College newspapers began in the U.S. over a century ago, but today's college newspapers have changed significantly even in the last 10 years. The traditional print paper has gone digital, and many daily college newspapers produce engaging multimedia features, offering news updates through podcasts and other digital media.

The best college newspapers cover more than what's happening on campus. Student journalists also cover local news and address state and national issues with integrity and intellectual depth. If you live in a college town, you may already subscribe to your college's daily newspaper -- especially if it's one of the college newspapers covered in this list.

What Are The Best College Newspapers?

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Georgetown University

Washington, DC

Georgetown University, the oldest Catholic and Jesuit post-secondary institution in the U.S., publishes The Hoya, an independent newspaper established in 1920. Over 200 students lead production and publication of the newspaper as journalists, photographers, editors, and designers.

Throughout the school year, The Hoya team updates the digital paper daily with both campus and local news, events, and student- and faculty-authored editorials. The Hoya's blog, "The Fourth Edition," provides a lighter, humorous spin on campus happenings. Readers sign up to receive targeted weekly newsletters that fit their interests, from arts and culture to sports headlines.

The Hoya releases a print edition every Friday during the school year and distributes about 4,000 copies to 30 campus and Georgetown locations. Students also receive special edition publications during the year, such as the New Student Orientation and Commencement issues. Students govern the paper's entire board of directors.


The University of Texas at Austin

Austin, TX

The Daily Texan serves the University of Texas at Austin community with a variety of news coverage, including sports updates; science and technology breakthroughs; and campus, city, and state topics and events. The paper's user-friendly online layout and integrated media, designed and managed by students, includes tweets by The Daily Texan, audio news updates through The Daily Texan podcast, and links to other campus publications.

The student-run newspaper was first published in 1900 and now offers a PDF version of the paper for download every Friday. Readers can submit ideas for campus-related stories through a form on the paper's homepage. The Daily Texan accepts new student staff applications for each of its departments during the first three weeks of every semester.


Dartmouth College

Hanover, NH

Dartmouth College publishes the nation's oldest college newspaper, The Dartmouth, established in 1799. The Dartmouth remains the college's only daily newspaper and functions as an independent nonprofit in New Hampshire. The paper publishes campus and local news stories and opinion pieces daily, available online or downloaded as a print copy on Issuu. The Sports Weekly section rolls out on Mondays, and Multimedia offers student-submitted photo essays and video stories. Publication continues every Friday during July and August.

Students, faculty, and community members can submit their opinions, letters, and ideas for publication in The Dartmouth's guest column. The paper's editorial team holds guest writers to the same high standards and thorough fact-checking as its own staff members. The Dartmouth also posts stories and images regularly to its Snapchat and Instagram accounts, which help draw about 180,000 visitors to the paper's site each semester. Over 100 students work for The Dartmouth, and eligible student journalists may receive financial aid for their work.


Brown University

Providence, RI

Brown University, an ivy league school in Providence, Rhode Island, publishes its daily newspaper, The Brown Daily Herald, which has served as an important local, political, and cultural voice since its founding in 1891. In 1975, the Brown Daily Herald, Inc. became a nonprofit media organization, also producing a daily blog and online magazine. Over 250 students run the paper as journalists and editors, business associates, and web designers.

Herald alumni stay connected through dedicated networking groups on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. The daily paper covers a diverse array of topics, including campus and metro daily news, arts and culture, and multimedia stories and art. Readers both on and off campus can sign up for a digital newsletter or pay for a semester- or year-long print subscription.


Temple University

Philadelphia, PA

The Temple News is the independent, student-run newspaper out of Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Established in 1921, The Temple News provides daily updates on breaking stories, campus events, and editorial pieces. About 5,000 print editions release every Tuesday to various locations on campus. In addition, The Pennsylvania Newspaper Association has recognized several of Temple's news staff with Keystone Press Awards in areas like photography, news website layout, and ongoing news coverage.

Readers can interact with the paper online through weekly polls and the paper's social media feeds, which include Instagram and Twitter. The Temple News offers a diverse array of content on its site, from long-form journalism pieces to student voices and letters featured in the Intersection. Temple University students can sign up as staff, with no application or prior experience needed. The financially-independent paper pays a $10 stipend for every published photo or article in print or online.


University of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA

Established in 1910, the University of Pittsburgh's The Pitt News publishes daily news in the fall and spring and distributes more than 10,000 print editions each day to locations across campus. Members of the over 100 student-led staff continue to publish daily breaking news online over the summer, with print editions released weekly. The Pitt News focuses on campus-related news and local and global issues that affect its student body of 35,000.

In addition to daily news, culture and art stories, and opinion pieces, the paper features students, faculty, and other campus members in the Silhouettes tab. Students can also access a comprehensive online housing guide maintained by the paper's staff. Readers can subscribe for The Pitt News' daily newsletter or download a free PDF online. The paper invites readers to submit news tips and respond to coverage through its social media feeds.


Elon University

Elon, NC

Elon University, a liberal arts school in the small town of Elon, North Carolina, hosts the Elon News Network, covering daily campus and local news stories, sports, and lifestyle pieces. The Opinions section releases frequent student- and faculty-written columns and editorials. In-Depth features longer-form, multimedia reporting on current and thought-provoking topics, such as a high school student's journey into the electric motorcycling industry. The Pendulum, Elon University's print edition of the newspaper, releases weekly and is available for download online.

In addition to online news, the university features evening and morning weekly news broadcasts, a weekly online show "The Online Exclusive", and news updates across its social media sites. Students of all levels and majors can join the news team in a variety of roles, including as reporters, designers, and public relations specialists.


University of Rochester

Rochester, NY

The University of Rochester's The Campus Times covers community news and campus happenings, with a history dating back to 1873. The undergraduate-run newspaper releases 4,500 print editions every Monday, with the exception of holidays, and online news updates daily. Archived print editions are available online.

In addition to the traditional news, sports, and culture sections, The Campus Times publishes unique features like Club Spotlight, which highlights standout student projects and individual student achievements. Humor publishes narratives, political comedy, and satirical pieces. The Campus Times extends an open invitation to all students interested in developing skills in journalism, digital media, and design to join its staff. Students can also submit stories as contributing writers without officially joining the team.


University of Iowa

Iowa City, IA

In circulation since 1868, The Daily Iowan serves the students, faculty, and surrounding community of The University of Iowa. News coverage includes campus and higher education stories, along with local government and city events. The paper devotes a dedicated section to politics with local, state, and national stories. Multimedia features student-created photography and films, as well as news broadcasts produced by DITV. The Daily Iowan publishes editorials and columns by students and faculty and welcomes perspectives of individuals outside the organization through its guest opinion section. Readers can access newspapers dating back to 1868 through the university's online archives.

The university also offers students a scholarship opportunity, intended to recruit passionate high school journalists beginning their undergraduate studies. Scholarship recipients dedicate time to the newsroom during their undergraduate studies, earning up to $5,000 in scholarship funds each semester over four years.


California State University-Fullerton

Fullerton, CA

California State University, Fullerton, a public research university located south of Los Angeles, publishes its online newspaper The Daily Titan. Readers catch up on local and campus news, artists profiles and perspectives on lifestyle topics, and university sports team updates each weekday. The Daily Titan offers a robust opinions section organized by several topics, from health and science to the unique Titan Toons, student-created comics that often feature a political bent.

Special archived issues, such as new student guides or themed issues on technology and other topics, can be accessed online. The Daily Titan also features the Creative Corner, which accepts writing, film, music, and other creative submissions. Students whose pieces get selected for publication receive a $25 gift card to the campus gift shop.


Ohio State University

Columbus, OH

The Lantern, the student newspaper from The Ohio State University, publishes housing guides as part of its regular news feature, sports updates, and a local job board for students. The online site also includes a prominent link to the university's Lantern TV, with featured news, culture, and political stories broadcasted weekly. Readers can engage with the paper by leaving commentary on articles or through the paper's social media sites, which include Facebook and Instagram. Print editions of The Lantern release twice a week, with options to download editions as PDFs online. Readers can also sign up to receive the newsletter edition through email.


University of Colorado Boulder

Boulder, CO

The University of Colorado at Boulder, home to over 31,000 students, publishes campus and local news through the independent ColoradoDaily. Founded in 1892 under the name Silver & Gold, the paper received its current name in 1956. The ColoradoDaily provides both the University of Colorado at Boulder and the surrounding community with extensive, organized coverage of news, entertainment, and events. Readers can find real-time weather updates and outdoors recreational coverage daily, a staple of the area's culture.

Welcome Back provides new and returning students with updates on campus events, lifestyle suggestions, and food and drink guides. An e-edition of the paper can be downloaded on the homepage at no charge. The ColoradoDaily remains privately-owned by Prairie Mountain Publishing Company, LLC and supported by online advertising, one of the first college papers to adopt this operating model.


The University of Alabama

Tuscaloosa, AL

The Crimson White provides The University of Alabama and the surrounding Tuscaloosa community with coverage of campus and local news, culture, and sports stories online and in print. Current and archived digital editions of the print paper are available online. The Crimson White publishes in multimedia format, featuring stories from around campus on culture, sports, and lifestyle topics.

First established in 1894, this student-run paper and its journalists have earned several national and regional journalism awards over the years. In 2017, The Crimson White received first place for in-depth reporting by the Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence and recognition as Weekly Newspaper of the Year by the College Media Association. Three student journalists received story-of-the-year awards from the Associated Collegiate Press in 2014.


George Washington University

Washington, DC

The George Washington Hatchet out of The George Washington University publishes daily campus and local news stories, opinions, and student-broadcast videos. Readers can scroll through each section on the publication's user-friendly and streamlined homepage. The GW Hatchet team also hosts podcasts, covering news and exploring issues related to politics and public health.

An independent and student-run newspaper, the GW Hatchet got its start in 1904 and holds its place as the second-oldest, continuously published newspaper in the D.C. area next to The Washington Post. A print edition is published every Monday throughout the academic year. In 2018, the Associated Collegiate Press recognized the GW Hatchet with the Newspaper Pacemaker award, which signifies one of the top 10 best daily college newspapers in the U.S. based on in-depth reporting, design, and quality writing. This latest recognition marks the eighth time the paper has been recognized by the ACP for its print and online publications.


University of California-Berkeley

Berkeley, CA

The Daily Californian, a student-run newspaper, covers news for UC Berkeley and the surrounding community. Self described as a place that "trains students in areas of journalism, business and other professional industries", The Daily Cal features breaking news coverage, arts and sports updates, and opinions that include editorial cartoons and columns. Printed editions release four times a week during the school year and once a week during the summer months. Founded in 1871, The Daily Cal stands as one of the oldest continuously-published newspapers on the west coast.

The online paper also publishes an array of entertaining and informative blogs on topics ranging from travel and food to editorial insights and opinions. Readers can access The Weekender, a unique online culture magazine published every weekend that features in-depth reporting and community perspectives. The Daily Cal often receives recognition for quality reporting and publication design, with recent first-place awards from the California College Media Association on website excellence, best use of social media, and best blog.


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC

In publication since 1989, The Daily Tar Heel exists as an independent, student-run media organization. A 12-member board of directors, made up mostly of students, oversee the newspaper's business operations, with open board member positions filled each spring. The DTH maintains a 10,000-paper circulation, with print copies distributed three times a week during the academic year to 225 locations on campus and throughout the surrounding community. Publication continues throughout the summer on a weekly basis.

Over 11,000 visitors frequent the newspaper's online site each day to read campus and local news, politics, and culture-related stories. A student-run storytelling agency related to the paper, 1893 Brand Studio, also provides off-campus writing and reporting, campaigns, graphic design, and visual development services.

The DTH served as the starting place for several famous American journalists, including CBS's Charles Kuralt and The New York Times' Pulitzer Prize winner Emily Steel. Frequently recognized for its excellence in reporting, APC inducted The DTH into its Pacemaker Hall of Fame in 2014.


University of Virginia

Charlottesville, VA

Originally founded in 1890 as College Topics, the University of Virginia's The Cavalier Daily is the oldest college newspaper in Virginia and the oldest newspaper in Charlottesville, Virginia. With a print circulation of 7,500 daily, the newspaper publishes a diverse array of news coverage, including local and state news stories; seasonal sports events and updates; and culture and entertainment reviews, events, and perspectives. The website also hosts a dedicated health and science section, humor columns, and a features-focused magazine with in-depth coverage of campus- and city-related stories. All coverage can be instantly translated into Mandarin and Spanish through a drop-down option on the newspaper's homepage.

The Cavalier Daily is an independent and nonprofit organization, run by a student staff of over 250 reporters, editors, and designers. Many of the paper's student journalists now write and edit as professional journalists for some of the nation's leading publications, including CNN, The Washington Post, and Politico.


Cornell University

Ithaca, NY

Cornell University, a top U.S. research university, also publishes one of the oldest college daily newspapers in the nation, The Cornell Daily Sun. Founded in 1880, the paper publishes daily news updates online and distributes print copies three times a week during the academic year. The student-run publication operates out of a dedicated office in downtown Ithaca, New York.

Daily news updates include local events and student stories, sports, and arts and entertainment. The Sun also features unique sections like Sunspots, which offers cartoons, crosswords, and weekly caption contests; a rotating Photosphere, with student shots captured on campus; and a multimedia gallery capturing the week in photos. The Sun also actively recruits staff columnists to write every other week on a compelling and ongoing issue. In addition to a daily email newsletter, readers can engage with the paper through its social media sites, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Columbia University in the City of New York

New York City, NY

The Columbia Daily Spectator, founded in 1877, serves as Columbia University's independent newspaper. The paper's modern, user-friendly homepage houses campus-related and city news, arts and entertainment reviews and features, sports updates, and a variety of student-authored columns and editorials. A multimedia section features video and film stories, with recent coverage including the 2018 Pulitzer Prize Ceremony. The online newspaper links to The Eye, Columbia's online newspaper featuring special stories and essays.

With updates published online five days a week, The Daily Spectator is also available in print once a week. Readers can access the the latest news and events through the paper's mobile app represented by Columbia University's signature crown icon. The paper's staff of over 200 students oversee all aspects of the newspaper, from reporting and design to business operations. The paper hosts an open house twice a year for students interested in joining The Daily Spectator team.


University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Lincoln, NE

The University of Nebraska is home to the The Daily Nebraskan, the university's only student-run publication. Staff updates the online paper every day with campus and city-related news, features, culture-related stories and columns, and sports updates. A rolling gallery on the homepage makes it easy for readers to scroll through the paper's top stories of the day. Readers can also access The DN's top 10 trending stories on the homepage, and opt in to receive daily newsletters targeted to the reader's interests, like sports or breaking news.

A multimedia section features videos, photo galleries, and the paper's biweekly podcast covering news and entertainment. The DN online marketplace publishes employment and housing opportunities for students each month. PDF versions of the newspaper can be downloaded at anytime online, with issues archived back to the paper's founding in 1901.


Harvard University

Boston, MA

The Harvard Crimson serves as the daily newspaper for Harvard University and the surrounding Cambridge community. Founded in 1873 and incorporated as an independent entity in 1967, The Crimson is the nation's oldest continuously published college newspaper. Published every weekday morning, with the exception of holidays, The Crimson is also available in print by subscription. In addition to daily college and community news, the paper publishes a special arts section twice a week and a weekend magazine every Thursday.

Over 25 alumni of the Crimson have received the Pulitzer Prize for journalism, and many more alumni are well-known for their public service and business contributions. Famous past editors include Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and author Michael Crichton. The Crimson journalism staff also lead a summer journalism academy for high school students eager to learn about the ins and outs of running and reporting for a daily newspaper.


Yale University

New Haven, CT

Yale University's student-run newspaper, the Yale Daily News, founded in 1878, provides campus and local coverage five days a week to the university and surrounding community of New Haven, Connecticut. In addition to campus and city happenings, The News publishes science and technology stories from the university's research community, culture updates and events, sports news, and ongoing guest columns. A special weekend edition publishes on Fridays and features perspectives on culture and the arts. An expanded sports section is also available on Mondays.

Throughout the year, readers receive special annual publications, such as the Harvard-Yale game issue. The Yale Daily News Publishing Company manages The News. Undergraduates make up the bulk of reporters who report to a managing board comprised mostly of college juniors. Students interested in joining The News staff generally participate in one semester of training then choose a more permanent role based on their interests and availability.


University of Maryland-College Park

College Park, MD

The Diamondback serves the University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland. Student staff updates this independent newspaper daily throughout the academic year, along with 8,000 print editions distributed to 600 locations on and around campus each Monday during the fall and spring semesters. News stories cover campus and local issues; sports; arts and culture; and student, faculty, and guest opinions.

A special projects section occasionally releases more in-depth feature stories relevant to UMD. Student readers can access a housing guide and job board online. Originally founded in 1910, The Diamondback received its current name in 1920 in honor of the school's mascot. Well-known paper alumni include Carl Bernstein, an investigative journalist and author, and David Simon, creator and author of The Wire. Many more alumni work for a variety of leading national and local publications, from The Wall Street Journal to The Baltimore Sun.


Northwestern University

Evanston, IL

While not Northwestern University's only publication, The Daily Northwestern serves as the community's only daily paper and stands out for its top-notch reporting. In 2012 and 2014, the paper received Illinois College Press Association's top award, as well as the prestigious Pacemaker award in 2015. The staff, comprised of over 100 students, publish online and in-print five days a week throughout the academic year. Students do not need prior journalism experience to join The Daily Northwestern team.

Community members can subscribe online for an annual print subscription. The Daily Northwestern actively seeks reader feedback, with a letter inviting questions and comments posted on its homepage. News coverage includes campus and city happenings, sports and entertainment updates, and an active opinions page. The multimedia section includes several student-run podcasts, videos, photography, and data visualization stories. In addition to online polls, readers can engage with the newspaper across its social media sites.


Syracuse University

Syracuse, NY

Syracuse University's The Daily Orange is an independent newspaper, with all editorial content reported and published by Syracuse University students. The D.O. distributes about 6,000 copies five days a week to about 30,0000 readers on campus and in the surrounding Syracuse community. The digital newspaper, updated 24 hours a day throughout the year, receives around 500,000 visitors annually. Daily coverage includes a diverse array of campus, local, and national news issues; culture, arts, and entertainment topics; sports updates; and a variety of editorial columns, from gender-related issues to business trends.

The D.O. opens its online stories for respectful public commentary as a way to further discuss topics and issues relevant to the community. In the spirit of transparency, the paper also maintains a relationship with ProPublica to report on bias and hate incidents shared by reader witnesses.