Tech Talent South Review

Tech Talent South offers coding bootcamps to individuals and recruiting, training, and staffing services to its hiring partners. Students receive 48-120 hours of training in their area of interest, depending on which bootcamp they take.

The company uses its bootcamps as a tool to train and vet prospective employees for companies that are looking to hire tech professionals. Hiring partners can see student assessments completed during bootcamp training and can search through Tech Talent South's curated database to find qualified candidates for open positions.

Tech Talent South Overview

Locations: Remote, Asheville, Atlanta, Charlotte, Columbus, Dallas, Hartford, New Orleans, Phoenix, Raleigh, San Antonio, Wilmington, Winston-Salem

Technical Disciplines: Data Science, Web Development

Payment Options: Installments, Scholarships, Upfront

Tech Talent South Courses

Tech Talent South offers three bootcamp programs in coding, data science, and JavaScript application development. The bootcamp provider also offers two special programs teaching full-stack development in Shreveport, Louisiana, and Austin, Texas.

Students need a reliable computer to complete homework assignments, even if they attend a bootcamp in person. Students can use either a PC or a Mac, but the bootcamp recommends using a Mac laptop.

Code Immersion
  • Cost: $4,750 (Part Time); $6,750 (Full Time)
  • Learning Format: In Person, Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time
  • Length: 10 weeks

Tech Talent South's code immersion bootcamp covers full-stack development. Students learn HTML and CSS, and they gain experience with object-oriented programming in C#, Java, and Ruby. Students also explore various web frameworks and learn to use APIs. During the course of the bootcamp, each student develops and deploys their own app.

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Data Science
  • Cost: $4,750
  • Learning Format: In Person, Online
  • Time Commitment: Part Time
  • Length: 8 weeks

This part-time data science bootcamp introduces students to Python and teaches them to work with large datasets. Students learn to gather, measure, and manipulate data and gain exposure to enterprise-level data science tools. Students also explore machine learning concepts.

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JavaScript Application Development
  • Cost: $4,750
  • Learning Format: In Person, Online
  • Time Commitment: Part Time
  • Length: 10 weeks

This part-time bootcamp teaches students how to develop apps in JavaScript. Students receive online access to the curriculum with real-time instructor support. Coursework covers jQuery, Ajax, Firebase, React, Redux, and more.

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Tech Talent South Admissions Process

Rather than focusing on an applicant's prior experience and resume, Tech Talent South looks for candidates who are persistent, passionate, and prepared to work hard.

To apply to Tech Talent South, candidates must submit a short application online. This is followed by a call with a member of the company's talent team, who helps potential students figure out their goals and decide which program is the best fit.

Tech Talent South Admissions Process

Tech Talent South bootcamp tuition rates range from $4,750-$6,750, but the company offers three payment options for its bootcamps. Students can pay upfront or in installments, and they may also be eligible for bootcamp scholarships.

Students paying upfront receive a 10% discount — $675 for full-time bootcamps or $475 for part-time bootcamps. Students can pay in four or 12 installments. Those paying in four installments receive a 5% discount on tuition. Students paying in 12 installments do not receive a discount. The company offers partial scholarships, including the Women in Tech Scholarship and the Diversity & Veteran Scholarship.

Tech Talent South Student Outcomes

Researching bootcamp student outcomes, such as graduation rates, job placement rates, and starting salaries, is one way prospective students can assess the quality of a program. Many bootcamps share this information, and some have these outcomes verified by a third-party auditor. If you cannot find this information online, try to contact the bootcamp directly.

Tech Talent South job placement statistics are not published online. However, prospective students can find reviews from alumni on Reddit and Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tech Talent South Coding Bootcamps

What is Tech Talent South?

Tech Talent South is a bootcamp provider that markets itself as an employment services company, offering recruiting, training, and staffing solutions to employers. The company offers bootcamps in coding, data science, and JavaScript application development.

Is Tech Talent South worth it?

With Tech Talent South tuition ranging from $4,750-6,750 per bootcamp, the price falls well below the average bootcamp tuition of $13,579 in 2020. Whether a bootcamp is worth it for you depends on factors like your career goals, your learning needs, and the coding salary potential in your target field/area.

Is Tech Talent South hard to get into?

Tech Talent South has an established admissions process, but it does not require students to have an extensive tech background. Instead, the company targets students who are passionate, persistent, and willing to work hard.

Is Tech Talent South free?

No, Tech Talent South is not free. Tuition ranges from $4,750 for part-time bootcamps to $6,750 for full-time bootcamps. Instructors attempt to cover the same material in the part-time bootcamps as in the full-time bootcamps at an accelerated pace, so that option may be more appealing depending on your schedule.

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