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Remote, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio

Disciplines Offered

Data Science, Web Development

Payment Options

GI BillĀ®, Grants, Loans, Scholarships, Upfront

Codeup offers data science and web development bootcamps at its campuses in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. Although the bootcamp provider is currently holding virtual classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company expects to resume in-person classes when it can.

Codeup's bootcamps feature a career preparation module that helps students develop strong resume writing and interviewing skills. Students also learn about time management and portfolio development as part of this module.

This Codeup bootcamp review provides details about Codeup's bootcamps and attempts to answer common questions you might have about student outcomes, payment options, and the admissions process.

Codeup Courses

Codeup offers bootcamps in data science and full-stack web development. Both programs take 22 weeks to complete and prepare students for entry-level positions in their respective fields.

The web development course targets students who want to pursue careers as web developers or computer programmers, while the data science program targets individuals who want to work as data scientists, data analysts, or data engineers.

Data Science

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  • Cost: $29,500
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time
  • Length: 22 weeks

This Codup bootcamp consists of 16 modules, starting with the fundamentals of data science and ending with a capstone project. Modules include instruction in applied statistics, SQL, Python, machine learning, and natural language processing. Students also learn about regression, classification, clustering, anomaly detection, and time series analysis.

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Full-Stack Web Development

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  • Cost: $27,500
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time
  • Length: 22 weeks

This Codeup coding bootcamp consists of 14 modules, starting with HTML and CSS. Students learn how to use Git and how to program in JavaScript. Other modules cover web design, project planning, jQuery, and MySQL. Three modules focus on web development with Java. Students complete a final capstone project at the end of the bootcamp.

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Codeup Admissions Process

Codeup's guided admissions process has three parts. Applicants start by submitting an application, speaking to the admissions team, and asking questions to learn more about the program. Individuals receive an email outlining the steps they need to follow after submitting their application.

The second part of the process includes interviews and admissions testing. Candidates who qualify move on to the last step, which is the enrollment process. Accepted applicants prepare for the bootcamp by completing pre-work and discussing payment options with the financial aid department.

Before classes begin, students must have an Apple laptop from 2017 or later that can run the latest operating system.

Codeup Payment Options

Students who cannot afford to pay the full tuition upfront can take advantage of multiple payment options, such as loans, grants, GI Bill® benefits, or scholarships. You can also read more about how to pay for a coding bootcamp.


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For students who want to pay the full tuition for their Codeup coding bootcamp upfront, the price is $27,500 for the full-stack web development bootcamp and $29,500 for the data science bootcamp.

GI Bill

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Students can use GI Bill funding to pay for their bootcamp, as well as VET TEC and vocational rehabilitation benefits.


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Codeup offers grants through partners like Project Quest to eligible applicants who are unemployed or underemployed and under 25 years old.


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Codeup has three loan partners -- Ascent, Climb Credit, and Meritize. Students can also use third-party lenders such as banks and credit unions to finance their education.


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Codeup offers several scholarships, such as the Women in Tech Scholarship and the Minorities in Tech Scholarship. The Annie Easley Scholarship provides a $1,000 scholarship to any student who identifies as Black or African American. Other scholarships include the Pride Scholarship, Veteran Scholarship, First Responders Scholarship, and COVID-19 Relief Scholarship.

Codeup Student Outcomes

Codeup belongs to the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR), which strives to make it easier for students to evaluate student outcomes by standardizing the way bootcamp providers report this data.

According to data verified by CIRR, Codeup's San Antonio data science cohort had a 95% on-time graduation rate for the first half of 2020. Within 180 days of bootcamp completion, 85% of the cohort's graduates found employment and earned a median salary of $75,000. The most common job titles for these workers were business analyst, data management analyst, technical writer, and data analyst.

You can find more data for other Codeup bootcamps, locations, and years on CIRR's website.

Codeup Student Outcomes

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After 180 Days

Average Starting Salary

Frequently Asked Questions About Codeup Coding Bootcamps

What is Codeup?

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Codeup is a bootcamp provider that offers top coding bootcamps in data science and full-stack web development online and in person at various locations in Texas. Students develop foundational tech skills over the course of 22 weeks.

Is it hard to get into Codeup?

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Codeup has an application process to ensure that students accepted into its bootcamps are qualified. The bootcamp does not accept everyone who applies.

Is Codeup worth it?

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Codeup's bootcamps cost $27,500 or $29,500, which is significantly higher than the average bootcamp cost of $13,579. However, prospective students should consider both the cost and the expected outcomes when determining whether a bootcamp is worth it.

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