Woz U Review


Disciplines Offered
Cybersecurity, Data Science, Software Development
Payment Options
GI BillĀ®, Installments, Upfront

Founded by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in 2017, Woz U features three courses in software development, cybersecurity, and data science.

The Woz U coding bootcamp began in Scottsdale, Arizona, but has since shuttered in-person classes. Woz U now offers fully online programs for individuals through its partner schools. The company also offers hybrid and in-person training options for corporations.

For individual learners, programs last about eight months. Online students benefit from access to mentors and career services including resume help and the opportunity to connect with industry professionals. Every course also includes a final presentation in which students showcase their work to their classmates and prospective employers.

Woz U Courses

Woz U bootcamp offers three full-time online programs in software development, cybersecurity, and data science. Students can continue to access the curriculum in their technical discipline indefinitely after they graduate.

Cybersecurity true
  • Cost: $13,300
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time
  • Length: 33 weeks

This program teaches students cybersecurity fundamentals such as packet analysis, vulnerability analysis, risk management, and cyberdefense. Students use languages and tools like Python, Wireshark, and Nmap. Lessons in networking foundations, system administration, and network defense train online learners to protect corporations from threats and vulnerabilities. The program ends with a final group project.

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Data Science true
  • Cost: $13,230
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time
  • Length: 33 weeks

Woz U's data science bootcamp prepares students for entry-level data science careers with lessons in statistics, statistical programming in R, machine learning and modeling, and programming in Python. Students also learn to use SQL, Tableau, and agile methodology. Online learners complete a final project using machine learning, modeling, or advanced statistics, which they present to their classmates and potential employers.

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Software Development true
  • Cost: $13,300
  • Learning Format: Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time
  • Length: 33 weeks

The software development program includes 10 courses in front-end development, back-end development, database development, responsive design, agile development, and programming foundations. Graduates leave the bootcamp with the skills needed to create web applications and mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. Students also learn to create websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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Woz U Admissions Process

Interested applicants should first speak to an admissions counselor before applying. Prospective students can provide their contact information via a web chat or email.

Woz U Payment Options

Woz U offers different payment options, depending on the program. Online learners in any of the three programs can pay upfront or make interest-free payments. Students taking the data science program can also pay for their bootcamp using GI Bill® benefits.

Prospective students should contact Woz U to inquire about any available grants or scholarships.

Woz U Student Outcomes

According to Woz U, employers such as Deloitte, Hertz, Vanguard, Gerber, and Facebook have hired Woz U bootcamp graduates.

Many bootcamps publish student outcomes — including graduation rates, employment rates, and starting salaries — on their website. Some bootcamps belong to the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting, which is an organization that promotes standardized, vetted bootcamp outcomes reporting.

Prospective students should inquire directly with the bootcamps they are interested in if they are unable to find student outcome information online.

Frequently Asked Questions About Woz U Coding Bootcamps

What is Woz U?

Woz U — a completely online coding bootcamp — prepares students to find entry-level careers in software development, cybersecurity, and data science. Woz U partners with colleges such as Southern Careers Institute, Belhaven University, and University of the Potomac to offer its programs.

Is it hard to get into Woz U?

While Woz U does not describe the application process in depth on its website, prospective students can get the ball rolling by contacting an admissions counselor.

Are Woz U bootcamps worth it?

Whether a bootcamp is worth it depends on your career goals, learning needs, and budget. Prospective students should research the Woz U coding bootcamp curriculum and student outcomes when deciding whether to apply, and they should also explore multiple bootcamp options.

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