Launch Academy Review

Launch Academy offers a full-time bootcamp that teaches students the skills they need to pursue a software engineer or web developer job in just 18 weeks — including eight weeks of pre-work and 10 weeks of bootcamp coursework. At the end of the bootcamp, students attend a career kickoff event to network with companies looking for talent.

Launch Academy's program includes six months of postgraduate support. This includes access to the bootcamp provider's learning management systems, opportunities to complete advanced projects, career guidance, and code reviews from Launch Academy instructors.

Over 300 companies have hired graduates from Launch Academy. Hiring partners include Cogo Labs, Smartleaf, Wellington Management, and Salsify.

This Launch Academy review dives into details about the bootcamp's curriculum, admissions process, and outcomes. Read on to find answers to your questions about Launch Academy's full-stack development bootcamp.

Launch Academy Overview

Locations: Remote

Technical Disciplines: Web Development

Payment Options: Loans, Scholarships, Upfront

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Launch Academy Courses

Launch Academy offers a program that covers full-stack development. Students currently participate in the bootcamp remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic; however, before moving online, students met in person in Boston.

Full-Stack Development

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  • Cost: 17,500
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time
  • Length: 18 weeks

This Launch Academy coding bootcamp requires eight weeks of pre-work before students begin the 10-week bootcamp coursework. Students can opt to complete an additional three-week challenge before starting their pre-work. During pre-work lessons, students build or strengthen their fundamental coding skills.

The bootcamp covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and Ruby. Students work in teams on coding projects, develop their professional portfolios, and complete a two-week capstone project.

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Launch Academy Admissions Process

The Launch Academy admissions process starts with an online application. Next, candidates sit for an interview. The interview takes about an hour and consists of four parts. During the first portion of the interview, candidates share their goals and reasons for wanting to learn how to code.

The second portion of the interview process allows candidates to ask questions they might have about Launch Academy. During the third "lightning talk" portion of the interview, the candidate spends five minutes trying to teach the interviewer about something that gets the candidate excited.

During the final part of the interview process, which includes a logic exercise, candidates solve multiple logic questions, talking through solutions so that the interviewer can understand their thought process. Admissions decisions are based on a candidate's interview performance.

Launch Academy Payment Options

The upfront price for the Launch Academy coding bootcamp is $17,500. However, since a lump sum that big is more than some students can afford, Launch Academy also provides scholarships and loan options for students. To learn more about possible payment options for coding bootcamps, visit our guide.


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Students who elect to pay the total tuition amount upfront must make a $1,000 deposit to hold their spot. They must then pay the full tuition amount five weeks before the bootcamp begins.


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Launch Academy partners with the loan provider Skills Fund to offer financing for students. The lender offers 36- and 60-month payment terms with interest rates starting at 8%. Students can select to make interest-only payments during the bootcamp or defer payments until after the bootcamp. Students must pay a $1,000 deposit to hold their seat in the bootcamp.


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Launch Academy offers scholarships for women and members of groups who are underrepresented in the tech industry. Interested applicants should contact the Launch Academy admissions team to learn more about these awards.

Launch Academy Student Outcomes

Launch Academy belongs to the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR) — a nonprofit organization that promotes the adoption of universal and uniform bootcamp student outcomes reporting so that prospective students can find and understand the data.

According to data published on CIRR's website, students enrolled in Launch Academy's Boston bootcamp in the first half of 2020 had an on-time graduation rate of almost 64%. Within 180 days of completing their bootcamp, almost 77% of the 30 graduates surveyed had accepted a web developer or software engineering job.

Graduates reported a median salary of $73,500, with about 9% earning less than $50,000 and about 18% earning more than $90,000. The most common job titles were software engineer, software engineer intern, and junior engineer.

Launch Academy Student Outcomes

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On-Time Graduation Rate

Employment Rate
After 180 Days

Median Starting Salary

Frequently Asked Questions About Launch Academy Coding Bootcamps

What is Launch Academy?

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Launch Academy is a coding bootcamp that teaches students the skills they need for careers in web development and software engineering. Students learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, and more.

Is it hard to get into Launch Academy?

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Launch Academy does use an interview process to ensure they accept applicants who are likely to succeed in the program, but prospective students do not need to have prior coding or tech industry experience. Students should review the interview preparation page before scheduling an interview.

Is Launch Academy worth it?

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Launch Academy costs $17,500, which is more than the average bootcamp tuition of $13,580. Prospective students should consider the cost, student outcomes, and their own professional goals and learning needs when trying to determine whether Launch Academy is worth it.

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