University of Washington Bootcamp Review

UW Bootcamps

Bellevue, Seattle, Remote
Disciplines Offered
Financial Technology and Analysis, Full-Stack Web Development
Payment Options
Loans, Third-Party Payments, Upfront

The University of Washington (UW) offers dynamic bootcamps through its Professional and Continuing Education division in partnership with Trilogy Education Services. Students can specialize in several coding areas, including full-stack web development or fintech (financial technology).

UW's bootcamps build real-world skills through experiential learning opportunities. Students also enjoy intensive professional development services including personal coaching, mock interviews, and job planning and placement. Graduates may benefit in their job search from UW's network of more than 260 employer partners.

The programs offer quarterly start dates and do not require previous tech experience to enroll. Coding students may choose to learn online or on campus and enroll full- or part-time, while the fintech bootcamp offers an online, part-time course of study. Discover more UW bootcamp details below.

University of Washington Bootcamp Courses

UW bootcamps focus on professional development in the latest technology sectors. Instructors hold a minimum of three years of experience in their respective IT fields. Bootcamp coursework emphasizes real-life projects and hands-on experience, preparing graduates for the daily responsibilities required of web developers and fintech professionals.

University of Washington Coding Bootcamp

  • Cost: $12,995
  • Learning Format: In Person, Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time
  • Length: 12 weeks (Full Time), 24 weeks (Part Time)

UW's coding bootcamp covers full-stack development including HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Students enjoy collaborative, hands-on learning experiences through app-building projects with peers. The curriculum culminates in the development of a professional portfolio.

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University of Washington FinTech Bootcamp

  • Cost: $12,995
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Part Time
  • Length: 24 weeks

UW's fintech bootcamp features project-based curriculum and trains students to use popular programs like Python, pandas, and PyViz. The bootcamp builds experience in skills including financial libraries, blockchain, Ethereum, and machine learning algorithms.

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University of Washington Bootcamp Admissions Process

UW bootcamps are well-suited to coding or fintech beginners. Applicants do not need to be existing UW students to enroll in a bootcamp separately through Professional and Continuing Education. UW does not require students to hold experience in programming or IT.

The first step in the process involves completing and submitting a contact form. Then, an advisor from UW connects with students to help them complete their application. Next, applicants complete a brief critical-thinking and problem-solving assessment.

Finally, students accepted into the program must sign an enrollment agreement and pay a deposit to hold their spot. UW offers pre-course tutorials for new enrollees.

University of Washington Bootcamp Payment Options

  • Loans: Bootcamp students may take out a private loan to cover the cost of tuition. UW does not extend other forms of financial aid such as scholarships to bootcamp enrollees.
  • Third-Party Payments: UW allows tuition to be paid upfront by a third party on a student's behalf. For example, some employers cover the cost of tuition for employees required to enhance their skills for a particular position.
  • Upfront: Students can pay the full cost of tuition upfront by phone, fax, mail, in person, or online, using a credit card.

University of Washington Bootcamp Student Outcomes

Applicants should look for published data of the student outcomes of any bootcamp they consider, such as graduation rates, employment rates, and average starting salaries of graduates. While some programs boast impressive statistics, students should be wary of bootcamp-provided outcomes and contact the provider for clarification about how they collect their data.

Neither UW or Trilogy Education Services publishes student outcomes data, though they do offer student testimonials on their websites. Contact the bootcamp for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions About University of Washington Coding Bootcamp

What is the University of Washington Bootcamp?

UW offers immersive bootcamps in coding and fintech. Students can choose from a variety of part-time, full-time, and online learning options. UW's bootcamps enable students with little or no programming experience to learn the latest tech skills and build a professional portfolio.

Coding bootcamp students learn full-stack web development, including JavaScript, browser-based technology, and API design. The fintech bootcamp covers four primary subject areas: financial fundamentals, blockchain and cryptocurrency, machine learning applications in finance, and programming and financial libraries.

Is University of Washington Bootcamp worth it?

Yes, UW bootcamps can quickly prepare programming beginners for tech jobs. UW's bootcamps focus on training in the latest and most desirable tech skills and provide in-depth career development and job placement services.

Students can choose from flexible enrollment options to maintain their employment while completing the bootcamp. Furthermore, students can complete a bootcamp in less time than a traditional degree, enabling them to seek career advancement immediately after graduating from bootcamp.

Is University of Washington Bootcamp hard to get into?

No, UW maintains an inclusive bootcamp admission policy. UW admits students at all levels of experience, including applicants with little or no experience in programming or IT.

UW advisors work individually with applicants to determine a path to enrollment, including assessing the student's academic and computer science skills and potential. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and hold a high school diploma or GED for admission consideration.

Is University of Washington Bootcamp free?

No, UW bootcamps are not free. While UW does not extend scholarship opportunities to certificate or bootcamp students, UW Professional and Continuing Education enables students to use loans to pay for the program.

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