10 Top Tech Influencers to Follow

Tech influencers post reviews, reveals, and news to help their followers research new technologies. Follow these top tech influencers on Instagram.
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Tech influencers increase awareness, build trust, and expand brand reach using social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. They have a loyal following of 10,000 to millions of followers who look to them for guidance on new tech.

The State of Influencer Marketing report projected that the industry's worth will grow to around $16.4 billion in 2022. Zippia research reported that 81% of Instagram users researched new products and services on the platform in 2021. Discover our top tech influencers you should follow on social media.

1. Marques Brownlee (@mkbhd)

Marques Brownlee has around 3.8 million followers on Instagram, making him one of the top tech influencers on the platform. His tech reveals focus on products like smart devices and accessories. One of his most popular videos demonstrating a magnetic case for the iPad Pro has over 1.9 million views.

2. Lewis Hilsenteger (@unboxtherapy)

Lewis Hilsenteger has a wildly popular YouTube channel, called Unbox Therapy, with 18.2 million subscribers and another 2.3 million Instagram followers. He creates informative unboxing videos focusing on tech products, including laptops, headphones, and Bluetooth speakers. His videos incorporate humor, simple tech explanations, and editing techniques that keep the videos engaging.

3. Justine Ezarik (@ijustine)

Justine Ezarik, AKA iJustine, is a tech expert who has partnered with clients including Samsung, Lionsgate, and Microsoft. She has 1.6 million Instagram followers and a YouTube following of 7.01 million subscribers, where she shares tech and lifestyle posts. Her content includes unboxing videos, creatively produced product videos, and product demonstrations.

4. Linus Sebastian (@linustech)

Linus Sebastian, AKA Linus Tech Tips, has around 1.4 million subscribers on Instagram, where he highlights his storytelling skills. He uses the platform to promote affiliates such as JSAUX, an electronics accessories supplier, and links to affiliate pages on his Instagram. His content focuses on innovative tech, gaming, tech news, and education.

5. Arun Maini (@mrwhosetheboss)

Arun Maini's 1.3 million followers on Instagram look to him for reviews of the newest smartphones, laptops, and tech gadgets. He produces exclusive unboxings and promotes free giveaways on his YouTube channel to 10.8 million subscribers. His tech news videos cover topics such as toxic tech fails and the metaverse.

6. Austin Evans (@austinnotduncan)

Austin Evans has 503,000 followers on Instagram and is a mega tech influencer on YouTube, with 5.31 million subscribers. He posts high-energy reviews of the best technology from smartphones to gaming PCs. He also collaborates with other influencers like iJustine. His first gamer in space video has over 1.5 million views.

7. Judner Aura (@uravgconsumer)

Judner Aura is one of the best tech influencers, with 299,000 followers and 3.17 million subscribers on YouTube. He produces relatable video reviews and commentary on everyday tech for the average consumer. Some of his topics include entertainment streaming services like Spotify, and he partnered with #ATTFiber as an #ATTInfluencer.

8. Sara Dietschy (@saradietschy)

Sara Dietschy is a macro tech influencer on Instagram with 190,000 followers who seek out her opinion on creative tech. She also has an excellent following on YouTube, with 860,000 subscribers who find informative reviews, product demonstrations, inspiration, and how-to videos. Additionally, her creative life podcast contributes to her reach.

9. Sasha Tran (@sasha.codes)

With about 68,000 followers on Instagram, Sasha Tran is a popular micro-influencer who offers tech lifestyle and product advice. She's an avid gamer and UI/UX engineer whose content focuses on her projects, apps, smart gadgets, and accessories. Her posts often provide insights into pursuing a career in the tech industry.

10. Joshua Vergara (@jvtechtea)

Joshua Vergara creates lifestyle tech video content to offer his insights to over 26,000 Instagram followers. He uses his page to link to TikTok videos and his affiliate pages selling some of the products he reviews. His mobile tech reviews and commentary are also popular on YouTube, where he has 222,000 subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tech Influencers

How do you become a tech influencer?

Tech is a niche in the influencer market, and influencers need to create quality content that communicates their expertise. The top tech influencers are consistent when it comes to posting content and building a rapport with their followers.

In addition, they typically post content on more than one platform, always working to provide entertainment and value for their audience. On Instagram, it's also important to include popular tech hashtags such as #wearabletech, #technews, #gadgets, and #latesttech.

What is a tech influencer?

Tech influencers are experts at using social media to generate excitement around new technology products and services. They create reviews, make how-tos, and share tech in multiple formats like Instagram Stories, blog posts, photos, YouTube videos, and TikToks.

Influencers make money by creating custom content for social media and spend hours developing it to connect with their followers. The top tech influencers get paid as brand ambassadors who regularly feature a specific company's products and services.

What do tech influencers do?

Tech influencers use social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram to educate their followers on new tech products. They make tech accessible by translating the jargon into easily consumable content that helps generate interest and inspires trust.

The content they generate can increase brand awareness and influence consumer decisions to purchase or pass. The best tech influencers help companies promote tech products while also guiding their followers toward making informed purchases with engaging content.