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The U.S. will have about 22,000 web developer job openings every year from now until 2031.

And that's on top of the approximately 200,000 people currently working in the industry. Want to be a web developer? The University of Washington's Coding Bootcamp might be a good place to start.

University of Washington (UW) is one of the Pacific Northwest's oldest and largest universities. At UW's coding bootcamp, the school says the connections you'll make with instructors and fellow students set this program apart.

UW's coding bootcamp is designed for working professionals. Full and part-time schedules are available, as are online or in-person sessions. And when you're ready to look for a job, you'll have job placement help.

UW Bootcamp Schedule

UW's coding bootcamp operates on both a full-time and part-time schedule. The full-time and online option takes the least amount of time to complete. With this option, classes meet for 12 weeks from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

There are two part-time options currently available:

Live Online

  • Lasts 24 weeks
  • Meets three weekdays: 6:30 p.m-9:30 p.m.


  • Lasts 24 weeks
  • Meets three weekdays: 6:30 p.m-9:30 p.m.

UW Bootcamp Courses

UW's coding bootcamp teaches web development skills. This bootcamp's curriculum develops your skills and proficiency through hands-on work and collaboration. Regardless of the format — in-person, online, part-time, or full-time —you'll study a handful of high-level web development topics:

  • Computer science applied to JavaScript
  • Browser-based technologies
  • Databases
  • Server-side development
  • API design
  • Deployment and delivery

University of Washington Coding Bootcamp

  • Cost: $12,995
  • Learning Format: In-Person, Online
  • Time Commitment: Full-Time, Part-Time
  • Length: 12 weeks (Full-Time), 24 weeks (Part-Time)

UW's coding bootcamp focuses on developing hands-on knowledge through collaboration. The bootcamp teaches essential front and back-end tech skills like HTML5, JavaScript, and how to use GitHub. To earn a certificate, you'll complete your studies by building a professional tech portfolio that showcases your creativity and skills.

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UW Bootcamp Admissions Process

UW's Coding Bootcamp is part of the school's Professional & Continuing Education program. You don't need any experience to enroll in UW's coding bootcamp. However, this bootcamp is not open enrollment. You must be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED. In addition, you must submit an application. Here's a basic look at the admissions process:

  • Submit admission form
  • Phone interview with an advisor
  • Complete a critical thinking assessment

UW says they look for students who demonstrate commitment. Web development is challenging, UW says, so we look for students who are success-driven, as this program requires a commitment of both time and effort in order to best learn the course concepts.

UW Bootcamp Payment Options

Here are the options to pay for UW's coding bootcamp:


Students can pay in full and upfront by:

  • Credit card
  • Check
  • Money order
  • Wire

Depending on which method of payment you choose, UW accepts payments:

  • In person
  • By phone
  • By mail
  • Online
  • By fax

UW says payment plans are also available.


If you choose to pay for coding bootcamp with a private loan, you can select the lender of your choice. While UW can't recommend a lender, the school says its Office of Student Financial Aid can help answer general questions about the loan process.


University of Washington offers scholarship options to defray or cover the cost of earning a coding bootcamp certificate. To qualify, you must be a current resident of Washington state and meet household income requirements. Scholarships are offered for:

  • Refugees and immigrants
  • Residents of Southeast Seattle
  • Women entrepreneurs

UW Bootcamp Student Outcomes

When choosing a coding bootcamp, it's a good idea to look for student outcome data. This data usually includes:

  • Graduation rates
  • Employment rates after six months
  • Job titles or roles
  • Average starting salaries

University of Washington partners with edX, formerly Trilogy Education Services, to offer the coding bootcamp. However, neither the university nor edX publishes specific outcome data about the UW bootcamp. But you can find a UW coding bootcamp review in the form of the program's blog. From a big-picture perspective, UW says edX served 45 million global students in 2021. More than 6,700 companies, including 62% of Fortune 100 companies, hired edX graduates.

If you can't find independently published hard data, you may want to read UW bootcamp reviews from recent program graduates.

UW Bootcamp vs. Epicodus

UW is one of the oldest and largest universities on America's West Coast. The university said nearly 50,000 students were enrolled at the school's Seattle campus in the fall of 2022. UW also has two other campuses in Washington.

Epicodus is another option if you're considering coding bootcamps in the Pacific Northwest. In contrast with UW, Epicodus is an independent organization. It's also much smaller. About 2,000 students have graduated from Epicodus since the bootcamp's founding in 2013.

Another notable difference: Epicodus is a member of the Council on Integrity In Results Reporting, or CIRR for short. CIRR is a nonprofit organization that independently tracks student outcomes in the U.S. bootcamp industry. The data schools report is audited annually by a third party. Here's a quick comparison of UW's coding bootcamp and Epicodus:

UW Bootcamp vs. Epicodus
Factor University of Washington Coding Bootcamp Epicodus
Locations Seattle Seattle and Portland, Oregon
Format In-person or virtual In-person or virtual
Program length

Full-time: 12 weeks

Part-time: 24 weeks

Full-time: 20 weeks

Part-time: 40 weeks

Career tracks Full-Stack Web Development, UX/UI Design, Data Analysis Software Engineering, Web Development, Software Development
Cost $12,995 Starts at $8,700
Income share agreement available No Yes
Graduation rate Not published 74%
Employment rate Not published 84.2%
Starting salary Not published $63,700

Frequently Asked Questions About UW Coding Bootcamp

What is UW Bootcamp?

The UW bootcamp teaches popular tech skills like HTML5, JavaScript, and MySQL. Students learn how to use these skills in hands-on coding and financial tech applications by building real-world apps and projects. Students can study full time for 12 weeks or part time for 24 weeks. In-person and virtual options are available. Students also receive academic and career planning support.

Is UW Bootcamp worth it?

Yes, your investment of time and money in the UW bootcamp will likely pay off. In 3-6 months, you'll receive professional, hands-on training on dozens of in-demand computer science skills. Resume reviews, portfolio preparation, and job placement assistance are included. And you'll enter a career field with a good growth outlook and earning potential.

Is UW Bootcamp hard to get into?

To apply to the UW bootcamp, you must complete a four-step process. First, you'll submit an online contact form. Then, you'll discuss the program's details with an advisor. Next, you'll complete a multiple-choice assessment. It measures your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Finally, you'll choose your preferred financial option, sign an enrollment agreement and pay a deposit, if applicable.

Is UW Bootcamp free?

No, University of Washington Coding Bootcamp is not free. As of late 2022, full- or part-time tuition at UW coding bootcamp cost $12,995. The cost of coding bootcamps — whether virtual or in-person — may range from $1,500 to more than $30,000. So at about $13,000, the cost of UW's coding bootcamp is about average. You may be eligible to use federal financial aid in limited circumstances if you're taking the bootcamp as part of a degree-seeking program.