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Remote, New York City

Disciplines Offered

Data Analytics, Data Science

Payment Options

Loans, Scholarships, Upfront

NYC Data Science Academy offers advanced intensive bootcamps, corporate training, and courses in data analytics and data science. Students can take the bootcamps in person at their New York City campus or online via live Zoom sessions.

Learners may also choose to participate in asynchronous learning, accessing lessons at their convenience. In 2021, NYC Data Science Academy received institutional accreditation by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training, a U.S. Department of Education nationally recognized accrediting agency.

Students receive extensive career assistance, including mock coding challenges, resume and LinkedIn profile reviews, and one-on-one interview reviews. Students also gain access to hiring and networking events, a 2000-plus alumni network, and industry connections. A few of the bootcamp's 500-plus hiring partners include Capital One, Samsung, Aetna, Google, and Bloomberg.

NYC Data Science Academy Courses

NYC Data Science Academy offers two bootcamps in data analytics and data science. Students can learn in person at their New York City campus.

Additional instruction options include remote, live learning or asynchronous distance learning. Prerequisite online coursework consists of 40 hours in math and statistics, calculus, Conda installation, Python, and R.

The bootcamp provider also offers onsite or live online corporate training tailored to a company's specific needs. Learners may also take short immersive courses in Python, R, big data, machine learning, data analysis and visualization, and more.

Data Analytics

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  • Cost: $9,995
  • Learning Format: Online, New York City
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time
  • Length: 7 weeks (Full Time), 12 weeks (Part Time)

This immersive bootcamp teaches Python and R for data analytics and visualization and introduces the SQL database. The project-oriented instruction includes three application projects that use real-world datasets. The capstone project requires students to use learned concepts to solve an operational problem for a real business.

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Data Science

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  • Cost: $17,600
  • Learning Format: Online, New York City
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time
  • Length: 12-16 weeks (Full Time), 24 weeks (Part Time)

NYC Data Science Academy's 400-hour flagship bootcamp immerses students in the subjects required to become data scientists. Students learn R and Python programming languages as well as machine learning and other advanced topics. Participants complete four application projects and a capstone project frequently sponsored by New York City companies.

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NYC Data Science Academy Admissions Process

NYC Data Science Academy's competitive admissions process requires that applicants possess a bachelor's or graduate degree, preferably in math, science, or technology.

The bootcamp may consider those without a baccalaureate degree under certain circumstances. These include possessing exceptional talent in computer programming, two letters of recommendation, and passing the technical assessment with a grade of B or higher.

Prospective students submit an online application and answer self-assessment questions regarding their technical experience. Applicants also participate in a video interview and complete a technical assessment.

NYC Data Science Academy Payment Options

NYC Data Science Academy offers the following bootcamp payment options. In addition, tuition paid for part-time courses may be applied to the data science bootcamps if taken within nine months of the class.

Upfront: After gaining acceptance,students pay a deposit of $5,000 to secure their spot. The balance is due before the start of the bootcamp.

Loans: The bootcamp offers loans through Ascent and Climb financing institutions. Both offer 3-5-year loans with fixed interest rates. Some loan programs include an interest-only grace period or deferred repayments that start three months after graduating.

Scholarships: NYC Data Science Academy offers the women in data science scholarship and the postdoctoral student scholarship. The scholarships award $1,500 to women who excelled in STEM disciplines and individuals who hold a doctorate in a STEM field, respectively.

NYC Data Science Academy Student Outcomes

NYC Data Science Academy bootcamp does not provide information regarding student outcomes. Students should consider contacting the bootcamp provider and asking about graduation rates, employment rates, and starting salaries.

The bootcamp works with an extensive number of hiring partners and provides alumni interviews and outcomes. Graduates work as data analysts and data scientists for numerous companies, including the NPD Group, Effectual, JPMorgan Chase, Bloomingdale, and Pfizer.

Frequently Asked Questions About NYC Data Science Academy Coding Bootcamp

What is NYC Data Science Academy?

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NYC Data Science Academy offers on-campus and online bootcamps in data science and data analytics. These advanced bootcamps offer instruction in R and Python programming languages, data analytics and visualization, machine learning, deep learning, and big data.

Full-time students may complete the data science bootcamp in as little as 12 weeks. Part-time students may complete the bootcamp in 24 weeks. NYC Data Science Academy also provides data science bundles and individual classes. Customized corporate training incorporates online or onsite project-based training.

Is NYC Data Science Academy worth it?

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For students with a bachelor's or graduate degree in a STEM field, NYC Data Science Academy may be worth it. The bootcamps are ideal for those who want to work as data scientists or data analysts. Additionally, it is one of two coding bootcamps that earned nationally recognized accreditation.

The bootcamp offers project-based instruction and career services that include hundreds of hiring partners. When deciding if a bootcamp is worth it, students should consider the return on investment. This includes the cost of the bootcamp and the expected increase in earnings.

Is NYC Data Science Academy hard to get into?

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Yes. The admissions process for NYC Data Science Academy bootcamp is very competitive. Most applicants hold a bachelor's or graduate degree in a STEM field. Looking at the bootcamp's alumni page, you'll notice that almost all alumni hold a bachelor's, master's, or Ph.D.

Applicants must take a technical assessment test and undergo a video interview. The bootcamp provider also offers bundle courses that can help aspiring data scientists and data analysts develop their skills.

Is NYC Data Science Academy free?

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NYC Data Science Academy offers a free prep course that introduces prospective students to data science. Students learn how to solve data science problems using Python. They also provide a crash course on data visualization and analysis using Python for about $15. Students learn different data structures and Python libraries like NumPy, SciPy, pandas, and Matplotlib.

Their data science bundle courses start at $4,732. Individual classes in Python, R, data analysis and visualization, and machine learning range from about $1,590-$2,190. The data analytics bootcamp costs $9,995, while the data science bootcamp costs $17,600.

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