DataCamp vs. Dataquest: Which Should You Choose?

DataCamp vs. Dataquest: if you’re wondering which to choose, it mostly depends on the career track you want to pursue. Here’s our comparison.
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  • Data is valuable, and we are producing more data than ever through digital applications.
  • The need for skilled professionals who can process and analyze data continues to grow.
  • DataCamp is an online platform with over 300 courses in data analytics and data science.
  • Dataquest provides over 70 project-driven courses in data analytics and data engineering.

Data is valuable when processed properly. Businesses across industries can use the information to boost efficiency, drive strategy, and improve financial performance. However, data is useless without the skills to organize and analyze it.

Data analysts use digital tools to interpret data, identify trends and patterns, and determine why certain events happened. They can use statistics to forecast outcomes and conduct tests to discover how to get the best results. Read on to learn more about DataCamp and Dataquest, two learning platforms covering data analytics and data science.

What Is DataCamp?

DataCamp is an online platform providing hands-on learning for students who want to work with data. Learners can take skill assessments to receive personalized recommendations and track their progress.

DataCamp offers 14 career tracks covering areas such as data analytics, data engineering, data science, and machine learning. A DataCamp career track contains self-paced courses in Excel, Oracle, Python, R, SQL, or Tableau, depending on the path.

It takes anywhere from 32 to 97 hours to complete a career track. For example, the data analyst with R track contains eight courses with interactive exercises and takes 32 hours to complete.

The data scientist with R career track includes 22 courses and takes 88 hours to complete. DataCamp offers both a data scientist and a data analyst certificate.

Learners can sign up for a free membership and access six introductory courses and assessments. An annual membership totaling $300 allows access to all courses and certificates.

What Is Dataquest?

Dataquest is an online project-based learning platform providing hands-on exercises. Students can choose from over 70 courses, 14 skill paths, or five career paths.

The career paths, such as data science with Python, focus on real-world projects. It takes five to nine months at 10 hours a week to complete a career path, depending on your choice.

For example, the business analyst career track contains 15 courses, including one on how to extract data using SQL. It takes five months to finish at 10 hours per week, and students complete eight projects.

The data scientist in Python career track contains 35 courses and requires nine months at 10 hours of study each week. Students will complete 26 projects, including Git installation and GitHub integration.

Learners can sign up for free to access introductory lessons. Dataquest provides an upgrade to a premium membership for a monthly fee of $49 or an annual cost of $399.

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DataCamp vs. Dataquest

If you're considering DataCamp vs. Dataquest, you'll find that they're similar and they're both solid options for self-paced bootcamps. However, there are slight differences that might influence your decision.

With over 300 courses, DataCamp has a more extensive catalog than Dataquest, which offers less than 100 course options. On the other hand, they both provide courses in primary programming languages and tools in data analysis and data science.

DataCamp vs. Dataquest
Offerings DataCamp Dataquest
Programming languages Python, R, SQL Python, R, SQL
Digital tools Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle database, Google Sheets, Excel, Tableau, Power BI, Shell, Scala, Git Command line, Excel, Git, GitHub, Power BI
Number of courses 389 courses 82 courses
Skill tracks 51 skill-building tracks 14 skill paths
Careers 14 career tracks 5 career paths
Certificates Shareable certificates Shareable certificates
Free courses Free introductory courses Free introductory courses
Premium Membership $300 paid annually (the platform offers discounts) $49 per month, $399 annually, $1,176 lifetime (the platform offers discounts)

Besides the number of courses, another significant difference between Dataquest vs. DataCamp is pricing. At $12.42 a month, DataCamp is more affordable than Dataquest.

However, you must pay for the year upfront with DataCamp, while Dataquest offers options, including a lifetime membership. The lifetime option is available as an upgrade once you sign up for a free Dataquest membership.

How Do I Choose?

Ultimately, the decision between Dataquest vs. DataCamp comes down to what career you're pursuing. Both offer free membership with access to free introductory courses, providing an opportunity to explore the course design.

DataCamp has quite a few more options than Dataquest. Consequently, you might find a career track that works better for you at DataCamp.

Additionally, both platforms offer paid premium memberships. However, DataCamp requires annual payment upfront, while Dataquest offers monthly, yearly, and lifetime options.

Frequently Asked Questions About DataCamp vs. Dataquest

Are Dataquest courses good?

Dataquest courses are a good way to build skills in data programming languages, including Python, R, and SQL. The introductory courses are an opportunity to explore various digital tools, such as Command Line, Excel, Git, and GitHub.

There are 14 skill paths to explore, including probability and statistics, data visualization, and data cleaning. Dataquest provides challenging practice exercises, and students build real-world projects.

Additionally, students work with real data from the first day, and there are no video lectures. They can build a portfolio to present to prospective employers in areas focusing on data analysis, data science, or data engineering.

Do DataCamp certificates mean anything?

DataCamp certificates aren't worth much because the platform is not an accredited school. Still, the projects and practice are where the real worth lies, and the certificate proves you did the work.

It takes time to build the toolbox and portfolio you need to be a data analyst, data scientist, or data engineer. The hands-on experience, skills, and knowledge you gain demonstrate that you're putting in the time and effort.

Platforms like DataCamp and Dataquest won't replace a bachelor's degree in data science or a certification from an accredited institution. However, they can help prepare you for a job in data and give you a solid foundation.

How long does it take to complete Dataquest?

How long it takes to complete Dataquest depends on your goals. You can complete the introduction to Python course in as little as four hours, and it's part of the free membership.

This Python course is also the first course for the data analyst and data scientist in Python career paths. Career paths are intensive training that takes five to nine months to complete at 10 hours per week.

Dataquest also offers skill paths that contain courses in specific programming languages and tools. For example, the SQL skill path includes five courses and takes a month to complete at 10 hours per week.