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Web Development

Payment Options

Income Share Agreement, Loans, Scholarships, Upfront

The Grace Hopper Program at Fullstack Academy offers a web development bootcamp for women, trans students, and non-binary students focused on full-stack JavaScript. The program's namesake, Grace Hopper, worked as a computer engineering pioneer in the early- and mid-20th century.

The program offers its full-time bootcamp online and on campus in Chicago and New York. The program also comes with career services, such as networking opportunities and interview preparation. Graduates have found employment at major companies like Google, Facebook, Spotify, and American Express.

Grace Hopper Courses

The Grace Hopper Program offers one bootcamp in full-stack JavaScript. It lasts 17 weeks, including four week-long remote foundations courses that require at least 25 hours of study a week. Students then participate in 13 weeks of full-time classes — either online or based in New York City or Chicago.

Full-Stack JavaScript

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  • Cost: $17,910
  • Learning Format: In Person, Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time
  • Length: Length: 17 weeks

Grace Hopper's full-stack web development bootcamp covers foundational computer science theory, front-end and back-end JavaScript development, and databases. Students learn how to use tools and languages like React, HTML, CSS, Node.js, SQL, and MongoDB. During the last six weeks of the program, students complete projects and team-based learning experiences.

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Grace Hopper Admissions Process

Unlike some coding bootcamps, The Grace Hopper Program requires incoming students to possess some coding knowledge. Enrollees should be familiar with the fundamentals of coding, including loops, conditionals, arrays, objects, and functions. Therefore, interested individuals without any coding experience should look for another program or gain some foundational coding knowledge before applying.

The bootcamp accepts applications on a rolling basis, which means candidates can apply at any time. Applicants must participate in an online assessment and in-person or virtual interview. Normally, the full application process lasts 2-3 weeks.

To apply for The Grace Hopper Program, applicants must identify as women, trans, or non-binary.

Grace Hopper Payment Options

Students at The Grace Hopper Program can pay their $17,910 tuition upfront, or they can pay via an income share agreement or private loan. The bootcamp also offers four scholarships for students.

Income Share Agreement

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Bootcamp students participating in Grace Hopper's ISA make a $2,000 deposit and then pay the rest of their tuition after they graduate and find a job earning at least $40,000 per year. Graduates make payments of 12% of their income for 48 months or until they reach a payment cap of $27,843, whichever comes first.

While this payment option may be tempting for those unable to pay the upfront cost of the program, it is likely that graduates will end up paying significantly more than the upfront tuition with this option. To learn more about income share agreements, read our guide.


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Grace Hopper partners with Climb and Skills Fund to offer students private loan opportunities. These loan providers specialize in providing loans for coding bootcamp students.


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Students can reduce the cost of tuition by applying for Grace Hopper's scholarships. Four scholarships are available:

  • The Edie Windsor Scholarship targets non-gender conforming individuals and LGBTQ+ women. This scholarship covers half of tuition costs.
  • The Veterans Scholarship offers $1,000 for veterans who qualify for GI BillŪ benefits.
  • The Ada Lovelace Scholarship is worth $1,000 and is available to students who choose to pay their tuition upfront.
  • The Opportunity Fund targets Black and African American students. This scholarship covers the full cost of tuition.

Grace Hopper Student Outcomes

As a member of the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR), The Grace Hopper Program publishes graduate outcome data through a verified reporting system.

According to that data, Chicago graduates earn a median starting salary of $72,000, and New York City graduates bring in median salaries of about $90,000. Over 800 companies have hired Grace Hopper alumni, including startups, midsize business, and large firms.

You can find out more information about student outcomes from Grace Hopper's 2019 New York bootcamp in the table below. Visit CIRR's website to review data from other years and locations.

Grace Hopper Student Outcomes

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On-Time Graduation Rate

Employment Rate
After 180 Days

Median Starting Salary

Frequently Asked Questions About Grace Hopper Coding Bootcamps

What is Grace Hopper?

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The Grace Hopper Program is an intensive, full-time bootcamp focusing on full-stack JavaScript. Named after the computer pioneer Grace Hopper, this bootcamp accepts women, trans individuals, and non-binary individuals.

Is it hard to get into the Grace Hopper Bootcamp?

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Unlike some other bootcamps, The Grace Hopper Program requires incoming students to possess foundational coding knowledge. Though applying to Grace Hopper may be less intensive than applying to some colleges, it does have more stringent requirements than some other bootcamps.

Is the Grace Hopper Bootcamp worth it?

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When determining whether or not The Grace Hopper Program is right for you, assess factors such as cost, career services, and the bootcamp's curriculum. Also consider student outcome data, such as job placement rates and median starting salaries, when evaluating whether the bootcamp may be worth it.

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