDCE, and the station continues in that tradition today.

The station is also well known in the area for sponsoring local concerts, with the most notable names including Fugazi, Death Cab for Cutie and Masta Ace. Any UR student is welcome to apply for a volunteer role, ranging from general studio assistance to hosting a regular program.

  • The station operates around the clock, every day of the year.
  • Other campus outlets for students interested in media and communications include The Collegian student newspaper, The Messenger annual arts and literary magazine and Forum Magazine.
  • U.S. News & World Report gave UR the #30 spot for Best National Liberal Arts Colleges in 2015.

University of Washington

KEXP 90.3 FM serves University of Washington Students and local Seattle residents with a consistent stream of underground songs and public affairs commentary not found on many other stations. Over 40 DJs work to bring listeners emerging and local artists alongside a complementary program of local and national news, political commentary, sports coverage and specialty shows produced in-house. These local shows cover public affairs, the Pacific Northwest, blues, country, roots, electronic, hip-hop, jazz, rock and world music.

The station also maintains a variety of online music charts based on listener habits. Under the station blog, listeners can access live concert reviews, live videos, new releases, music headlines and more.

  • The station frequently hosts in-studio performances by both local and national artists. A full listing of upcoming appearances is provided on the KEXP website.
  • Listeners unable to tune in to the FM broadcasts can still listen. The station's live streaming capabilities are used by current students, alumni and music fans the world over.
  • KEXP isn't the only part of UWA receiving praise: the 2015 U.S. News & World Report rankings gave the school the #48 slot among Best National Universities.

Wellesley College

WZLY, the college radio station of Wellesley College, operates from both 91.5 FM and an online streaming service. The station serves the college community as well as local Wellesley residents. Started in 1942, its was the first all women-run station in the country and is one of the oldest college radio stations in the country.

Today, WZLY has over 60 student disc jockeys playing a mix of contemporary and vintage music. The station also hosts a number of public affairs programs, news segments, local community updates and campus happenings. The station sponsors a variety of concerts throughout the school year which are publicized on their website.

  • WZLY's blog is popular with students and alumni alike, offering numerous features such as Music Video Mondays, Cover Fridays, playlists and album reviews.
  • The station supports a live streaming platform, allowing any student or alumni, no matter their location, to tune in.
  • Excellent radio programming isn't the only thing Wellesley has going for it. The school is renown for being academically excellent. In its most recent rankings, U.S. News & World Report identified the school as the 4th Best Liberal Arts College in the nation.

West Chester University

WCUR 91.7 FM is the collegiate radio station of West Chester University. In addition to having an FM radio presence, the station is also broadcast online. WCUR is known for offering a broad selection of musical styles and genres, in addition to regular interview and in-studio performances by local and national bands and artists.

The station also broadcasts live coverage of WCU's sport teams and provides behind the scenes interviews with players and coaches. WCUR DJs regularly leave the recording booth to host live events around campus, which include organization or club events, community activities or student parties. The station also maintains an active Facebook page, giving listeners up-to-date information on studio and music happenings.

  • WCU is not only well regarded for its radio station: U.S. News & World Report gave the school the #65 slot in its listing of Best Regional Universities in the North.
  • Top degree programs at WCU include business and management, health professions, education, English language and literature and liberal arts and sciences.
  • Other student-led organizations on campus include nearly 200 clubs catering to student interests in academics, political activism, Greek life, sports, social diversity, service and more.

Western Washington University

KUGS-FM is dedicated to providing a diverse assortment of musical and public affairs programming, both to students based at Western Washington University and to the local Bellingham community. Broadcasting from both 89.3 FM and an online streaming service, the station serves up general programming during the day, with specialty shows during the evening hours. Some of these include Reggaelution, Pyschadelicatessen and Not the Best, But Pretty Good.

The station also features a number of National Public Radio programs, such as Democracy Now and This American Life. The station is governed by the Associated Students of Western Washington University organization and is managed by a full staff of volunteer student DJs and programmers.

  • In addition to regular programming, the station also hosts a variety of Public Service Announcements provided by students, faculty, staff and local community members.
  • More than 15,000 students enrolled in programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels have access to KUGS-FM.
  • U.S. News & World Report gave the school the #21 spot in its 2015 rankings of the Best Regional Colleges in the West.

Wilkes University

WCLH 90.7 FM is the non-commercial radio station of Wilkes University focused on playing alternative rock, heavy metal, rap and hip-hop music. In addition to student-produced programs, the station also airs numerous syndicated programs such as Democracy Now and CounterSpin. The station has a few established musical traditions, such as Metal Mondays and hip-hop evenings alongside a selection of news and public affairs.

The station also provides live coverage of WU's Colonel sports teams in action during the football and basketball seasons. The station has been in operation since 1973 and has always had an emphasis on alternative rock music.

  • The Wilkes University Programming Board is another opportunity for students to be involved in music; this entertainment and event organization has welcomed local and national artists, including Alanis Morissette, Billy Joel, Dashboard Confessional and Jack's Mannequin.
  • Student media opportunities outside WCLH include weekly newspaper The Beacon, and Amnicola, the yearbook.
  • Academically, Wilkes University is ranked highly by The Princeton Review, while Money Magazine gave the school the top slot for northeast Pennsylvania schools delivering great value for students.

Wright State University

WWSU 106.9 FM broadcasts from Wright State University's student union. In addition to providing programming for the college's students, the broadcasting radius extends to cover nearby communities. Since 1977, the station has delivered a mix of music, talk shows and variety programs.

WWSU maintains an open format, allowing DJs to select the songs they wish to play while still adhering to FCC and WSU guidelines. Throughout the athletic seasons, WWSU provides live streaming of men's and women's basketball games alongside baseball, soccer, volleyball and softball.

  • The WWSU blog provides a mix of artist and band interviews, playlists, local concert news and album reviews.
  • Outside of general programming and sports coverage, WWSU has a variety of student-produced original programming throughout the week. A full schedule can be found on the station's website.
  • WSU was the first medical school in the United States to have its own radio program produced by medical students. Radio Rounds has been on the air since 2009.