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Disciplines Offered

Product Leader, Product Manager, Senior Product Manager

Payment Options

Installments, Upfront

Product School helps professionals earn certification in three areas: product leader, product manager, and senior product manager. Each bootcamp teaches real-world skills for product managers. Professionals can choose which bootcamp best caters to their current work experience and career goals.

All Product School bootcamps take place online. Product School provides career services and helps students develop professional portfolios that can be used to pursue a product management career, role change, or advancement after graduation. The bootcamps follow a synchronous learning format and offer small class sizes.

Product School Courses

Each of Product School's certification bootcamps targets product management professionals at a different point in their careers. Students can gain skills to find an entry-level position, advance into a senior role, or transition into managing other managers.

Product Leader

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  • Cost: $4,799
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Part Time
  • Length: 8 weeks

The product leader bootcamp features 32.5 hours of live instructor-led sessions and an average class size of 14 students. This bootcamp helps senior product managers improve their leadership skills for more advanced positions. Students gain skills in team development and empowerment, managing change, product strategy, and product financials.

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Product Manager

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  • Cost: $4,799
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time
  • Length: 5 days (Full Time), 8 weeks (Part Time)

The product manager bootcamp benefits students seeking an entry-level product management position. Students receive live, online instruction along with free product management tools and a discussion forum with other students. The bootcamp includes instruction in understanding customers and problems, defining product requirements, marketing products, and launching products.

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Senior Product Manager

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  • Cost: $4,799
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Part Time
  • Length: 8 weeks

The senior product manager bootcamp prepares product managers for career advancement. Students engage in live, online instruction in small class settings. This bootcamp emphasizes skills in product strategy, growth and analytics, product optimization, and performance and promotions.

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Product School Admissions Process

First, aspiring students must choose an available start date for their chosen bootcamp. Applicants may self-enroll online through the Product School website or contact the admissions team for guidance. Prospective students who are unsure which bootcamp to take should reach out to the admissions team.

Product School does not require an interview before enrollment. All applicants must sign an enrollment contract before classes begin.

Product School Payment Options

  • Upfront: An upfront tuition payment allows students to pay off the full sum of their tuition before classes begin. Product School offers a $300 discount on all programs for students who pay upfront.
  • Installments: Product School allows students to pay their tuition in smaller installments throughout the program. The bootcamp offers two payment plans — either three larger installments or lower monthly installments. Students must continue to pay these installments until the full sum of tuition is paid.

Product School Student Outcomes

Bootcamp student outcomes help prospective students evaluate how effective a bootcamp is. Reported outcomes may include data points like graduation rate, employment rate, and median starting salary. Readers should always look for outcomes that are verified by a third-party source, which is a requirement for members of the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR).

Product School does not offer any third-party verified student outcomes. Readers should always inspect self-reported outcomes carefully and can contact the provider for more information about how they collect their data. Product School self-reports 10,000 global alumni from their bootcamps and over 1,000 hiring partners.

Frequently Asked Questions About Product School Coding Bootcamp

What is Product School?

Product School provides product management certification bootcamps. These bootcamps help aspiring and current product management professionals advance their chosen career paths.

Product School offers three bootcamps for professionals with varying product management experience: product manager, senior product manager, and product leader. Each bootcamp ends with a certification exam.

Is Product School worth it?

Bootcamps help students gain real-world product management skills quickly. These programs often cost less time and money than a traditional degree program. Bootcamps also provide career services to help students meet their career goals after graduation.

Bootcamps do not have the same regulation as traditional degree programs. However, employers generally regard bootcamps positively when looking at job applicants.

Is Product School hard to get into?

Product School does not require an interview or other prerequisites to enroll in a bootcamp. Applicants can self-enroll online or work with the Product School admissions team to find the right bootcamp for them.

All Product School bootcamps offer live, online instruction, meaning students must commit certain days and times to classwork. Students who plan to continue to work while they complete their bootcamp may need to make schedule adjustments to meet classroom requirements.

Is Product School free?

No, Product School is not free. All Product School bootcamps cost $4,799. Students can receive a $300 discount by agreeing to pay their tuition upfront before classes begin.

Product School offers two additional payment plans. Students can pay their tuition in fixed installments over a short or long period of time. Students must continue making payments until their full tuition costs are covered.