Thinkful Review


Disciplines Offered
Data Analytics, Data Science, Digital Marketing, Product Management, Software Engineering, Technical Project Management, UX/UI Design
Payment Options
Deferred Tuition, Income Share Agreement, Installments, Loans, Upfront

Thinkful provides online bootcamps in software engineering, UX/UI design, digital marketing, data science, product management, data analytics, and technical project management. For most Thinkful bootcamps, students can choose a full-time immersive experience or a flexible part-time schedule.

Thinkful's instructors possess relevant credentials and at least three years of experience in the field. Thinkful also pairs students with mentors who have industry experience. Additionally, students can get help with coursework through a virtual messaging platform called Thinkchat and participate in a Slack community for program participants.

Thinkful has partnered with Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) to offer students a way to earn college credit for bootcamp work. Students who graduate from Thinkful's data analytics, data science, or software engineering program can receive college credit to apply toward a BS or MS degree from SNHU.

Thinkful bootcamps prepare students to find work in the tech industry, and bootcamp participants practice their interview and networking skills before the end of the program. After the program is over, Thinkful offers career support for graduates for up to six months. These services include one-on-one and group career coaching, practice interviews, cover letter reviews, workshops, and more.

Thinkful Courses

Thinkful offers seven different technical disciplines, each one with an immersive in-person course and a flexible online course. Both on-campus and online students benefit from one-on-one mentorship support, career guidance, and community support throughout the program. Thinkful also boasts a "pay nothing until you're hired" model, allowing students to enroll without having to pay anything until they earn $40,000 a year.

Data Analytics

  • Cost: $4,500 (Part Time); $12,250 (Full Time)
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time
  • Length: 4 months (Full Time), 6 months (Part Time)

This program teaches students about the core technologies used to work with big data, including Excel, SQL, and Python. Covered course topics include Excel foundations, storytelling with data, and visualizing datasets with Tableau.

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Data Science

  • Cost: $7,000 (Part Time); $18,500 (Full Time)
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time
  • Length: 5 months (Full Time), 6 months (Part Time)

Thinkful's data science program teaches students the basics of Python and how to gather data. The curriculum covers analytics and experimentation, as well as unsupervised and supervised machine learning. At the end of the program, students learn about advanced natural language processing, big data, and deep learning.

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Digital Marketing

  • Cost: $4,500 (Part Time); $7,500 (Full Time)
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time
  • Length: 7 weeks (Full Time), 3 months (Part Time)

This program teaches students the technical skills required to become proficient in branding and driving sales using digital tools. Students study a wide range of topics, including customer insights, email and content marketing, and the digital marketing landscape.

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  • Cost: $7,000 (Part Time); $16,000 (Full Time)
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time
  • Length: 5 months (Full Time), 6 months (Part Time)

Thinkful's engineering program helps students become proficient full-stack web developers. Students begin by learning how to build web applications before moving into designing program interfaces, writing algorithms, and solving problems with data structures.

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Product Management Flex

  • Cost: $4,500
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Part Time
  • Length: 6 months

Thinkful's product management course trains students in the skills and tools necessary to become a technical product manager. Students will learn how to navigate and lead a product discovery, design, and management process throughout the entire product lifecycle.

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Technical Project Management

  • Cost: $4,500 (Part Time); $9,000 (Full Time)
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time
  • Length: 3 months (Full Time), 5 months (Part Time)

This program uses paired workshops and projects to help students build first-hand experience with project management. With the support of industry experts, students work to become skilled conflict managers and team leaders. Additionally, they study the IT infrastructure and information systems used to derive business solutions.

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UX/UI Design

  • Cost: $7,000 (Part Time); $12,150 (Full Time)
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time
  • Length: 5 months (Full Time), 6 months (Part Time)

This user experience design course instructs students in UX/UI design fundamentals, designing within a team, and how to design your first product. The program culminates with a capstone project in which students create a design process for a product of their choice.

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Thinkful Admissions Process

Before enrolling in one of Thinkful's bootcamps, students must complete a free preparatory course. During the prep course, Thinkful matches each student up with a mentor who will meet with them weekly to review their progress.

After completing the prep course, students must speak to an admissions representative to continue the admissions process. Thinkful requires that students be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED certificate. Applicants must also be computer literate and have a computer that meets the technical specifications needed for the course.

Thinkful Payment Options

Thinkful offers a variety of payment options. Some of these options may only be available for certain courses, so check with Thinkful to see which options apply to the specific bootcamp you're interested in.

Deferred Tuition

The deferred tuition option allows students to wait until they gain employment before making tuition payments. These payments are not based on income.

Income Share Agreement

Students who choose an income share agreement (ISA) do not pay any money upfront. Instead, graduates start paying monthly payments once they gain employment. These payments vary based on income, with students paying 15% of their gross pay for a certain number of months or until they hit the maximum repayment amount.

With an ISA, you may end up paying quite a bit more than the upfront tuition cost, depending on your salary level. Since income share agreements aren't currently regulated to the same degree as loan options, you should always read the fine print carefully when considering an ISA. And then weigh an ISA's terms and likely total cost against other options, such as deferred tuition plans and loans.

Thinkful also offers an ISA with a living stipend, which provides students with $1,500 per month to support themselves while they attend the bootcamp. This money must be repaid along with the cost of tuition once the student gains employment. Students enrolling full time in data analytics, data science, software engineering, or product management can qualify for an ISA with a living stipend.


The month-to-month plan allows students to pay tuition in monthly installments over the duration of the bootcamp. Students set up payments with their credit or debit card, and the first payment processes the day before the bootcamp starts.


Students who take out a loan through Skills Fund can choose an interest-only plan or an immediate repayment loan plan.


Of course, students can also choose to pay the full tuition amount upfront. This is often the least-expensive option. Thinkful also provides tuition discounts to make its bootcamps more accessible to veterans, women, and nonbinary individuals.

Additionally, Thinkful offers a tuition refund guarantee. Students who do not receive a qualifying job offer within 180 days of graduating can receive a 100% tuition refund. However, students who take advantage of Thinkful's income share agreement or deferred tuition plan are not eligible for the tuition refund guarantee. To be eligible, students must also live within one hour of an approved city, apply for at least 10 qualifying jobs each week, and attend at least five networking events each month.

Thinkful Student Outcomes

Thinkful claims 180-day employment rates of 77-86%, depending on the program. Thinkful graduates have gone on to work for companies such as Amazon, Boeing, Google, IBM, and Walmart Labs.

According to the bootcamp provider, its Engineering Immersion, Engineering Flex, and Data Analytics Flex graduates earn a median salary of $60,000, while graduates from the Data Science Flex bootcamp make a median salary of $73,000.

Thinkful was formerly a member of the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR), but is no longer a member. CIRR verifies the outcomes reported by its members in order to provide transparent, standardized, and audited outcomes for prospective bootcamp students. We used CIRR data from 2019 to provide a picture of what Thinkful's student outcomes look like below.

Thinkful Student Outcomes

Graduation Rate
Within 150% of Program Length

Employment Rate
After 180 Days of Graduating

Median Starting Salary

Frequently Asked Questions About Thinkful

Is Thinkful a good bootcamp?

Prospective students often judge bootcamps based on their results. By this measure, Thinkful may be a good investment, with 180-day employment rates ranging from 77-86%. For students who want to attend a coding bootcamp online, Thinkful provides multiple remote options.

Is Thinkful accredited?

Bootcamps are not accredited, so you have to do your research before deciding which bootcamp to apply to. Pay attention to the bootcamp's employment and graduation rates, especially if that data is verified by a third party, but don't base your decision on that information alone. Try to find reviews from former students to find out what their bootcamp experience was like and whether they felt it was a worthwhile investment.

How much does Thinkful cost?

Thinkful's bootcamps range from $7,500-$18,500 for full-time immersive bootcamps and from $4,500-$7,000 for part-time flex bootcamps.

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