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Zip Code Wilmington is a nonprofit coding bootcamp based in Wilmington, Delaware, that offers full-time, in-person bootcamps lasting 12 weeks. Students learn the basics of computational thinking, data engineering, and Java programming as they prepare to pursue a career as a software engineer.

Instructors have professional programming experience and students are paired with a mentor throughout the program. This Delaware coding bootcamp partners with 12 companies to help place graduates in tech roles, including Bank of America, BlackRock, and Capital One.

After students complete the program, Zip Code Wilmington arranges job interviews for graduates with its partner companies. Students receive career support, such as help crafting their tech resumes, practicing for interviews, and polishing their social media profiles.

Zip Code Wilmington reports that over 35% of its students come from racial and ethnic populations underrepresented in the tech industry. Additionally, 23% of its students are women. You can see more student demographic information in Zip Code Wilmington's 2021 student outcomes report.

Zip Code Wilmington Overview

Locations: Wilmington

Technical Disciplines: Data Engineering and Analytics, Java

Payment Options: Deferred Tuition Plan, GI Bill®, Scholarships, Stipends, Upfront

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Zip Code Wilmington Courses

Zip Code Wilmington offers two full-time programs. Its Java bootcamp typically includes 15-30 students per cohort, while its data engineering and analytics bootcamp includes 10-15 students per cohort. Guest speakers from corporate partners regularly give lectures to students.

Data Engineering and Analytics

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  • Cost: $12,000
  • Learning Format: In Person
  • Time Commitment: Full Time
  • Length: 12 weeks

Students enrolled in the data engineering and analytics bootcamp learn about data visualization, statistics, and exploratory data analysis. The bootcamp also teaches coding languages, such as Python and SQL. Students complete real-world projects to build their professional portfolio.

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  • Cost: $12,000
  • Learning Format: In Person
  • Time Commitment: Full Time
  • Length: 12 weeks

The Java bootcamp covers object-oriented programming, project planning, and the software development processes commonly used in corporate settings. Along with Java, students explore coding languages like TypeScript and JavaScript, as well as frameworks like Spring Boot and Hibernate. Learners also become knowledgeable about working with hardware, storage, memory, and servers.

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Zip Code Wilmington Admissions Process

Applicants apply online for Zip Code Wilmington, beginning with a virtual assessment that takes about 200 minutes to complete. Candidates must finish the assessment in one sitting.

Zip Code Wilmington advises individuals to brush up on their basic math skills, such as finding averages and squares, before completing the test. This Delaware coding bootcamp also provides resources to help students prepare before the online assessment.

In the next phase, applicants undergo a 45-minute group interview alongside three or four other prospective students. An advisor contacts students with an admissions decision after the interview.

Zip Code Wilmington Payment Options

Zip Code Wilmington bootcamps cost $12,000. Bootcamp students do not qualify for federal financial aid, but participants may qualify for several other payment options. Read our guide to learn more about paying for coding bootcamps.


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All students pay $6,000 upfront at Zip Code Wilmington. However, students may use scholarships to help with the cost of the initial payment.

GI Bill®

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Veterans may use their GI Bill benefits to pay for a bootcamp. Benefits may also pay for housing during the bootcamp.

Deferred Tuition Plan

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Zip Code Wilmington forgives the remaining $6,000 of tuition if graduates meet the following qualifications:

  • The student accepts an offer from one of the bootcamp's corporate partners;
  • The corporate partner agrees to repay the remaining $6,000 of tuition;
  • And the student completes 26 weeks of employment at the corporate partner.

Students who do not find a job with a corporate partner must pay the remaining balance of their tuition after graduation.


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Zip Code Wilmington provides need-based bootcamp scholarships to cover the upfront payment. Students must prove their households earned less than 200% of the national poverty level to qualify.

Active-duty military service members, reservist military members, veterans, and spouses of active-duty or reservist military service members can apply for a scholarship from Interdigital.


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Zip Code Wilmington offers limited biweekly stipends to students living at or below 200% of the national poverty level.

Zip Code Wilmington Student Outcomes

Zip Code Wilmington provides a student outcomes report that has been audited by an independent third party. To learn more about a bootcamp's data collection methods, prospective students should find the bootcamp's outcome report or contact the provider for more details.

Zip Code Wilmington reports that companies like Bank of America, Comcast, Diamond Technologies, and BlackRock have hired its graduates.

Zip Code Wilmington Student Outcomes

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  • Outcomes From: All Programs
  • Reporting Period: May 2019 - April 2020

Graduation Rate

Full-Time Employment Rate
After 180 Days

Average Salary After Graduation

Frequently Asked Questions About Zip Code Wilmington Coding Bootcamps

What is Zip Code Wilmington?

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Delaware coding bootcamps like Zip Code Wilmington provide students with an education in coding and data analytics. Coding bootcamps can help students accelerate their current careers or change careers into the tech industry. Zip Code Wilmington teaches students about Java programming, project planning, data engineering, and software development.

Is Zip Code Wilmington worth it?

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Zip Code Wilmington provides career services for graduates, including introductions to its partner companies. However, some employers still prefer applicants with a traditional college degree. Learn more about whether coding bootcamps are worth attending.

Is Zip Code Wilmington hard to get into?

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Zip Code Wilmington prefers candidates with a baseline knowledge of coding, though it does not require previous coding experience. Applicants must hold a high school diploma or GED certificate. The bootcamp looks for students with a strong work ethic who enjoy problem-solving.

Is Zip Code Wilmington free?

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Zip Code Wilminton does not offer free coding bootcamps. The coding bootcamp and data analytics bootcamp cost $12,000. Participants must pay half of their tuition upfront, although some students can take advantage of scholarship and stipend options available to low-income families.

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