Woz U Review


Disciplines Offered
Cybersecurity, Data Science, Mobile Application Development, Software Development
Payment Options
GI BillĀ®, Installments, Scholarships, Upfront

Woz U, founded by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, is a premier online bootcamp alternative where learners can earn certification in four disciples. Learners can specialize in cybersecurity, data science, mobile application development, or software development. The 33-week programs aim to disrupt current educational models and fill the expertise gap in tech. Students don't need any prior coding experience.

Woz U partners with Belhaven University and Southern Careers Institute to offer its programs. Woz U also has an apprenticeship program and an IT staffing and recruiting service to connect job seekers with high-demand tech careers.

Woz U learners have been hired by IBM, Cisco, H&R Block, Owl Cyber Defense, Infosys, and others. While Woz U doesn't report total alumni, 992 alumni are connected to Woz U on LinkedIn as of July 2022.

Woz U Courses

Each of Woz U's four tracks includes 10 courses over a 33-week self-paced online program. The courses are designed for students without prior experience to enter the workforce with the skills to succeed. Students also benefit from career coaching. Woz U partners with CredEd to ensure that teachers have coding experience.


  • Cost: $13,300
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time
  • Length: 33 weeks

The cybersecurity course curriculum covers packet analysis, problem-solving, vulnerability analysis, Python, Wireshark, and Nmap. Students gain hands-on experience and training in the latest attack and defense technology. The program also includes comprehensive career services.

Graduates are prepared for entry-level careers as a forensic computer analysts, information security analysts, penetration testers, or security architects.

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Data Science

  • Cost: $13,300
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time
  • Length: 33 weeks

Woz U's data science program includes training in big data, data modeling, machine learning, Python programming, statistical programming using R, SQL, Tableau, and waterfall project management.

Graduates are prepared for entry-level jobs as data or business analysts, data scientists, marketing or finance analysts, database administrators, or programmers. Students benefit from hands-on experience and job placement assistance.

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Mobile Application Developer

  • Cost: $13,300
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time
  • Length: 33 weeks

The 10-course mobile application developer curriculum includes an introduction to iOS development and programming foundations in Swift and Objective-C. Students learn about mobile UI, mobile data, app services and systems, and deployment.

Students benefit from digitized career empowerment services, the Woz community, and lifelong learning access to curriculum updates. Graduates are prepared for entry level careers as iOS app developers.

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Software Development

  • Cost: $13,300
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time
  • Length: 33 weeks

The Woz U software development program covers full-stack web applications, including front-end, back-end, and database development. Students learn responsive design for mobile-friendly applications, as well as how to work with an Agile software development team.

Graduates are prepared for entry-level careers in web development, mobile development, application development, security software development, and back-end and front-end development.

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Woz U Admissions Process

Woz U courses are designed for beginners without prior experience. Students need to have a high school diploma or GED certificate. Woz U is only for U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

Woz U has admissions coaches to help students through the application process. Applicants can submit their initial inquiry online and a Woz U admission coach will get in touch with them.

Woz U Payment Options

Upfront: Woz U accepts upfront payment options for all programs.

GI Bill®: Students can use the Dependents' Educational Assistance or Reserve Educational Assistance Program to pay for Woz U courses.

Installments: Woz U offers interest-free installment payment options for all programs.

Scholarships: Woz U students can access grants including Women in Tech, Military Grant, and Agency Sponsor Grant.

Woz U Student Outcomes

In order to assess whether a bootcamp is right for you, it can be helpful to explore bootcamp student outcomes such as graduation rate, employment rate, and starting salaries for graduates. Some companies report these statistics on their websites. The most reliable outcomes data has been audited and verified by a third party.

Woz U does not publish outcomes data on their website; consider contacting Woz U for more details about student outcomes. Woz U reports that alumni have found jobs at Cisco, H&R Block, IBM, Infosys, Owl Cyber Defense, and others.

Frequently Asked Questions About Woz U Coding Bootcamp

What is Woz U?

Woz U is an online learning platform designed to prepare students without any prior experience in one of four career tracks. They offer 33-week programs in cybersecurity, data science, mobile application development, and software development. All programs include hands-on training, personalized coaching, and career services.

Woz U prepares graduates for entry-level careers in iOS app development, web development, mobile application development, data science, and information security.

Is Woz U worth it?

For graduates of Woz U who have gained a new career path or professional boost, Woz U is worth it. The cost, around $13,300, is on par with other coding bootcamp costs.

The cost might be worth it if you aim to pursue an in-demand tech job. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 13% increase for computer and information technology occupations between 2020-30, and these roles pay a median salary of $97,430 as of May 2021.

Is Woz U hard to get into?

It is not hard to get into Woz U. Woz U accepts applicants without prior coding experience. Because the program is all online and self-paced, there is no maximum capacity per course.

Applicants can fill out an online inquiry form with their desired program. An applications coach will get back to the student to help with the application process. Interested individuals can contact Woz U to learn more about the application process and Woz U's criteria for admissions.

Is Woz U free?

Woz U is not free. The full 33-week program in one of four professional career tracks costs an average of about $13,300. However, Woz U offers scholarships and interest-free payment plans to assist students in starting a new career.

Woz U programs include career services like interview training, resume building, job search assistance, and employer and alumni connections. They also help students earn digital badges and build an electronic career profile.

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