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Kansas City, Philadelphia, Saint Louis

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Coding, Full-Stack Development

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LaunchCode is a nonprofit coding bootcamp that can help students pursue their professional goals. LaunchCode bootcamps do not charge tuition. Eligible individuals can enroll in an immersive bootcamp for coding and full-stack development.

According to LaunchCode, companies such as Microsoft, Boeing, and World Wide Technology have hired their bootcamp graduates. LaunchCode also offers an apprenticeship to help students build real-world skills in tech with one of LaunchCode's hiring partners.

LaunchCode Courses

LaunchCode offers an immersive bootcamp for students to gain hands-on experience in coding and full-stack development. All LaunchCode courses take place in person. LaunchCode's bootcamps focus on building real-world skills that graduates can apply in the workplace.

Immersive CodeCamp

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  • Cost: Free
  • Learning Format: In Person
  • Time Commitment: Full Time
  • Length: 14 weeks

This full-time bootcamp teaches front-end and back-end development, focusing on real-world coding skills. Courses include coding best practices, data structures, version control with Git and GitHub, and JavaScript. Graduates of CodeCamp are eligible to enroll in LaunchCode's apprenticeship program.

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LaunchCode Admissions Process

The Immersive CodeCamp bootcamp is a competitive program with a three-round application process.

First, aspiring students must complete an application. The application takes about 1-2 hours to complete. Students must answer basic demographic questions, including any previous experience in tech and their reasons for enrolling in the bootcamp. The application also includes a problem-solving assessment with coding challenges.

Applicants who move past the first round complete a one-hour interview either in person or online. LaunchCode interviewers look for passionate applicants who will commit to the program. Applicants should explain why they want to enroll in the CodeCamp and how it will help their career goals.

Candidates who move past the interview round will receive some "pre-work" from LaunchCode. Pre-work tests the applicant's ability to learn basic concepts on their own. Pre-work requires 10-12 hours to complete.

Only applicants who move past the pre-work round will be invited to enroll.

LaunchCode Student Outcomes

Bootcamps often provide student outcome reports that can help potential students determine how effective a bootcamp is. When searching for student outcomes, readers should look for outcomes verified by a independent source.

LaunchCode does not publish outcomes such as graduation rate, employment rate for graduates, or graduates' average starting salary on their website. However, the organization does report that it helped launch 448 tech careers in 2021 and that 132 companies hired LaunchCode students. Prospective applicants should contact the organization for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions About LaunchCode Coding Bootcamp

What is LaunchCode?

LaunchCode is a nonprofit organization that offers free education in coding and full-stack development. Professionals seeking to start their careers in tech or advance their current careers can enroll in a LaunchCode bootcamp to gain hands-on experience in areas like JavaScript and web development.

Is LaunchCode worth it?

Coding bootcamps often cost less time and money than a traditional degree program. Bootcamps also provide more customization and scheduling options, giving working professionals more opportunities to enroll.

Determining whether a bootcamp is worth it often depends on the learning needs of the student. Self-motivated learners looking to gain practical coding skills quickly should consider a bootcamp. Students who prefer in-depth, teacher-led instruction may want to consider a traditional degree program.

Is LaunchCode hard to get into?

LaunchCode's Immersive CodeCamp is a competitive program with many applicants. The admissions process requires students to make it through three rounds: a problem-solving assessment, an interview, and 10-12 hours of "pre-work."

LaunchCode looks for dedicated, passionate learners with clear career goals. Applicants should understand why they are a good fit for LaunchCode's programs and demonstrate the ability to learn new concepts quickly.

Is LaunchCode free?

Yes, LaunchCode is free. As a nonprofit organization, LaunchCode offers all its bootcamps at no cost to the student. Unlike other bootcamps and traditional degree programs which charge students tuition, LaunchCode relies on donations to keep its programs running.

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