Is Codecademy Worth It? Codecademy Review




Disciplines Offered

Back-End Engineering, Computer Science, Data Science, Front-End Engineering, Full-Stack Engineering, iOS Development

Payment Options

Subscription-Based Service

Codecademy is a self-paced, online learning platform offering instruction in programming languages like JavaScript and Python and technical skills. Some subjects include web development, game development, and cloud computing. It also offers structured curricula designed for specific careers, like full-stack engineering and computer science.

The platform offers many free courses along with paid plans and is designed for beginners. Codecademy reports that about 45 million learners have used its platform to develop technical skills and learn to code. Some students report getting jobs as apprentice software developers, senior UX designers, and associate software engineers.

Codecademy Courses

Codecademy offers 23 skill paths, 13 career paths, and over 300 courses, some of which are free. Skill paths teach you a specific skill, such as creating video games with Phaser.js, and take about 2-3 months to complete. Career paths offer step-by-step instructions on the programming languages and theories you need to know to land your first entry-level job. These take about 6-12 months to complete.

Back-End Engineer

  • Cost: $300
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Self-Paced
  • Length: 4-8 Months

The back-end engineer career path starts with learning how to program servers and client-side interfaces and ends with designing databases. You'll discover how to design and build APIs using JavaScript tools. You'll also learn how to secure web applications with authentication and authorization. Some hands-on tasks you can add to your portfolio include building a comic book company API and the back end to support a comic strip creation app.

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Computer Science

  • Cost: $300
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Self-Paced
  • Length: 20 Weeks

The computer science career path is for those looking to build a strong foundation in the study of computers and how they work. You'll take courses in programming with Python, data structures and algorithms, computer architecture, and discrete math. The hands-on projects include writing an interactive adventure game using the Tree data structure.

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Data Scientist

  • Cost: $300
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Self-Paced
  • Length: 35 Weeks

The data science career path explores the skills needed to transform data into meaningful information. Some courses include probability, programming languages like SQL and Python, and descriptive and inferential statistics. Portfolio-worthy projects include using logistic regression to predict credit card fraud and predicting baseball players' strike zones.

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Front-End Engineer

  • Cost: $300
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Self-Paced
  • Length: 4-8 months

Front-end engineers help make websites functional and beautiful. To accomplish this, students explore UI and UX design and build dynamic front-end web apps using JavaScript, React, and Redux. This career path includes three hands-on projects, including adding animations to an existing static webpage and programming a React app for Spotify users.

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Full-Stack Engineer

  • Cost: $300
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Self-Paced
  • Length: 4-8 months

The full-stack engineer career path teaches front-end and back-end web development and how to build interactive websites. You'll learn front-end tools like HTML and React, as well as server-side JavaScript libraries. Projects include creating an e-commerce app and building a Reddit app.

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iOS Developer

  • Cost: $300
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Self-Paced
  • Length: 28 weeks

The iOS developer career path is very hands-on and involves building four iOS applications, including a social media app. You'll make interactive mobile apps, including an application for ordering software products. Codecademy recommends this path for those with a Mac device.

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Codecademy Free vs. Pro

Codecademy offers over 100 free courses. You can choose between beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons in topics like Java, SQL, GitHub, and simple linear regression.

Codecademy Pro Lite membership includes all courses and most skill paths and is designed for people looking to learn a skill. Codecademy Pro membership is for those looking to advance or start a career in tech. Pro membership includes everything in Pro Lite plus curated learning plans for specific careers. You'll also receive tips on acing interviews.

Pro Lite and Pro follow a guided path and include quizzes, short videos, and real-world, hands-on projects. The interactive platform is self-paced, suitable for beginners, and provides you with a certificate of completion.

What to Look For in an Online Course

When considering an online learning platform or online bootcamp, consider the following:

  • Your Goal: The right course for you depends entirely on your goal. Do you want in-depth instruction on one programming language, an overall birds-eye-view, or a program that takes months to complete and results in job-ready skills? Knowing your goal can help you choose which courses are suitable for you.
  • Learning Format: Some people process information better when they read it and then practice it. Others learn better from hearing. If you fall in the latter group, you may consider a platform that provides video instruction.
  • Well-Structured Course: Explore the curriculum and ensure the course or program offers the topics you're interested in and that it progresses sequentially.

Codecademy Admissions Process

Codecademy does not have an admissions process. Anyone wanting to learn about coding and other technical skills can sign up and start learning, regardless of experience or education level. Codecademy made many of its courses and programs for beginners.

Codecademy Payment Options

Codecademy offers three plans. The basic plan is free and includes over 100 courses covering topics like programming languages and associated libraries and frameworks. Codecademy Pro Lite is a subscription-based plan that costs $210 annually or $17.49 billed monthly. Codecademy Pro costs $300 annually or $24.99 billed monthly.

The online platform also offers a team option for 5-25 employees. This option requires your boss to pay. If you're an eligible college student, you can receive 50% off the regular price.

Codecademy Student Outcomes

Codecademy does not offer specific student outcomes. However, the platform reports that its students work at many well-known tech companies, including Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM.

Codecademy Pros vs. Cons


  • Check
    Offers lots of free courses
  • Check
    Beginner friendly
  • Check
    Build your portfolio with hands-on projects
  • Check
    Well-structured lesson plans
  • Check
    No admission requirements
  • Check
    Relatively inexpensive for skill and career paths


  • X
    No instructor support
  • X
    Less suited for advanced programmers
  • X
    No job placement
  • X
    Not accredited

Codecademy vs. Udemy


  • Offers career and skill paths, as well as hundreds of courses focused on coding and computer science-related subjects.
  • Work directly in the browser and code from day one.
  • Costs $210 annually for skill paths and $300 annually for career paths.
  • Skill paths take 2-3 months, and career paths range from 6-12 months.
  • Offers many free courses in programming and tech subjects.


  • Offers about 213,000 online courses on numerous topics, including programming languages.
  • Watch video lectures by experts in their field.
  • Costs for courses vary from about $10 to $200, depending on flash sales.
  • Courses must consist of at least five lectures and 30 minutes of video content.
  • Offers numerous free courses ranging from meditation to programming.

Frequently Asked Questions About Codecademy Coding Bootcamp

What is Codecademy?

Codecademy is a subscription-based online learning platform with classes in programming languages and tech subjects. You learn from written instructions and write code in a text editor. The Pro and Pro Lite memberships include learning plans, step-by-step instructions, and real-world projects that you can include in your portfolio.

Is Codecademy worth it?

Yes. Codecademy skill and career paths offer an interactive learning platform. You start coding from day one and complete all work in the browser. These paths also include quizzes, exercises, and projects, offering in-depth information on a particular skill or career.

Additional benefits are low costs and no admission requirements, making it easy to get started. If you learn better with instructor-led courses, you may consider a traditional online bootcamp.

Is Codecademy free?

Codecademy offers over 100 free courses on topics like MongoDB, conversational design with Alexa, and introduction to DevOps. The platform's skills and career paths are accessed through a subscription model that you can pay monthly or annually. The annual fees are $210 and $300, respectively.

Can I put Codecademy on my resume?

Yes, you can put Codecademy on your resume. Including online courses demonstrates you're taking the initiative to learn and are serious about advancing your career. With the paid subscriptions, you also receive a certificate of completion, validating your learned skills. Make sure to include the courses that matter to the particular job you're applying for.

Which is better, Coursera or Codecademy?

The answer depends on your objective. Codecademy is ideal for beginners who learn better by doing and don't require an instructor. College-level professors teach many of Coursera's courses, which include topics in IT, data science, and personal development. Coursera's instruction consists of pre-recorded video lectures and homework assignments.

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