UC San Diego Bootcamp Review

This UC San Diego bootcamp review provides readers with information about the university's bootcamp offerings, including prices and admission requirements. University of California, San Diego Extension offers three bootcamps in partnership with Trilogy Education Services — a company that partners with dozens of colleges and universities to offer tech bootcamps to students.

UC San Diego bootcamps prepare students to pursue coding careers, visualization and data science careers, and cybersecurity careers. Students may attend all three bootcamps either online or in person in San Diego. The UC San Diego coding bootcamp offers both full-time and part-time program options, while the other two bootcamps follow a part-time schedule.

Bootcamp students can access career services, including resume and social media profile support, one-on-one career coaching, technical interview training, and portfolio reviews.

Prospective students do not need to be enrolled at UC San Diego to apply to these bootcamps. Bootcamp graduates do not receive college credit, but they do earn a certificate of completion from UC San Diego Extension.

UC San Diego Bootcamp Overview

Locations: Remote, San Diego

Technical Disciplines: Cybersecurity, Data Science, Web Development

Payment Options: Installments, Upfront

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UC San Diego Bootcamp Courses

The university offers pre-course tutorials to help students prepare for bootcamps, though UC San Diego does not require applicants to have any previous coding experience. Readers can learn more about bootcamp prep programs.

Students may attend classes remotely or in person in San Diego. Students should expect to spend about 30 hours per week for a part-time program and 40-50 hours per week for a full-time program. UC San Diego's part-time bootcamps allow students to keep working while taking classes.


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  • Cost: $12,495 (Full Time); $10,995 (Part Time)
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time
  • Length: 12 weeks (Full Time), 24 weeks (Part Time)

The UC San Diego coding bootcamp teaches students front-end and back-end web development, computer science fundamentals, database theory, and in-demand technologies such as Amazon Web Services. Throughout the program, students build a portfolio of apps and other projects to use after graduation during their job search.

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  • Cost: $12,995
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Part Time
  • Length: 24 weeks

UC San Diego's cybersecurity bootcamp takes a multidisciplinary approach to information security, allowing students to gain competencies in information technology and networking. Students learn to use popular tools in the cybersecurity industry, such as Nessus and Wireshark. This bootcamp prepares graduates for cybersecurity certifications, including the CompTIA Security+ certification and Certified Ethical Hacker certification.

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Data Science and Visualization

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  • Cost: $12,745
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Part Time
  • Length: 24 weeks

UC San Diego's data science and visualization bootcamp explores ways to collect and analyze data. Students also learn how to graphically represent data to effectively communicate their findings. This bootcamp teaches skills in JavaScript, supervised machine learning, API interactions, and big data analytics.

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UC San Diego Bootcamp Admissions Process

UC San Diego bootcamps do not offer open enrollment. Prospective students first submit an application form. Next, applicants undergo a phone interview with an academic advisor. Applicants who move forward then take a critical thinking and problem-solving assessment.

Applicants do not need any prior technical training, education, or work experience to be admitted into a bootcamp. Instead, the UC San Diego Extension program seeks success-driven students dedicated to hard work. Prospective students do not need an advanced degree — only a high school diploma (or GED certificate) is required to apply. Applicants do not need to be enrolled in UC San Diego.

Learn more about how to get into a coding bootcamp.

UC San Diego Bootcamp Payment Options

The UC San Diego coding bootcamp cost is $10,995 for part-time students and $12,495 for full-time students. The part-time data science bootcamp costs $12,745 and the part-time cybersecurity bootcamp costs $12,995. UC San Diego also offers early-registration pricing and payment plans for all three bootcamps, as well as a $500 scholarship to UC San Diego alumni.

Students may look outside UC San Diego to find other ways to pay for a bootcamp, such as independent coding bootcamp scholarships and private loan options for bootcamp students.

UC San Diego Bootcamp Student Outcomes

Looking at bootcamp student outcomes allow applicants to judge the effectiveness of a bootcamp and compare bootcamp programs. Commonly reported outcomes include the graduation rate, employment rate after graduation, and starting salary for graduates. Some bootcamps belong to the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting, which is an organization that promotes universal and verified standards reporting by coding bootcamps.

Neither UC San Diego nor Trilogy Education Services publish student outcomes for bootcamp programs. Prospective students may want to call the bootcamp admissions department directly to try to get more information about student outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions About UC San Diego Coding Bootcamps

What is UC San Diego Bootcamp?

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UC San Diego Extension and Trilogy Education Services have partnered to offer three bootcamp programs in coding, data science, and cybersecurity. Students learn skills that can help them start careers in the tech industry. Applicants do not need previous technical experience or an advanced degree to apply.

Is it hard to get into UC San Diego Bootcamp?

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UC San Diego offers a limited amount of spaces for each cohort. However, students do not need previous coding experience to apply. The program looks for dedicated students eager to start a career in the tech industry. Applicants must submit a written application, undergo a phone interview, and take a problem-solving assessment.

Are UC San Diego bootcamps worth it?

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UC San Diego bootcamps teach in-demand skills to students without previous technical experience over a relatively short time frame. Students also gain access to career services, which can help them find a job after graduation. However, some employers still prefer to hire candidates with a college degree. Learn more about the pros and cons of coding bootcamps and whether a coding bootcamp is worth it.

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