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Remote, New York City

Disciplines Offered

Data Science, Python, Web Development

Payment Options

Income Share Agreement, Loans, Upfront

With programs in full-stack web development and data science, Byte Academy operates as a bootcamp provider for people who want to break into the computer science field.

Remote students can participate no matter where they're located, and participants can follow a full-time or part-time schedule. A personalized AI tutor and an interview prep workshop also help students progress through their courses and find employment.

Byte Academy offers graduates the opportunity to apply for an internship with its partner SpryteLabs — qualifying individuals can get real-world experience working in software development using agile methodology.

Byte Academy Courses

Byte Academy offers two main intensive bootcamps: a full-stack development program focusing on Python and a data science program. Courses consist of live lectures, exercises, assessments, and hands-on projects. Students can also take advantage of shorter introductory courses in Python, data science, and software development.

Data Science

  • Cost: $14,950
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time
  • Length: 14 weeks (Full Time), 24 weeks (Part Time)

Individuals who enroll in the data science program learn Python, SQL, data visualization, and machine learning. The program utilizes a personal AI tutor to guide learners as they work through the program. Students also complete two capstone projects at the end of the bootcamp. The data science bootcamp qualifies students to apply for Byte Academy's SpryteLabs internship after they graduate.

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Python (Full-Stack Development)

  • Cost: $14,950
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time
  • Length: 14 weeks (Full Time), 24 weeks (Part Time)

This Python bootcamp follows a personalized curriculum to teach full-stack development and object-oriented programming. In addition to Python, students learn JavaScript, SQL, and React. The program includes several units covering these skills and ends with a capstone experience in which students create one solo and one team project. Graduates may apply to Byte Academy's SpryteLabs internship to gain additional experience.

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Byte Academy Admissions Process

Interested individuals can apply to Byte Academy by filling out an online form. After filling this out, applicants learn more about any additional materials or evaluations they might need for admission. Depending on their previous experience, prospective students sometimes take introductory courses at Byte Academy before they begin their bootcamp to gain some familiarity with programming.

Byte Academy Payment Options

Byte Academy offers three different methods of paying tuition: upfront, loans, and an income share agreement (ISA).

For individuals on a budget, Byte Academy also runs a free online introductory Python course. However, this course only covers Python fundamentals; students who want to become expert coders will need to take a more comprehensive bootcamp.


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The full tuition for each intensive program is $14,950. Students who choose the upfront option pay the full amount in a lump sum before they begin coursework.


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Those who choose the loan option pay a $500 deposit and take out $14,450 in loans. Byte Academy partners with Climb Credit to offer loans specifically designed for bootcamp students.

Income Share Agreement

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Byte Academy's income share agreement allows students to pay the bulk of their tuition after they graduate and find a job. ISA participants start by making a $500 deposit. Then, after graduating, they pay 15% of their monthly income for 36 months, as long as they make over $40,000 in annual earnings.

The drawback to the ISA option is that participants often end up paying much more than the listed tuition price. Byte Academy caps ISA payments at $30,000, which is more than double the upfront cost. For more information about income share agreements, read our guide.

Byte Academy Student Outcomes

Byte Academy belongs to the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR) — an organization that collects and verifies information about bootcamp student outcomes. You can find the New York City 2019 and New York City 2018 outcome reports for Byte Academy on CIRR's website.

To prepare students for their employment search, Byte Academy offers an "elite interview prep" workshop. This workshop helps recent graduates prepare for the sometimes intimidating world of job interviews by providing one-on-one mock interviews and personalized feedback. The workshop lasts four weeks, with two evening classes each week.

Graduates of Byte Academy have found jobs at major tech companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and IBM.

Byte Academy Student Outcomes

Graduation Rate

Employment Rate
After 180 Days

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Frequently Asked Questions About Byte Academy Coding Bootcamps

What is Byte Academy?

Byte Academy is a coding bootcamp that specializes in data science and full-stack web development using Python. Students participate in real-time online classes and learn through hands-on exercises and projects.

Is it hard to get into Byte Academy?

As with any educational program, admission decisions may depend on factors like a course's capacity and the number of applicants. However, prospective students do not necessarily need experience in programming to participate in Byte Academy's introductory courses in Python and data science.

Is Byte Academy worth it?

Many aspiring programmers prefer the intensive pace of a bootcamp to a two-year or four-year degree program in computer science. However, some students value the comprehensive education and financial aid they can receive by enrolling in a traditional degree program. For people who want to start a programming career as quickly as possible, Byte Academy can be worth it.

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