SecureSet Academy Review



Colorado Springs, Denver

Disciplines Offered

Cybersecurity Engineering

Payment Options

GI BillĀ®, Installments, Loans, Scholarships, Upfront

Aspiring cybersecurity professionals can pursue their career goals with SecureSet Academy, a cybersecurity bootcamp operated by Flatiron School. This full-time coding bootcamp helps students learn how to keep networks and systems secure. In just 20 weeks, participants complete this 800-hour program. The fast-paced program requires full-time study.

SecureSet Academy students have a passion for computer systems. Most students enter the program with a basic understanding of coding languages. Graduates have become security engineers, technical analysts, and penetration testers. Keep reading to discover what the program covers, the admissions process, and payment options.

SecureSet Academy Courses

SecureSet Academy offers one 20-week program that includes 12 individual courses that cover topics like cryptography and network security. The program contains 400 instruction hours and 400 lab hours.

Core Cybersecurity Engineering Program

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  • Cost: $19,950
  • Learning Format: In Person
  • Time Commitment: Full Time
  • Length: 20 weeks

SecureSet Academy's cybersecurity engineering bootcamp contains 12 individual courses that include real-world labs and train you in hacking and network defense. Topics covered include cryptography, network security, system security, logs and detection, and threat intelligence.

Students learn how to deliver system security in compliance with government policy. They also focus on honing their professional communication skills and gain experience collaborating on cybersecurity tasks.

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SecureSet Academy Admissions Process

The application process for SecureSet Cybersecurity Academy lasts about one to three weeks. Applicants complete an electronic application and an admissions interview. The application also requires a technical review, which evaluates the applicant's current technical and analytical abilities.

SecureSet Academy recommends that prospective students have some familiarity with programming languages and Windows, Linux, and Unix operating systems. While applicants don't need to have a degree to apply, previous education in STEM and technical professional certifications may give candidates an edge.

SecureSet Academy Payment Options

SecureSet Cybersecurity Academy offers multiple payment plans, which we outline below.

  • Upfront: Students can make a downpayment to reserve their spot and pay the tuition remainder before the start date.
  • GI Bill®: This bootcamp accepts funds from the GI Bill. In some situations, the GI Bill covers housing and offers a stipend for books and supplies.
  • Installments: SecureSet Academy partners with EdAid to offer a 12-month installment plan. If paid on time, it does not accrue interest.
  • Loans: SecureSet Academy accepts loans through Ascent and Climb. Learners can make monthly payments for up to 36 months.
  • Scholarships: As part of a diversity initiative through Flatiron School, SecureSet Academy provides scholarships to pay for bootcamps. The bootcamp offers awards like the Women Take Tech Scholarship and a merit-based scholarship.

SecureSet Academy Student Outcomes

When applying to any bootcamp, always request a copy of a student outcomes report and ask the bootcamp to offer more details on how they collect their outcomes data. Commonly reported outcomes include graduation rate, graduate employment rate, and median starting salary for graduates.

SecureSet Academy reports that it has a 90% placement rate for graduates within six months of finishing their program. Applicants should inquire for more details about this outcome, as well as read SecureSet reviews written by program participants before applying.

Frequently Asked Questions About SecureSet Academy Coding Bootcamp

What is SecureSet Academy?

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This Colorado-based 20-week intensive bootcamp prepares learners to work in cybersecurity. Participants learn about ethical hacking, network security, and operating systems during their studies. The program requires 400 lab hours and 400 instruction hours.

Is SecureSet Academy worth it?

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If you have the time and budget to spend on this program, the bootcamp could be worth it for you. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, information security analysts earned a median income of $103,590 as of May 2020. While those just starting out in cybersecurity may not earn that much, even starting salaries in the industry are likely to be higher than average.

Is SecureSet Academy hard to get into?

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SecureSet Academy features a competitive application process. Applicants should possess basic technical and analytical skills. However, the bootcamp does not set an absolute criteria for eligibility. Learners can join a waitlist if a session fills up before they enroll.

Is SecureSet Academy free?

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The program costs learners $19,950. However, some learners may be able to receive reduced or waived tuition through bootcamp scholarship programs.