8 Best Tech Jobs for Entrepreneurs

Some of the best jobs for aspiring entrepreneurs are in tech. From data analytics to web development, here are a few examples for inspiration.
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  • Entrepreneurs are business owners responsible for all aspects of their company.
  • Tech is an attractive sector for entrepreneurs, with low overhead and many options.
  • Some of the best jobs for entrepreneurs are in data analytics and information technology.

According to Guidant Financial's Small Business Trends 2022 report, about 61% of entrepreneurs started their businesses to be their own bosses. Of course, that means being responsible for everything, including producing products, providing services, hiring employees, financing, and marketing. Tech entrepreneurs offer technology-intensive products and services that target an existing market or create an entirely new one.

Tech entrepreneurs don't need big office spaces or a lot of equipment to start their businesses. They use digital tools, software, and applications to help companies reduce costs, make informed data-based decisions, and offer better service. For example, some of the best jobs for aspiring entrepreneurs are in data security and software programming.

What Is an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs are innovative risk-takers who launch and run their businesses using their experience and skills. They're responsible for all aspects of a company, including financing, licensing, insurance, hiring employees, day-to-day operations, and taxes.

There are several types of entrepreneurs, including those who run small businesses, scalable startups, and social enterprises. Scalable startups typically start small as home businesses and grow from there.

Social entrepreneurs launch organizations that focus on areas such as environmental conservation or underserved communities. These small business owners usually invest their own money and only make money if the business is thriving.

Tech entrepreneurs can create and manage social pages and websites, manage personnel, implement systems, and design SQL databases. Not only that, but innovative tech can open doors for more opportunities and bigger projects.

Why Should Entrepreneurs Work in Tech?

Jobs for entrepreneurs in tech are abundant, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The BLS projects the need for computer and information technology professionals will grow by 13% between 2020 and 2030.

Tech is well-suited to entrepreneurs because almost all businesses use technology, from emails to eCommerce. Being an entrepreneur also requires creativity, a trait that most tech jobs require.

Tech also offers less expensive and more scalable business opportunities than other sectors. For example, tech consultants can start their businesses from a home office and save the cost of renting commercial space.

Best Tech Jobs for Entrepreneurs

The BLS says the demand for technology professionals in cloud computing, big data, and information security is growing. Many businesses also need help choosing, implementing, and managing technology.

Below are some of the best jobs in tech for aspiring entrepreneurs, from positions in data analytics to app and web development.

Data Analyst

Operations research analysts are expert data analysts who identify problems in business using various sources, including databases and customer feedback. Similarly, logisticians analyze an organization's supply chain, and management analysts help organizations improve their efficiency.

Market research analysts research the market for the sales potential of a product or service. These data analyst jobs for entrepreneurs can help businesses make sense of data, identify trends, and improve customer service and company reach.

Data analytics is one of the best specialties for entrepreneurs in tech because of the low overhead. For example, as a consultant, data analysts can work from home remotely, helping organizations interpret data and identify trends.

These professionals don't need heavy equipment or physical storage space to operate their businesses. Instead, they use digital tools such as Excel, Python, and SQL/NoSQL.

IT Manager

Information technology (IT) managers plan and carry out hardware and software installation to ensure uninterrupted and efficient information flow. IT managers typically have a bachelor's degree in information technology or a similar degree.

They need mathematics, software development, computer programming, and business-related knowledge. IT management is a natural choice for entrepreneurs in tech who are collaborative and possess several years of experience.

Businesses need seamless, efficient, and accessible technology. Many small- and mid-sized businesses find that outsourcing their IT management is a cost-effective choice.

Others need partially-managed IT services to assist the in-house IT team with routine tasks or special projects. For example, an organization may hire an IT security manager to oversee software updates to improve network and data security.

Mobile App Developer

App development offers limitless possibilities, making it one of the best tech fields for entrepreneurs. Mobile app developers create software applications for mobile devices, typically using a network connection and remote resources.

They create installable software, implement back-end services like data access, and test the app. Apple's iOS platform is the operating system that powers iPhones.

Google devices and other equipment manufacturers use the Android operating system for smartphones and smart devices. When it comes to jobs for entrepreneurs, mobile app developers can take advantage of one or both markets.

Mobile app developers create apps for businesses that help with sales and customer retention, increase efficiency and improve communications. They can also create eCommerce apps, subscription-based business models like Spotify, and on-demand marketplaces like Uber or Rover.

Product Manager

Product management lies at the center of user experience, tech, and business. Product managers work with outside stakeholders to define a product's vision, monitor the market, and develop a competitive analysis.

These professionals create a product roadmap, set the strategy, and manage the product lifecycle, including the launch. The product roadmap visualizes how to achieve business objectives and keeps the work on track.

Product managers must be excellent communicators to collaborate with engineers, sales, marketing, end-users, and partners. They're data and outcome-driven thinkers who often focus on features that motivate and move a business forward.

They're also typically risk-takers, team players, and out-of-the-box thinkers, making them well-suited to entrepreneurship. As a startup founder, an entrepreneur can launch custom products by collaborating with other professionals and key stakeholders.

Software Programmer

A software programmer uses computer programming languages such as C++ or Java, JavaScript, and Python to create instructions for computer applications. These programming languages allow users to do specific tasks and provide instructions for devices and networks.

Software programmers are detail-oriented, creative problem-solvers. They must be able to define a problem or requirement, then analyze the need and develop solutions.

Once they develop the algorithm, the coding starts in a specific programming language, depending on the goal. The process also includes testing the code, revising, implementing, and documenting how to run and operate the program.

According to the BLS, software developers, quality assurance analysts, and testers are in high demand. Software programmers with experience can find plenty of opportunities to work with other businesses or develop their own software.

Tech Consultant

A tech consultant typically works on projects requiring knowledge in a specific technical area, such as information technology or software engineering. They evaluate products and services, as well as install and maintain them.

Additionally, tech consultants know how to troubleshoot and resolve technical and equipment problems remotely or onsite. These skilled professionals must be adaptable, quick learners, and also be able to offer guidance and tech support.

Tech consultants are collaborative, customer service-focused, and detail-oriented, with excellent listening skills. They often hold a master's degree in engineering or computer science.

Some tech consultants may have a doctorate, specializing in a specific technology or skills such as product management. A few of the most popular skills include Amazon Web Services (AWS), risk management, and cybersecurity.

UX Designer

User experience (UX) describes the interaction between consumers and a digital product or service, like using a mobile app. A UX designer works to ensure an app is easy to use and effectively accomplishes the user's goal.

UX design is essential to gaining customer trust and recommendations by creating an enjoyable and seamless experience. These professionals need to understand the user and are customer advocates who always look for ways to improve consumer satisfaction.

They conduct consumer research and identify their needs, behaviors, and pain points, using tools like surveys and A/B testing. UX designers also understand information architecture and work with complex data sets.

UX design (digital designers) is in high demand, according to the BLS. These jobs for entrepreneurs offer plenty of potential for skilled professionals.

Web Developer

Web developers build eCommerce, gaming, news, healthcare, and other websites and applications to fit their clients' needs. They work with clients to discuss site changes and decide which applications fit site goals.

Depending on their focus, they use programming languages to write code that enables back-end procedures or front-end, client-facing experiences. For example, back-end web developers focus on data storage, security, and other server-side functions that you cannot see.

Front-end web developers design a website's look, develop the layout, and integrate graphics, content, and applications. Both use some of the same programming languages, such as JavaScript.

Full-stack web developers have experience in front-end and back-end development. They can oversee entire projects, develop custom websites, and market to various industries as webmasters who build and maintain websites.

Frequently Asked Questions About Entrepreneur Jobs

What does an entrepreneur do?

Entrepreneurs are business owners who focus on developing a product or service to generate a sustainable income. These business professionals are responsible for all aspects of their businesses, from financing to product development and marketing.

They must stay updated on new technologies and market changes. Entrepreneurs work in various industries, including retail, beauty, hospitality, marketing, graphic design, web development, and consultation services.

Tech entrepreneurs develop products like apps, wearables, websites, and software and offer consultation and IT management services. Many tech companies fall under the scalable startup model as they can start small in a home office and scale up as the business grows.

What career is best for entrepreneurs?

Tech offers some of the best jobs for entrepreneurs, with excellent pay potential and plenty of room to scale up. According to the BLS, the need will continue to grow from 2020-2030.

In May 2021, the median annual wage for computer and IT occupations was $97,430. There is plenty of work for tech entrepreneurs in web development, data analysis, information security, software programming, and IT management.

Additionally, providing consultation services means low overhead costs, as it is the skill that you're marketing. For example, data science professionals will find many opportunities to help businesses make sense of and use their data.

What is the highest paying entrepreneur job?

Most tech jobs pay well, but IT managers are typically the highest-paid entrepreneurs in tech. According to the BLS, computer and information systems managers made a median annual wage of $159,010 per year in May 2021.

The BLS projects that these roles will grow faster than other occupations, by 11% between 2020 and 2030. IT managers are supervisors who help businesses map out the requirements for IT systems.

Companies of all sizes need them to plan, coordinate, and direct various aspects of the business. For example, IT security managers focus on network and data security, working with company executives to plan and implement security policies.