UC Riverside Bootcamp Review

This UC Riverside Bootcamp review covers the university's bootcamp programs, which are offered in partnership with Trilogy Education Services. The bootcamps cover coding and cybersecurity and follow a part-time schedule, allowing students to continue working as they take classes. Students can attend both bootcamps remotely or in person.

Graduates of the program receive a certificate of completion from UCR Extension Professional Studies to showcase their technical skills for future or current employers. However, graduates do not receive college credit.

Bootcamp students receive career advancement services, including personalized feedback on resumes, portfolios, and LinkedIn profiles. The career services team also helps students practice interviewing skills and create a professional blog to help them find employment quickly after bootcamp graduation.

UC Riverside Bootcamp Overview

Locations: Remote, Riverside

Technical Disciplines: Coding, Cybersecurity

Payment Options: Installments, Scholarships, Upfront

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UC Riverside Bootcamp Courses

UC Riverside's two bootcamps — coding and cybersecurity — offer specialized training to students seeking to change or advance their careers. These part-time bootcamps hold classes on evenings and weekends.

Instructors lead bootcamp students through three kinds of exercises: portfolio projects, discussion and theory, and in-class lab work. Portfolio projects focus on real-world problems in coding and cybersecurity, which students can use to demonstrate their skills when applying for jobs after graduation. Students complete both solo and collaborative projects.


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  • Cost: $10,995
  • Learning Format: Online, In Person
  • Time Commitment: Part Time
  • Length: 24 weeks

This UC Riverside coding bootcamp trains students in full-stack web development, beginning with computer science fundamentals. Students learn how to create a webpage from scratch, master terminal commands, write server code, and improve the performance of applications. Students learn languages and tools such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Bootstrap, Node, and Git.

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  • Cost: $10,995
  • Learning Format: Online, In Person
  • Time Commitment: Part Time
  • Length: 24 weeks

The UC Riverside cybersecurity bootcamp combines information technology theory with hands-on cybersecurity projects that provide practical experience. Students learn about risk analysis and risk mitigation, bash scripting and programming, cryptography and encryption, and data extraction and recovery. This bootcamp prepares students for cybersecurity certifications such as the CompTIA Security+ certification.

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UC Riverside Bootcamp Admissions Process

Prospective bootcamp students must submit an application online and participate in a phone interview with an admissions advisor. Applicants who pass the phone interview process move forward to the last step in the application assessment: a critical thinking and aptitude test.

UC Riverside does not require applicants to hold a college degree or attend UC Riverside to qualify for bootcamp admission. However, all applicants must be 18 years or older and hold a high school degree or GED equivalent. Prospective students do not need previous tech and coding experience.

Learn more about how to get into coding bootcamps.

UC Riverside Bootcamp Payment Options

The UC Riverside coding bootcamp price is $10,995 for each part-time program. Students can pay upfront or via a payment plan. UC Riverside provides $500 scholarships for alumni of the university. Students may also be able to find coding bootcamp scholarships offered by other organizations.

UC Riverside advises interested students to call an admissions advisor for more information about tuition costs and potential loan options. Students can also apply for bootcamp loans from private lenders.

Explore more financial aid options for coding bootcamps.

UC Riverside Bootcamp Student Outcomes

Student outcomes can help applicants determine the typical graduation rate for a bootcamp, as well as graduate employment rates and average starting salaries for bootcamp graduates. Readers should look for outcomes verified by a trustworthy, third-party source, such as the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting.

UC Riverside does not publish bootcamp student outcomes on its website, and neither does Trilogy Education. For more information about student outcomes, prospective students should contact the bootcamp directly.

Frequently Asked Questions About UC Riverside Bootcamps

What are UC Riverside bootcamps?

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UC Riverside offers coding and cybersecurity bootcamps to help students build tech skills and prepare for entry-level jobs in the tech industry. UC Riverside bootcamps follow a part-time schedule, allowing students to continue working while completing their coursework.

Is it hard to get into a UC Riverside bootcamp?

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UC Riverside does not require any previous tech or coding experience for admission into its bootcamps. Prospective students must complete an application form, a phone interview, and a problem-solving test to qualify. Applicants do not need a college degree or to be enrolled at UC Riverside to apply to a bootcamp.

Is a UC Riverside bootcamp worth it?

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UC Riverside bootcamps can prepare students for tech careers in less time than a traditional college degree program. These programs offer concrete training for entry-level positions in tech. However, some employers may prefer candidates with a postsecondary degree.

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