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Full-Stack Development

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GI BillĀ®, Income Share Agreement, Installments, Loans, Scholarships, Upfront

Coding Temple offers a full-time, full-stack development bootcamp in two locations: Coding Temple Chicago and Coding Temple Dallas. The bootcamp provider also offers part-time and self-paced online full-stack development bootcamps that students can take from the comfort of their own homes.

Coding Temple's bootcamps focus on Python and cover a variety of web development technologies. The bootcamp provider offers individualized attention, a growing alumni network, and weekly meetings with student relations managers to ensure that no student falls behind.

Graduates work with career coaches when looking for their first jobs. Career coaches help learners navigate mock interviews, resume creation, whiteboard problems, and alumni networking. Coding Temple graduates work for companies such as Amazon, Deloitte, LinkedIn, and Wayfair.

Coding Temple Courses

Students at Coding Temple can choose from a full-time web development bootcamp, a part-time online web development bootcamp, or an online self-paced flex option. The full-time bootcamp is offered in person in Chicago and Dallas. All the bootcamps require prework, which consists of an introduction to Python, HTML, and CSS.

Full-Time and Part-Time Full-Stack Development

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  • Cost: $13,995 (Full Time); $10,000 (Part Time)
  • Learning Format: In Person (Full Time), Online (Part Time)
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time
  • Length: 10 weeks (Full Time), 12 weeks (Part Time)

Both the full-time and part-time full-stack development bootcamps focus on Python. The curriculum also covers Bootstrap, object-oriented programming, data structures, and algorithms. Students learn to use SQL to access databases.

Self-Paced Full-Stack Development

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  • Cost: $5,000 (3 Months Access); $7,500 (6 Months Access)
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Self-Paced
  • Length: 3 Months, 6 Months

The self-paced bootcamp from Coding Temple covers popular languages like HTML and CSS, Javascript, SQL, and both basic and advanced Python. Students also learn to use web frameworks like Flask and React. The bootcamp uses a project-based approach and includes career services for graduates.

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Coding Temple Admissions Process

To apply, candidates must fill out an online application and schedule a 30-minute call with the admissions team. After the phone interview, there is an online assessment followed by a review process. After that, you will be notified whether you have been accepted into the program.

Coding Temple Payment Options

  • GI Bill®: Students who are eligible for the GI Bill can use their benefits to pay some or all of the Coding Temple cost.
  • Income Share Agreement: Coding Temple's income share agreement requires no deposit. Students can start for free, with no payments due until you have started your new career.
  • Installments: The installment plan requires a $2,000 deposit. The rest of the tuition is divided into two installments. The first is due on the first day of week one and the second on the first day of week four.
  • Loans: Coding Temple offers bootcamp loans through Ascent, Meritize, and Climb. The loans require a $1,000 deposit and have monthly payments as low as $229.
  • Scholarships: Scholarship recipients must make a $500 deposit. Coding Temple offers bootcamp scholarships for those undertaking continuing education, women in tech, and veterans.
  • Upfront: Students who pay upfront must make a $2,000 deposit and pay the balance before the first day of class. There is a $1,000 discount for upfront payments.

Coding Temple Student Outcomes

Prospective students should investigate student outcomes at bootcamps where they may apply. Commonly reported outcomes include graduate rates and employment rates for those who finish the program. Each bootcamp may have their own data collection process and definitions, so reach out to the bootcamp to ask for more information if necessary.

Coding Temple reports that 48 students enrolled in the program between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020. Of those, 40 completed the program and 45 were employed in their field of study. The average starting salary for graduates employed during this reporting period was $72,800.

Coding Temple Student Outcomes

  • Outcomes From: All Programs
  • Reporting Period: July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020

Graduation Rate

Employment Rate

Average Starting Salary

Frequently Asked Questions About Coding Temple Coding Bootcamp

What is Coding Temple?

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Coding Temple is a bootcamp provider that offers courses in full-stack web development. The curriculum covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, and Bootstrap. It also includes React, jQuery, Python, and Flask. Students learn about databases and learn to program in different environments, such as Visual Studio and GitHub.

Coding Temple focuses on Python, an in-demand programming language for web development, mobile app development, data science, and cloud infrastructure. Learning Python is a great choice for those just getting into the programming field.

Is Coding Temple worth it?

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Coding Temple teaches everything you need to know to pursue a full-stack web development job for under $14,000. If you compare your current salary with the average starting salary of $72,800 for Coding Temple's graduates, you can get a pretty good idea of whether attending a Coding Temple bootcamp will be worthwhile for you.

Is Coding Temple hard to get into?

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Coding Temple tries to limit its class sizes to less than ten students per bootcamp. This can make it difficult to get in, depending on the number of applicants. However, if you are accepted into the program, you can increase your chances of successfully completing the bootcamp by allowing plenty of time to get through the prework. Coding Temple recommends dedicating about 20 hours per week for three weeks to the prework.

Is Coding Temple free?

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No, Coding Temple is not free. The bootcamp provider charges $13,995 for the full-time full-stack web development bootcamp and $10,00 for the part-time full-stack web development bootcamp. The self-paced option costs $5,000 for three months of access and $7,500 for six months of access.

Coding Temple does not offer any free courses aside from the prework, which is available only to those who have enrolled in a bootcamp.

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