Code Fellows Review

Code Fellows is a coding bootcamp that offers training for those looking to start a career in cybersecurity or become a web developer. Code Fellows also provides coding curriculum to partner bootcamps and schools.

Over 700 companies have hired Code Fellows grads; these include well-known tech companies such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google. Other large companies including Boeing, Disney, Nike, and Nordstrom have also hired Code Fellows grads.

This review will provide an overview of Code Fellows' bootcamps and answer any questions you might have about the bootcamp provider. We will discuss the admissions process, student outcomes, and payment options.

Code Fellows Overview

Locations: Remote, Seattle

Technical Disciplines: Cybersecurity, Software Development

Payment Options: Loans, Scholarships, Upfront

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Code Fellows Courses

Code Fellows numbers their courses similar to college courses, with levels ranging from 100-500. The 100-300 level courses teach beginner and intermediate skills, and the 400 level courses are intensive, 10-week bootcamps that train students in advanced skills and prepare learners with previous coding experience for tech careers. Some students may be able to test out of the lower-level courses and jump right into the 400-level bootcamp.

Software Development

  • Cost: $99-$12,000
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time
  • Length: 8 hours-23 weeks

This Code Fellows coding bootcamp consists of a series of courses that combine together to make a complete curriculum in software development. The lower-level courses prepare students for the 400-level courses. Students can choose from five courses at the 401 level that teach advanced software development, focusing on JavaScript, Python, ASP.NET Core, mobile applications, and Java.

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  • Cost: $99-$12,000
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time
  • Length: 8 hours-23 weeks

This Code Fellows bootcamp comprises a series of courses on cybersecurity, starting with Ops 101, an 8-hour course on ethical hacking. The series ends with Ops 401, a 10-week (full time) or 23-week (part time) course that prepares students for CompTIA Security+ certification. Students with experience in cybersecurity may be able to test out of the lower-level courses and just take Ops 401.

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Code Fellows Admissions Process

Once you've decided which course is right for you, contact Code Fellows through the contact form on their website.

You should then receive an email with a link to set up a call with an admissions advisor. The call will last 15-30 minutes, and you will have an opportunity to ask questions about Code Fellows' courses.

If you're interested in taking a 201 course, you'll either need to test into the course or take the 102 course first; the same goes for other course levels. The 401 courses also require a final technical interview.

Code Fellows Payment Options

If you want to take a Code Fellows coding bootcamp, the price is $12,000 for the 400-level courses. Students who can't afford the full tuition upfront can finance their bootcamp through a bootcamp loan or a bootcamp scholarship.


Skills Fund offers immediate repayment, interest-only repayment, and deferred repayment plans. For example, those who choose immediate repayment are offered a 36-month loan with a 6.50-13.75% interest rate or a 60-month loan with an 8.25-15.00% interest rate. The interest-only and deferred plans allow students to wait until after the completion of their program to start making payments.

Climb Credit has an easy online application that allows you to receive a financing offer in just five minutes. Loans are offered with no prepayment penalties, so it doesn't cost you extra to pay the loan off early.


Code Fellows has a scholarship fund that has paid out more than $3.5 million in scholarships since it was started. The school offers a diversity scholarship, COVID-19 scholarship, recent graduate scholarship, and more. One Black American in each cohort receives a full-ride scholarship.

Code Fellows Student Outcomes

Student outcomes allow prospective students to compare bootcamps. Keep in mind, however, that each bootcamp uses its own methodology to gather and report on student outcomes. You should always read the fine print carefully and contact the bootcamp if you have any questions.

Code Fellows reports employment data for 2013-2019. Of the 1158 job seekers counted in the sample, 1072 (93%) had landed a job in the field and another 5% were employed outside of their field. These students earned a median salary of $72,500. The top job titles were software engineer, web developer, and software developer.

Code Fellows Student Outcomes

  • Outcomes From: All Programs
  • Reporting Period: Jan. 1, 2013 to May 15, 2019

Graduation Rate

Employment Rate
After 180 Days

Median Starting Salary

Frequently Asked Questions About Code Fellows Bootcamp

What is Code Fellows?

Code Fellows is a bootcamp provider that offers software development bootcamps and cybersecurity bootcamps. Students can take the whole series or test into the appropriate level based on their past experience.

Is it hard to get into Code Fellows?

No. Although there is an application process, anyone can start at the lowest level course and work their way up. Once you have completed a lower-level course, you are qualified to take the next higher course.

Is Code Fellows worth it?

Code Fellows is within the average price range for coding bootcamps and has promising student outcomes; it is likely that graduates will see a return on their investment in a reasonable amount of time after graduation. Students should consider cost, curriculum, the bootcamp schedule, and their career goals when determining whether a bootcamp is worthwhile.

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