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preHIRED prepares students to launch or advance their career in software sales. preHIRED's patented science-based sales modules target students aspiring to get hired, get a promotion, or secure a managerial role within a tech sales company. preHIRED offers self-paced courses online and requires no payment until students are hired.

Students with little-to-no tech or sales experience can pursue Step 1 of Science-Based Sales, which features multiple introductory course topics. This program is the most exhaustive and longest-lasting among preHIRED options. Existing professionals with one or two years of experience may choose Step 2 (promotion) or Step 3 (manager) programs, respectively.

In exchange for committing to an income share agreement and completing a preHIRED software sales program, students enjoy lifetime membership benefits, including portfolio development, one-on-one mentoring, and career support services.

preHIRED Courses

preHIRED offers sales training for complete breginners and students with moderate sales and tech experience. Full-time students can complete the program in as few as 1-2 weeks, while students more commonly study part time and complete the program over 6-12 weeks. Students must receive approval from their preHIRED mentor to move on to the job search process after coursework is completed.

Science-Based Sales

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  • Cost: 12.5% of your income for 48 months up to $30,000 total
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time
  • Length: Varies

preHIRED offers training in three targeted employee groups: preHIRED, promoted, and manager. Step 1 is the lengthiest program consisting of 15 modules in topics like customer relationship management, basic sales tools, and workflows and systems.

Step 2 suits tech professionals seeking advancement after one year of experience. Step 3 helps professionals with two years of experience or more earn top positions through its manager program.

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preHIRED Admissions Process

preHIRED maintains an especially selective admissions policy, accepting less than 5% of applicants. preHIRED seeks students with "the four As" — attitude, aptitude, ambition, and accountability.

Once students complete preHIRED's online application, advisors respond within days to offer or decline admission into the program. Accepted students must enter into an income share agreement before beginning coursework.

preHIRED Payment Options

preHIRED does not require any payment until graduates are hired. Instead, new preHIRED students must commit to paying 12.5% of their future income for 48 months in order to receive lifetime preHIRED benefits. This income share agreement is preHIRED's only payment option.

Though how much you end up paying per month will vary according to your income, monthly rates average $500. The income share agreement is considered complete when the student has made 48 monthly payments, they pay a total of $30,000 (the maximum amount), or 96 months pass (even if the student was never hired and has made no payments).

preHIRED Student Outcomes

preHIRED reports a 96% employment rate within six months of starting the program. preHIRED also reports that its graduates made average first-year earnings of $69,000. preHIRED alumni are employed at companies including Zoom, Google, and Wistia.

Prospective bootcamp students should generally be wary of student outcomes published directly by bootcamp providers without third-party auditing, as these numbers may not tell the full story — for instance, they may not reflect students who were unable to complete the program or they may include graduates who found jobs outside of their target field.

Applicants may want to ask the bootcamp directly for more details about how they collect their data and what is included in those figures.

preHIRED Student Outcomes

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Frequently Asked Questions About preHIRED Coding Bootcamp

What is preHIRED?

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preHIRED trains students at all levels of education and experience in the skills needed to become tech sales professionals. preHIRED developed its programs in this sector of the sales industry specifically to benefit students seeking immediate employment with longevity and high income potential.

preHIRED programs include hands-on learning and portfolio development. preHIRED's online, self-paced programs also offer lifetime members support services including mentorship, networking, and career development. Students can start the program for free through preHIRED's income share agreement policy.

Is preHIRED worth it?

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Yes, preHIRED may be worth it for you if you are seeking employment in the tech sales industry. preHIRED reports a high employment rate among graduates, impressive employer partnerships, and a six-month money-back guarantee. preHIRED's income share agreement model also helps students save on upfront costs.

Before applying, make sure you fully understand preHIRED's income share agreement model and what you would be required to pay after completing the program and finding a job. Income share agreements may help you save upfront, but can end up costing a lot in the long run. That may or may not be worth it to you depending on your career goals and financial situation.

Is preHIRED hard to get into?

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preHIRED is extremely selective, accepting less than 5% of applicants into its software sales programs. While preHIRED does not require any professional experience in sales or tech to qualify, applicants must convey a strong sense of potential and a desire to succeed.

Above all else, the preHIRED admissions team values applicants with "the four As" — attitude, ambition, aptitude, and accountability. preHIRED looks for students with an optimistic outlook who are willing to accept guidance from instructors with expertise in the industry. Unlike many of its competitors, preHIRED delivers enrollment offers within days of receiving a student's online application.

Is preHIRED free?

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No, preHIRED is not free. While students do not pay anything upfront to enroll, students must agree to pay preHIRED 12.5% of their income for four years after they graduate form the bootcamp and are hired.

A student's income share agreement is completed when one of the following happens: they make 48 monthly payments, they pay a total of $30,000 (the maximum payment or "payment cap"), or 96 months transpire without hitting the payment cap.

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