Tech Talent South Review




Disciplines Offered

Code Immersion, Data Science, JavaScript Application Development

Payment Options

Installments, Scholarships, Upfront

Tech Talent South prepares students for careers in tech by teaching fundamental skills in coding, data science, and app development. Students learn through hands-on experiences such as building their own apps. Courses take place fully online.

Graduates of Tech Talent South have found careers at companies like Bank of America and Amazon. Each bootcamp helps students learn to find tech-oriented solutions to real-world business problems.

Tech Talent South Courses

Tech Talent South features three coding bootcamps: code immersion, data science, and JavaScript application development. Students can take each program fully online. All bootcamps offer classes part time during the evenings. Students can also take the code immersion bootcamp full time.

Code Immersion

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  • Cost: $6,750 (Full Time); $4,750 (Part Time)
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time
  • Length: 8-16 weeks (Full Time), 12-24 weeks (Part Time)

The code immersion bootcamp features classes like object-oriented programming, HTML & CSS, and domain modeling. Students with no prior coding knowledge can learn the fundamentals of full-stack web development. Students gain experience through hands-on projects like building your own app.

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Data Science

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  • Cost: $4,750
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Part Time
  • Length: 8 weeks

The data science bootcamp builds important skills in Python and machine learning. Classes include defining and collecting large data sets, data manipulation, and machine learning. Students learn how to use data science to create solutions for businesses.

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JavaScript Application Development

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  • Cost: $4,750
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Part Time
  • Length: 10 weeks

The JavaScript Application Development bootcamp teaches real-world, current skills in JavaScript application, including language syntax, JQuery, APIs, and Ajax. This bootcamp provides hands-on opportunities to learn through coding and development projects.

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Tech Talent South Admissions Process

Applicants to Tech Talent South must first submit an online application form. The application form takes less than five minutes to complete.

Applicants must then complete an informal interview with Tech Talent South's "Talent Team." The Talent Team will help applicants map out their coding goals and find the bootcamp program that best fits their needs.

Tech Talent South states that this conversation only takes about 20 minutes. Once applicants have spoken to the Talent Team, they are eligible to enroll in a bootcamp.

Tech Talent South Payment Options

Upfront: Students can pay the entirety of their tuition upfront once they've enrolled in the bootcamp of their choice. Students should contact the admissions team to see if they are eligible for a discount for paying upfront.

Installments: Tech Talent South allows students to pay their tuition in installments. This payment plan breaks the full tuition cost into a set number of smaller payments.

Scholarships: Students can apply for a partial scholarship to help cover some of their tuition costs. Students should contact the admissions team to see if they are eligible for a bootcamp scholarship.

Tech Talent South Student Outcomes

Student outcomes help potential students determine how effective a bootcamp program is. Outcome reports may include information like graduation and employment rates.

Readers should always look for bootcamp student outcomes that have been verified by a third-party source. This process is required for bootcamp members of the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR). Tech Talent South does not offer third-party verified student outcomes. Readers can contact the provider for more details about how the bootcamp collects their data.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tech Talent South Coding Bootcamp

What is Tech Talent South?

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Tech Talent South offers bootcamp programs in coding immersion, data science, and JavaScript application development. These online training programs help students gain practical skills in tech more quickly and possibly for less money than a traditional college degree program.

Tech Talent South does not require any previous experience for bootcamp students. Graduates of these bootcamps can use their new skills to pursue a new career or advance their current career in tech.

Is Tech Talent South worth it?

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Determining whether a bootcamp is worth taking depends on several factors, including cost, time required, and skills learned. Many bootcmaps allow students to develop real-world tech skills for less time and money than a traditional college program. Employers are generally receptive to applicants with bootcamp training.

However, bootcamps have less regulation and oversight than traditional college programs. For more advanced roles in tech, readers may need a two-year or four-year degree.

Is Tech Talent South hard to get into?

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Tech Talent South has a three-step enrollment process. First, applicants submit an online application. The application should take less than five minutes to complete.

Next, applicants speak with the bootcamp's "Talent Team" about their learning goals. The Talent Team helps each applicant determine which bootcamp is the right fit for them. After speaking with the Talent Team, applicants may enroll in their chosen bootcamp!

Is Tech Talent South free?

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No, Tech Talent South does not offer free tuition. Bootcamp prices range from $4,750-$6,750. This is less than the average cost of a coding bootcamp, which was about $13,580 in 2021. Tech Talent South allows several payment methods for tuition. Students can pay upfront, in installments, or receive a partial scholarship.

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