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Remote, Portland, Seattle

Disciplines Offered

Mobile App Development, Web Development

Payment Options

Income Share Agreement, Loans, Scholarships, Upfront

Epicodus specializes in teaching students about web and mobile development. The bootcamp provider normally offers courses in Portland, Seattle, and online, but all programs currently operate online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Epicodus bootcamp students can enroll on a full-time or part-time basis. Graduates earn a certificate in web and mobile development.

All students receive access to comprehensive career services, increasing their chances of success after graduation. These career services include mentoring, LinkedIn profile reviews, resume and cover letter reviews, and mock interviews. Students complete their profiles on Indeed and have class time set aside for working on job applications.

Epicodus is one of a few bootcamps to include an internship experience for all students as part of the program. Students interview with companies to find the right match for them, and then intern with the company for five weeks after completing the bulk of their bootcamp education.

This Epicodus bootcamp review provides an overview of the coding bootcamp's curriculum, payment options, student outcomes, and admissions process. You can also learn the answers to some commonly asked questions about the Epicodus coding bootcamp.

Epicodus Courses

The Epicodus coding bootcamp includes 800 hours of classroom learning, 80 hours of job and internship preparation, and 150 hours of internship learning. Students start with an introduction to programming and finish the program with a portfolio of completed projects, which they can show to prospective employers.

Web and Mobile Development

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  • Cost: $7,800
  • Learning Format: In Person, Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time
  • Length: 27 weeks (Full Time), 40 weeks (Part Time)

This Epicodus coding bootcamp can be completed in 40 weeks (part time) or 27 weeks (full time). The program starts by providing an intro to programming and JavaScript, and then covers either C# and .NET or Ruby on Rails. The bootcamp ends with a module on React. All students participate in a 150-hour internship prior to graduation, which gives participants real-world experience before they enter the job market.

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Epicodus Admissions Process

Before filling out the application form, prospective students should explore Epicodus' website so they know what to expect from the program and understand the tuition and financial aid options.

After submitting the application form, candidates complete a writing assignment that tests their writing and computer literacy skills. Individuals are notified whether they have been accepted within two days of submitting the assignment.

Epicodus Payment Options

Paying upfront is the cheapest option for Epicodus students. For those who cannot pay upfront, Epicodus offers loans, scholarships, and an income share agreement.


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Epicodus partners with loan providers Ascent and Climb to offer private loans to qualifying Epicodus students. Ascent offers interest-only repayment and deferred repayment plans, allowing students to wait until they finish the program to start making payments. Students who apply for a loan through Climb instantly find out whether they qualify once they complete the five-minute loan application process.

Income Share Agreement

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Through Mia Share, students pay a deposit of $100 to secure their spot in the bootcamp and then wait to pay the rest of their tuition until after they have graduated and found a job making at least $33,000 per year. Students then pay 9.8% of their income for up to 48 months or until they reach the repayment cap of $18,560.

However, students should carefully compare the specific terms of Epicodus' income share agreement against other payment options, such as loans, as the total amount paid under the income share agreement may be higher. Read our guide to income share agreements to learn more about this payment option.


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Epicodus offers scholarships for people from underrepresented groups as well as gender-nonconforming and transgender individuals.


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The listed price of an Epicodus coding bootcamp is $11,700. However, Epicodus offers a discounted tuition of $7,800 for students who pay within one week of being accepted into the program.

Epicodus Student Outcomes

Epicodus belongs to the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR). This organization strives to standardize and verify student outcomes reporting for bootcamps in order to make these reports easier for prospective students to understand.

According to data verified by CIRR, about 54% of students attending Epicodus' Portland bootcamp in the second half of 2019 graduated on time, and about 53% were employed in the field within 180 days after graduation. These professionals earned a median salary of $52,000 and the top job titles were software engineer, developer, and project manager.

Additionally, data for Epicodus' Seattle graduates in the second half of 2019 shows an on-time graduation rate of about 66% and an employment rate of 50% within 180 days of graduation. These graduates reported a median starting salary of $60,000, and the most common job titles among this group were software engineer and software developer.

Epicodus Student Outcomes

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After 180 Days

Average Starting Salary

Frequently Asked Questions About Epicodus Coding Bootcamp

What is Epicodus?

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Epicodus is a bootcamp provider that focuses on web and mobile development. Epicodus offers bootcamps in Portland, Seattle, and online. Students receive career support and participate in an internship program as part of the bootcamp.

Is it hard to get into Epicodus?

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Although Epicodus' admissions process may be less strenuous than other coding bootcamps, prospective students still need to complete a test that assesses their writing and computer literacy skills.

Is Epicodus worth it?

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Students should consider the bootcamp price as well as the likelihood that they will land a job in the field within a reasonable amount of time when considering whether a bootcamp is worth it for them.

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