ENTITY Academy Review




Disciplines Offered

Cybersecurity, Data Science, Software Development

Payment Options

Income Share Agreement, Installments, Loans, Upfront

ENTITY Academy seeks to close the gender wage gap by training and mentoring women. All ENTITY Academy programs are designed for women looking to gain new skills and advance their careers in the tech industry. Students enrolled in ENTITY bootcamps receive real-world work experience and build leadership and communication skills.

Graduates of ENTITY have found careers with organizations that include the United Nations and TikTok. ENTITY bootcamps offer a four-pillar approach to education, focusing on hard skills, soft skills, mentorship, and career success.

ENTITY Academy Courses

ENTITY offers three bootcamps: cybersecurity, data science, and software development. Students attend all bootcamps remotely. Each bootcamp requires 20 hours per week, meaning students can maintain a job throughout the bootcamp if they want. Additionally, all bootcamps provide career services for students to help build resumes and prepare graduates for job interviews.

Cybersecurity Virtual Academy

  • Cost: $15,000
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Part-Time
  • Length: 33 weeks

The cybersecurity bootcamp features courses in networking and security foundations, cryptography and access management, and web application security and project management. Students enrolled in this bootcamp gain access to ENTITY Academy's mentor network of industry experts. The curriculum focuses on securing information on the web and cloud services.

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Data Science Virtual Academy

  • Cost: $15,000
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Part-Time
  • Length: 33 weeks

The data science bootcamp prepares students for careers like data architect and data analyst. This program offers classes that cover extracting and organizing databases with SQL, programming foundations in Python, machine learning, and modeling techniques. No previous experience in data science is required to enroll.

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Software Development Virtual Academy

  • Cost: $15,000
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Part-Time
  • Length: 33 weeks

The software development bootcamp focuses on building skills in website and mobile app creation. Sample courses include the fundamentals of coding using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; database creation and manipulation with SQL; and managing software development projects. Graduates of this bootcamp can find careers as full-stack developers or game developers.

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ENTITY Academy Admissions Process

Prospective students can apply online to ENTITY Academy programs. The application includes questions about previous education and work experience. ENTITY Academy also asks applicants to describe their career goals and ideal mentorship experience.

Interested candidates can call ENTITY Academy to receive more information about the admissions process.

ENTITY Academy Payment Options

  • Upfront: Students can pay their entire tuition fee upfront before beginning the program.
  • Deferred Tuition Plan: Students who sign up for a deferred tuition plan do not need to make payments upfront. Instead, students enter into an agreement with ENTITY Academy to begin making payments after graduating, typically in installments.
  • Income Share Agreement: ENTITY Academy offers an income share agreement payment plan where graduates pay no tuition until they find a job that meets the minimum income requirement. Once a graduate has a job, they pay a fixed percentage of their income to ENTITY Academy until their full tuition has been paid.
  • Installments: Students may sign an ENTITY payment plan that allows them to put 10% down at the beginning of the bootcamp and pay for the rest of the tuition in installments throughout the year.
  • Loans: ENTITY Academy offers low-interest loans through a partnership with Climb Credit. Loans allow students to pay their tuition in full upfront. However, students must repay the loan plus interest at a later date.

ENTITY Academy Student Outcomes

Looking at bootcamp student outcome data, such as graduation rates and typical starting salaries of graduates, can help prospective students determine the effectiveness of the bootcamp. Results that have been verified by a reputable third-party source, such as the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting, may be especially helpful.

ENTITY Academy does not provide any verified student outcomes, although it does share selected graduate testimonials on its website. However, prospective students should be wary of self-reported results and can contact the provider for more information about how the bootcamp collects their data.

Frequently Asked Questions About ENTITY Academy Coding Bootcamp

What is ENTITY Academy?

ENTITY Academy offers bootcamp programs for women interested in starting or advancing their tech careers. The program provides tech bootcamps in cybersecurity, data science, and software development. Students do not need any previous experience in tech to enroll in these bootcamps.

All ENTITY programs help students build hard and soft skills in tech, including leadership and communication skills. ENTITY also emphasizes the importance of mentorship, helping students learn from tech professionals and industry leaders.

Is ENTITY Academy worth it?

Determining whether a coding bootcamp is worth it depends on the individual student's career goals and learning preferences. Tech bootcamps offer many potential benefits. For example, they typically take less time to complete than a traditional degree program, may not require any previous knowledge or experience in tech, and usually provide career services to help graduates jumpstart their careers.

However, students who prefer in-person learning or want a broader education may not be the best fit for an online bootcamp like ENTITY Academy.

Is ENTITY Academy hard to get into?

The ENTITY Academy admissions process includes an online application where students can explain their career and mentorship goals. Once submitted, ENTITY admissions officers determine if the candidate is a good fit.

Individuals can contact ENTITY directly with specific questions about the application or the admissions process.

Is ENTITY Academy free?

ENTITY Academy is not free. The tuition for each of its three bootcamps is currently $15,000.

However, students may select one of several bootcamp payment plans offered by ENTITY, including deferred tuition payments, an income share agreement, and taking out a loan. A deferred tuition payment plan and an income share agreement plan allow students to defer paying tuition until after graduation.