6 Benefits of Learning How to Code

Learning to code provides personal, professional, and financial benefits. Find out how you can launch a fulfilling and lucrative tech career.
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Updated on April 20, 2023
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  • Learning to code can increase your salary potential within weeks or months.
  • Bootcamps may offer guarantees that graduates will find a job within six months.
  • Career development at coding bootcamps builds greater versatility and marketability.
  • Coding bootcamps teach students how to increase their online profile.

The benefits of learning how to code go beyond financial incentives. Coding bootcamp graduates also gain personal and professional rewards.

Coding bootcamps train graduates to become web developers, software engineers, and designers who respectively earn median annual salaries ranging from $70,790-$123,870 in fields like publishing, computer systems design, and advertising.

Coding appeals to individuals of all talents. Professionals already working in tech can upskill through coding bootcamps. Professionals from other fields can learn a new skill relatively quickly at bootcamp to change careers. Coding bootcamps accept applicants with college degrees and learners with only a high school or GED diploma.

Why learn to code? Tech professionals can earn six-figure salaries as they gain work experience and additional training. Coding bootcamp also increases your marketability in the tech industry, builds your online profile, and helps you develop critical thinking skills.

How Learning to Code Benefits You

Coding bootcamps have a reputation as a cheap and quick alternative to a college degree. The average coding bootcamp cost $13,570 in 2020, according to BestColleges survey data on 130 bootcamps and 620 programs.

The average annual cost of college for 2020-2021 reached $10,560 for public schools and $35,720 for private institutions, according to the College Board's Trends in College Pricing and Trends in Student Aid report. Meanwhile, graduates of coding bootcamps pay less for their education and have a great success rate of finding jobs within six months.

Learning to code often leads to lucrative careers. Career development opportunities offered through coding bootcamps also teach students business skills.

Coding Bootcamps for You

Increases Salary Potential

Coding bootcamps offer a great opportunity to earn more money. Tech professionals, especially veteran professionals, tend to earn high salaries. Individuals working in computer and information technology earn a median annual salary of $91,250, according to the BLS.

Early-career tech professionals may spend time gaining experience and honing their skills. With time and additional credentials, coders can earn high salaries.

Graduates of Fullstack Academy in New York City earn a median annual salary of $75,000. Flatiron School graduates earned an average starting salary of $85,740.

Enhances Versatility and Marketability

We live in a digital age where more employers focus on information security. Because of the demand for cloud computing and information security, the BLS projects 11% job growth for computer and information technology jobs between 2019 and 2029.

Professionals can increase their marketability during these changing times through versatility. Coding bootcamps teach students employable skills in cybersecurity, data analytics, mobile app development, software development, software engineering, UX/UI design, and web development.

Deepens Online Presence

Career development remains a key benefit of learning how to code. Coding bootcamps work with students to get recruiters' attention by curating their LinkedIn and GitHub profiles. Students may also create a blog to showcase their portfolios.

Bootcamps help students launch their careers. Codesmith boasts an 86.8% (New York City) and 80.6% (Los Angeles) employment rate 180 days after graduation.

Strengthens Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

Coding requires critical thinking, strong problem-solving skills, and logic. Tech professionals encounter complex problems every day. Coding can be messy and requires deep thinking. Coding bootcamps teach students to embrace mistakes, analyze their findings, and come up with solutions.

Coding bootcamp students must often take assessments as part of the admission process to evaluate their ability to think critically and solve problems.

Boosts Creativity

The complex problems that arise daily in coding require tech professionals to come up with creative solutions. Students in coding bootcamps learn early on to draw on their creativity to solve coding problems, develop apps, and design web pages.

Coding bootcamp also often offers the opportunity for students to specialize in other disciplines, such as UX/UI design, which further draw on their creative talents.

Bolsters Perseverance

Coding does not come easy. It requires perseverance. The rigorous and fast-paced coding training in bootcamp can be overwhelming, especially for students new to data science.

Coding requires persistence while in bootcamp and also during the job search to network, market yourself, and impress employers.

Careers post bootcamp often include junior positions which require continued training and work experience to persevere and eventually land a senior position.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Benefits of Coding

Is it beneficial for children to learn to code?

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Yes. As information technology continues to influence all sectors, it is even more important for children to become literate in computer languages. Coding teaches children to solve problems, improve their math skills, and build confidence.

Will learning to code improve my communication skills?

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Collaboration remains a core element of coding bootcamp. Students learn to solve problems, often in groups that must report their findings. Coding bootcamp builds oral and written communication skills. Developing these skills prepares students to work in tech, where they often must communicate with engineers, designers, and programmers.

How will my math skills benefit from learning to code?

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Professionals can strengthen their math skills by learning to code. Coding can help students see how mathematical concepts can apply to actual problems, often using algebraic equations. Applicants to coding bootcamps must know basic math, including logic, calculus, and algebra.