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Software Development

Payment Options

GI BillĀ®, Income Share Agreement, Loans, Scholarships, Upfront

Alchemy Code Lab offers a coding bootcamp in Portland that trains students to become web developers and software developers. In addition to technical training, the bootcamp offers career services to its graduates, including mock interviews and advice on resume writing.

Marty Nelson, CEO of Alchemy Code Lab, worked as an instructor with Code Fellows and helped shape the curriculum for its 400-level courses. Now he and his wife run Alchemy Code Lab, which got its start as Code Fellows PDX.

This Alchemy Code Lab review discusses Alchemy Code Lab's coding bootcamp and answers some of the questions you might have about the program's admissions process, payment options, and student outcomes.

Alchemy Code Lab Courses

Alchemy Code Lab delivers two programs: a software developer bootcamp and a beginner-level developer 101 coding course. Alchemy offers the beginner course free of charge. Prospective students can take the course to get a better idea of whether they might be a good fit for the full Alchemy Code Lab bootcamp.

Professional Software Developer

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  • Cost: $24,000
  • Learning Format: In Person
  • Time Commitment: Full Time
  • Length: 25 weeks

The Alchemy Code Lab coding bootcamp consists of four courses, starting with a one-week introduction to developer tools. For the next four weeks, students explore the fundamentals of software development, followed by four weeks of intermediate software development. The Alchemy Code Lab bootcamp wraps up with 14 weeks of advanced full-stack development using JavaScript. Students learn to use HTML, CSS, Node, React, and more.

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Alchemy Code Lab Admissions Process

To apply to the Alchemy Code Lab bootcamp, candidates must fill out and submit the program application, which includes several short essay questions.

The admissions team will contact you for an interview after you submit your application. If you get into the bootcamp, you will be invited to enroll and make a deposit to reserve your seat.

Accepted students must complete 40 hours of pre-work before beginning the bootcamp. For additional prep work, you can also complete Alchemy Code Lab's optional bootcamp prep programa developer 101 course. Before the bootcamp starts, you will attend an informational session about the program and have a chance to meet your cohort.

Alchemy Code Lab Payment Options

For students who want to attend the Alchemy Code Lab bootcamp, the price is $24,000. This cost represents a significant investment, and you may be wondering how you will pay for your bootcamp. Students at Alchemy Code Lab have several payment options, in addition to paying their full tuition upfront.

GI Bill®

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Eligible veterans and service members can use GI Bill funding to pay for their bootcamp.

Income Share Agreement

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Alchemy Code Lab partners with Social Finance to offer an income share agreement. Students who opt to sign the coding bootcamp income share agreement do not have to pay their tuition until they secure a job that pays at least $50,000 annually. Graduates then start paying a monthly percentage of their salary for a set period of time. Students may also be able to borrow an additional $7,500 to help cover living expenses while enrolled in the bootcamp.


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You can pay your tuition in installments throughout the course of the bootcamp, though you may have to pay a fee to take advantage of this option.


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Alchemy partners with Ascent to provide coding bootcamp loans. Students can borrow up to $10,500 for living expenses in addition to the cost of tuition. The lender offers interest-only payments or deferred repayment, which allows students to wait to start making full payments until they have graduated. A monthly payment calculator helps students get an idea of how much their payments will be.


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Alchemy offers three coding bootcamp scholarships. Partnering with PDX Women in Tech, Alchemy offers one $5,000 scholarship to a Black and/or indigenous woman every quarter. The Diversity in Tech Scholarship is awarded to veterans, LGBTQ+ students, women, and individuals from racial and ethnic groups underrepresented in tech. Additionally, Women Who Code Portland awards $2,500 scholarships to two women in each cohort.

Alchemy Code Lab Student Outcomes

Comparing student outcomes is one way prospective students can gauge a bootcamp's effectiveness. However, not all bootcamp providers use the same reporting methodology, so make sure to read any outcomes reports carefully and contact the bootcamp directly if you have questions about how the information was gathered or defined.

Alchemy Code Lab provides a summary of its outcomes for 2018-2020. The bootcamp reports that its students spent an average of 11 weeks looking for a job after graduation in 2019 and 2020, and graduates who found full-time employment earned a median starting salary of $80,000.

Alchemy Code Lab Student Outcomes

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Graduation Rate
Not Reported

In-Field Employment Rate

Median Starting Salary
$66,500-$80,000, depending on year

Frequently Asked Questions About Alchemy Code Lab

What is Alchemy Code Lab?

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Alchemy Code Lab is a bootcamp provider located in Portland, Oregon. The company offers in-person software development bootcamps to students who want to advance their careers or start a new career in tech.

Is it hard to get into Alchemy Code Lab?

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Like most bootcamp providers, Alchemy Code Lab has an admissions process. Students must apply and complete the interview process in order to be accepted into the program.

Is Alchemy Code Lab worth it?

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Alchemy Code Lab's bootcamp costs $24,000, which is significantly higher than the average bootcamp price of around $13,580 in 2020. Prospective students should consider things like student outcomes, their career goals and budget, scholarship opportunities, and the curriculum when determining whether a bootcamp is worth the investment.

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