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Maven Analytics provides an online data analyst bootcamp that prepares learners to enter the workforce as data analytics professionals. It offers expert-level instruction in data prep, database design, and data analysis and visualization. Graduates have gone on to work for companies like LinkedIn, Amazon, Tripadvisor, and Lenovo.

While instruction is self-paced, a coach leads each cohort, answering questions and helping students stay on track. Students meet virtually with their peers, coach, and live instructor 2-3 times a week. The bootcamp also provides live chat support and virtual instructor office hours.

One-on-one career coaching sessions include mock interviews, resume reviews, and portfolio building. Participants also gain lifetime access to the entire course library, which includes numerous courses covering different data analytics tools. Maven Analytics reports that 500,000 students have completed its courses, and it reports a 97% student satisfaction rate.

Maven Analytics Courses

Maven Analytics offers a 24-week data analyst bootcamp. Students can expect to spend about 10-15 hours weekly on online assignments and portfolio projects. The bootcamp provider also offers individual courses in Tableau, Python, advanced Excel, Power BI, machine learning, MySQL, and more. Students can track their progress, earn credentials, and learn about other courses that may interest them.

Instructors are industry leaders and certified experts. Maven Analytics also offers a custom team training program, which enables employers and administrators to assign courses and add or remove team members.

Data Analyst

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  • Cost: $7,499
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Part Time
  • Length: 24 weeks

The Maven Analytics data analyst bootcamp is a self-paced, 24-week online bootcamp that offers instruction in Tableau, Power BI, MySQL, and expert-level Excel. Participants learn how to create and analyze databases, manipulate data visualization tools, and build business intelligence solutions. The bootcamp includes four portfolio projects, a capstone, and live virtual check-ins with instructors and peers every week.

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Maven Analytics Admissions Process

The data analyst bootcamp offered by Maven Analytics does not require any experience in data analytics. Applicants must complete an online application, sharing information about their career goals and background. They also take a brief skills assessment and undergo a live video interview. The bootcamp then places students in the appropriate cohort.

Maven Analytics Payment Options

Maven Analytics offers the following payment options.

Upfront: Students can pay the total Maven Analytics cost of $7,499 upfront. This saves enrollees about $900 (compared to the cost of an installment plan). Students who pay for their bootcamp before specific deadlines may be eligible for additional discounts.

Installments: Students may opt to spread the cost of the bootcamp over six monthly payments of $1,400, for a total tuition cost of $8,400.

Maven Analytics Student Outcomes

When researching various bootcamps, prospective students should consider a program's student outcomes data. These include graduation rate, employment rate, and graduates' starting salaries.

If the bootcamp does not provide this information on its website, consider contacting it directly and asking about this data. If a third party does not verify a bootcamp's student outcomes, ask the bootcamp how it obtained the data and the period it reflects.

Maven Analytics does not share specific outcome data on its website, but it does report that its graduates work for top companies, including LinkedIn, Tripadvisor, Amazon, Accenture, and Polaris.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Maven Analytics Coding Bootcamp

What is Maven Analytics?

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Maven Analytics offers online, guided learning covering data analysis and business intelligence skills. It provides an in-depth, part-time, 24-week data analyst bootcamp, as well as separate courses and team development opportunities. The bootcamp and classes are project-based and take a hands-on approach, preparing students to enter the workforce or advance in their careers.

Students can acquire practical skills in advanced Excel, MySQL, Python, machine learning, Power BI, Tableau, and more. Self-paced instruction lets participants learn at their own pace while obtaining access to certified instructors for one-on-one support. The data analyst bootcamp offers live coaching sessions, peer reviews, and career support.

Is Maven Analytics worth it?

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For people interested in entering the field of data analytics, the Maven Analytics bootcamp may be worth it. This extensive 24-week bootcamp covers the essential tools required for data analysis. These include MySQL for creating and analyzing databases, Tableau for analyzing and visualizing data, and Power BI for extracting and gaining real-time insights into large-scale data.

Maven Analytics also offers a hands-on, project-based experience, which includes four portfolio projects and a final capstone project in which students analyze a real-world dataset. Students gain access to expert-level instructors via live office hours and chats during bootcamp hours. While the bootcamp does not provide student outcome information, the Maven Analytics testimonial page offers insight into students' satisfaction levels.

Is Maven Analytics hard to get into?

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No, the Maven Analytics bootcamp is not hard to get into. The data analyst bootcamp accepts students with no prior data analytics experience. Applicants must take a basic skills assessment test to determine their knowledge level. After a short interview, students are placed in an appropriate cohort.

Is Maven Analytics free?

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Maven Analytics is not free. It does, however, allow learners to create a free account. These accounts do not expire and enable potential students to explore the platform. The free version includes a student dashboard, custom learning plans, practice data sets, and sample lessons.

Paid accounts cost $39 a month or $360 annually, offering personalized recommendations and unlimited access to individual courses. The Maven Analytics bootcamp costs $7,499 upfront. For those who prefer to pay in monthly installments, the fee is $1,400 a month for six months.

Students should consider the ROI when investing in their education. According to Payscale, data analysts earned an average yearly salary of $63,310 as of July 2022.

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