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Actualize offers full-time and part-time coding bootcamps online and in person at its Chicago location. Actualize's coding bootcamp includes four weeks of self-paced "pre-work" before the main program begins, followed by 12 weeks of instructor-led class sessions.

The online bootcamp uses a synchronous, "live online" format with set class times and real-time support. Students participate in coding exercises and complete a capstone project. Graduates also receive job search support after they complete the bootcamp, including interview practice and networking opportunities.

The cost of the Actualize coding bootcamp is $13,900 for both the online and in-person programs. Students may pay upfront or in three interest-free installments. Participants can also finance their tuition by taking out a loan, making monthly payments over three years.

Actualize Courses

Actualize offers a live online bootcamp and an in-person bootcamp in Chicago. Both bootcamps primarily focus on full-stack web development skills. Students may complete these bootcamps part time, allowing them to keep their job as they study.

This bootcamp provider hires instructors with coding and teaching experience. During live online sessions, instructors can provide one-on-one help to students, answering questions and guiding them through the day's coding exercise.

Actualize Chicago Coding Bootcamp

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  • Cost: $13,900
  • Learning Format: In Person
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time
  • Length: 16 weeks

Actualize's Chicago coding bootcamp focuses on full-stack development, teaching learners the fundamentals of JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, CSS, SQL, and Git, among other technologies. This program includes four weeks of self-guided "pre-work" followed by 12 weeks of live instruction at Actualize's headquarters. Students can select either a part-time schedule that meets on evenings and weekends, or a full-time schedule that meets from 9-5 on weekdays.

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Actualize Online Coding Bootcamp

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  • Cost: $13,900
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Part Time
  • Length: 16 weeks

Actualize's online bootcamp consists of four weeks of self-guided "pre-work" and 12 weeks of live online instruction. The bootcamp offers two scheduling options, both of which require at least 20 hours per week: a daytime option and an option that meets during evenings and weekends. Students learn skills in both front-end and back-end development and gain experience working with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, Git, SQL, and APIs.

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Actualize Admissions Process

Applicants to the Actualize coding program apply online through the bootcamp website. Prospective students do not need any previous coding experience to apply, but Actualize recommends that students familiarize themselves with coding basics before starting their bootcamp. The required pre-work helps bring students without prior experience up to speed so that they can be successful once live instruction begins.

Actualize seeks passionate, goal-oriented students eager to interface directly with instructors and other learners, and who intend to code as part of their future career. Learn more about how to get into a coding bootcamp here.

Actualize Payment Options

Students completing an Actualize bootcamp can choose from three payment options: installments, financing, and upfront payment. All three options require students to pay a nonrefundable $1,000 deposit.


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Students who pay their bootcamp tuition upfront receive a $500 discount on tuition.


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Students who choose this payment option split their tuition bill into three interest-free payments. They pay off their tuition by the end of the bootcamp.


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This program lets participants finance their tuition. Students make monthly tuition payments over three years to meet the cost of the bootcamp. Inquire directly with Actualize to determine interest rates and additional terms.

Actualize does not offer scholarships to participants, though applicants can learn more about bootcamp scholarships here, which they may be able to apply to this bootcamp. Students can also seek out other loans offered by banks or other lending institutions. Learn more about general bootcamp payment options by reading our guide.

Actualize Student Outcomes

One way that prospective bootcamp students can vet bootcamp quality is by investigating student outcomes, such as graduation rate, employment rate, and starting salaries for graduates. Many bootcamps report this information directly on their website, though prospective students should always read the fine print carefully to determine how a bootcamp collects, measures, and defines its data.

The best way to find reliable bootcamp outcomes is to read reports that have been audited by an independent, third party. One good place to check for audited bootcamp outcomes is the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting, which provides universal reporting standards in addition to third-party verification for member bootcamps.

If you are unable to find student outcomes on a bootcamp's website or are unsure of how the bootcamp defines its data, reach out to the bootcamp directly. Actualize does not publish student outcomes on its website, and does not belong to the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions About Actualize Coding Bootcamps

What is Actualize?

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Actualize is a coding bootcamp that provides instruction in full-stack web development for students with limited coding experience. This program also offers career guidance and resume-building opportunities to help participants find jobs after finishing their bootcamp.

Is it hard to get into Actualize?

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Prospective students do not need any previous coding experience to apply for an Actualize bootcamp. For admissions questions, potential applicants can contact the Actualize team via the official bootcamp website. Read our guide to learn more about how to get into a coding bootcamp.

Is Actualize worth it?

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Actualize offers coding instruction and career guidance for people interested in software development careers. Students can gain practical skills and build a portfolio that can be used during their job search. However, coding bootcamps are not generally accredited and do not provide the same depth of knowledge as a college degree program. Learn more about the pros and cons of coding bootcamps here.

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