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Galvanize coding bootcamps provide immersive technical training and career preparation in data science and software engineering. Galvanize's software engineering bootcamp was developed in collaboration with Hack Reactor, which Galvanize acquired in 2018.

Galvanize offers onsite learning in nine cities, and many of its campus locations also offer coworking spaces. However, all programs currently meet online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company does encourage prospective students to apply to one of their geographically based programs to help learners network with nearby students and alumni.

Galvanize coding bootcamps offer various financing options, including an income share agreement and scholarships. It also accepts GI Bill benefits. The company reports graduates have found work at more than 2,250 companies, including Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Tesla, and Spotify.

Galvanize Courses

Galvanize coding bootcamps focus on software development and data science — two fast-growing tech fields. Students can choose to follow a part-time or full-time schedule. Before applying for admission, beginners can take a software engineering or data science prep course to build foundational skills in each discipline.

Data Science

  • Cost: $17,980
  • Learning Format: In Person, Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time
  • Length: 13 weeks (Full Time), 30 weeks (Part Time)

The Galvanize data science bootcamp begins by covering Python-based statistical analysis and fundamental concepts in data analysis. Students then move on to machine learning and natural language processing. The capstone project includes three independent projects aligned with a student's career goals. Learners use their new skills to solve real problems from case studies and present their work.

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Software Engineering

  • Cost: $17,980
  • Learning Format: In Person, Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time
  • Length: 12 weeks (Full Time), 36 weeks (Part Time)

This skills-focused program covers full-stack development with JavaScript, application design, and software engineering best practices. Students gain experience collaborating with others and complete a capstone project that allows learners to demonstrate their new skills to potential employers. All students can access one-on-one mentorship opportunities and the alumni network.

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Galvanize Admissions Process

The admissions process for the Galvanize software engineering bootcamp and data science bootcamp involves multiple steps. First, prospective students apply to their bootcamp of choice. Applicants can then take the optional prep courses to build their skills, depending on their prior experience.

The prep courses help prospective students prepare for the next steps in the admissions process: a coding challenge and technical admissions assessment or technical interview.

The Galvanize data science bootcamp recommends that beginners dedicate about 10 weeks to prep work before taking the coding challenge, followed by a few weeks of study before completing the technical interview, which evaluates an applicant's ability to use Python. Alternatively, the technical admissions assessment required for the software engineering bootcamp tests applicants' JavaScript skills.

If accepted into the bootcamp, students begin their pre-course curriculum to prepare for their first day of the bootcamp. The software engineering pre-course requires 90-120 hours and covers programming languages and tools, including HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The data science pre-course requires 45-60 hours.

Galvanize Payment Options

Galvanize coding bootcamps cost $17,980. Payment options include upfront payment, installments, financing, scholarships, an income share agreement, and veterans benefits.

GI Bill and VET TEC

Galvanize bootcamps allow students to use their veterans benefits, such as GI Bill funding and the VET TEC program. The VET TEC program provides veterans additional funding specifically for IT career training. Galvanize also offers free training for active-duty military through the LevelUp program in Fort Hood, Texas.

Income Share Agreement

Students can take advantage of Galvanize's income share agreement, which allows students to wait to pay the bulk of their tuition until after they graduate and find a job paying at least $60,000 a year. Read our guide to income share agreements to learn more about this type of program.


Galvanize offers private loans through its partners Ascent and Climb Credit. Students can find loans with a variety of payment schedules. They can also apply for loans to help cover their living expenses during the bootcamp.


Galvanize offers two bootcamp scholarships that cover the full cost of tuition: the Galvanize Scholarship and the We Stand Together scholarship. The latter of these awards targets members of groups currently underrepresented in the tech industry.

Galvanize also partners with several companies to train highly skilled tech workers. These programs offer free training related to developing cloud applications and data analysis. Galvanize works with the TechSF Apprentice Program in San Francisco and the NYC Tech Talent Pipeline to provide training at no cost to qualified applicants.

Galvanize Student Outcomes

Galvanize moved to a new student outcomes reporting process in 2019 — the Graduate Results Advertising Directive. This report includes graduation and employment data from across all of its campuses, as well as from individual campuses and programs. The report has been reviewed by a third-party auditor. You can learn more about Galvanize's reporting methodology here.

In the past, Galvanize also reported outcomes for several of its bootcamp programs to the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting. This nonprofit organization promotes transparent, measurable, and universal standards for coding bootcamps.

Galvanize Student Outcomes

Graduation Rate

Employment Rate
After 180 Days

Median Starting Salary

Graduation Rate

Employment Rate
After 180 Days

Median Starting Salary

Frequently Asked Questions About Galvanize Coding Bootcamps

What is Galvanize?

Galvanize bootcamps offer immersive online and onsite technical training in software engineering and data science. The programs use a skills-based curriculum to prepare graduates for various careers in software development and data analysis. Galvanize also provides free and paid prep courses to ensure applicants have the foundational skills necessary to succeed in its programs.

Is it hard to get into Galvanize?

Getting into a Galvanize bootcamp can be a lot of work, especially for those without prior coding experience. Students must pass a coding challenge and sit for a technical assessment or interview during the application process.

Is Galvanize worth it?

Whether Galvanize is worth it depends on your professional goals and learning needs. Galvanize reports that about 79% of recent graduates from its software engineering program found a job within six months of graduating and earned a median salary of $91,000 in. Additionally, about 68% of data science graduates found employment within six months, earning a median salary of $95,000.

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