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Remote, Jacksonville, Tampa

Disciplines Offered

Web Development

Payment Options

Add a Friend for Free, Payment Plan, Upfront

Jax Code Academy offers an immersive web development bootcamp for emerging coding professionals and career-switchers. Students can complete the program in person in Jacksonville or Tampa, online, or through hybrid study. Learners can enroll with a friend and split the tuition costs, or can choose to use a payment plan.

Jax Code Academy focuses on building skills in high-demand areas like HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. Applicants don't need any coding prerequisites to qualify for enrollment. Bootcamp students gain hands-on professional experience by offering free web development services to small businesses.

The company also offers a free one-day bootcamp prep program and web building services and will launch a coworking space in Florida in 2022.

Jax Code Academy Courses

The bootcamp runs for 12 weeks and includes lectures Monday through Wednesday and assignments on Thursdays and Fridays. Bootcamp instructors hold years of tech industry experience and the bootcamp maintains a low student-to-instructor ratio. Each module incorporates group-oriented assignments to build critical leadership and communication skills.

Web Developer Bootcamp

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  • Cost: $4,000
  • Learning Format: Hybrid, In Person, Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time
  • Length: 12 weeks

Students can opt to pursue a three-month internship after completing the program. Jax Code Academy does not require prerequisites but recommends that applicants complete its free one-day prep program before enrolling.

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Jax Code Academy Admissions Process

Jax Code Academy offers a convenient online application for prospective bootcamp students. Applicants simply choose their preferred bootcamp from a variety of upcoming in-person and online sessions and add it to their cart on the website.

Students must use an Apple or Windows laptop (no Chromebooks) to complete the bootcamp. Jax Code Academy recommends the web development bootcamp for applicants with beginner to intermediate coding experience.

Jax Code Academy Payment Options

Bootcamp students can choose to pay upfront, with a payment plan, or take advantage of their "add a friend" option. You may also be able to find other payment options not offered through the bootcamp directly.


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Jax Code Academy accepts upfront tuition payments upon online registration on its website through PayPal and a variety of debit and credit cards.

Add a Friend for Free

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Applicants can add a friend to their cart upon checkout for no additional cost and arrange with their friend to split the tuition for a reduced price per enrollee.

Payment Plan

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Students can choose to use an interest-free payment plan. This option requires students to meet eligibility requirements based on their credit score and status.

Jax Code Academy Student Outcomes

Applicants should be wary of graduate career outcomes statistics that are self-reported by the bootcamp and which have not undergone independent auditing. Since no outcomes data is available on Jax Code Academy's website, we recommend that students contact the provider for more details on how they collect important outcomes data such as graduation rates, employment rates, and starting salaries of graduates.

The Jax Code Academy website does highlight alumni that are now employed at organizations like Xamarin, Appsoft Development, and D2D Technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jax Code Academy Bootcamp

What is Jax Code Academy?

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Jax Code Academy is an immersive full-stack web development bootcamp that teaches HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap. Students can take their online web development bootcamp or attend a bootcamp in Tampa or Jacksonville.

Is Jax Code Academy worth it?

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Jax Code Academy developed its bootcamps to target the career skills most coveted by high-end tech employers. Its $4,000 tuition is also well below the average bootcamp cost of around $13,580. Whether this bootcamp is worth it for you will depend on your budget, learning needs, and career goals.

Is Jax Code Academy hard to get into?

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No. Jax Code Academy does not require applicants to have extensive coding experience or meet prerequisites to enroll in its bootcamp. Students enjoy a convenient online application and a choice of in-person, online, or hybrid course delivery.

Is Jax Code Academy free?

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While Jax Code Academy charges a tuition rate of $4,000 for its immersive web development program, students can reduce the cost significantly through the Add a Friend for Free payment option. The bootcamp also offers a payment plan, and you may be able to find a bootcamp scholarship or a bootcamp loan that you can use to cover tuition.

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