Coffee and college often go hand in hand. Students need to stay stimulated during long hours of studying and late nights out. Students can study at coffee shops or grab a cup to go. The ease and accessibility of coffee on a college campus adds to the school's appeal, and the quirky, fun atmosphere at some local coffee shops give students a place to unwind. During a trip to the local coffee shop, students can socialize and spend time with friends. Coffee shops on and near college campuses may also provide live entertainment, baked goods, and specialty drinks.

Universities in large, urban areas often have more coffee options than schools in small towns. Many students like the convenience of on-campus coffee carts and shops. However, the schools that offer the best coffee experiences help students embrace and share their love of coffee, while providing a good atmosphere for studying and relaxing.

What Are The Best Colleges for Coffee Lovers?

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University of California Berkley

Berkley, CA

Founded in 1868, the University of California Berkeley moved from its original Oakland home to Berkeley in 1973. The UC Berkeley campus spans more than 1,200 acres, and the university offers undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees in 184 academic areas.

UC Berkeley's on-campus coffee options include Common Grounds in Dwinelle Hall, which is part of the school's dining services and provides coffee drinks along with other menu offerings. The Free Speech Movement Cafe located in Moffitt Library and Yali's Cafe at Stanley Hall serve lattes, mochas, and specialty drinks. UC Berkeley's student union houses 1951 Coffee, a shop that employs refugees and asylum seekers.

Caffe Strada, one of the most popular coffee shops at UC Berkeley, offers outdoor seating and WiFi. Caffe Strada provides a warm, receptive atmosphere and strong coffee, and the shop serves as as a meeting spot, study location, and late-night refuge.


Brown University

Providence, RI

The seventh-oldest college in the United States, Brown University offers more than 80 undergraduate degrees and 83 doctoral and master's degrees. Brown has one coffee shop on its campus in Providence, Rhode Island. The Underground Coffee Shop, nonprofit and student-run, serves local teas and coffee at the Stephen Roberts '62 Campus Center. The university bookstore also serves coffee and snacks at its College Hill Cafe.

Off-campus offerings in Providence, such as Dave's Coffee and the Coffee Exchange, provide students with places to meet and enjoy community events. The Coffee Exchange hires knowledgeable baristas and is known for its sustainability efforts, and members of the Coffee Club receive a discount. Malachi's Cafe serves hot and cold coffee, steamed beverages, and coffee blends with chocolate and caramel. Students and Brown visitors can enjoy coffee and food from Blue State Coffee. Students receive free drinks at SHIRU Cafe, which is funded by sponsors that provide information through promotional cups and advertisements.


Boston University

Boston, MA

Boston University is a private, nonprofit research institution. When the university's dining services opened a Starbucks on the top floor of McElroy Commons in 2015, students drank two weeks' worth of coffee in four days. Starbucks now has multiple locations on campus.

BU's campus also houses chain coffee shops including Cafe Nero, Einstein Bros., and Blue State Coffee. Nearby Thinking Cup Coffee creates high-end specialty coffee drinks and educates visitors about their drinks. Possibly the most-loved coffee destination, however, is Pavement Coffeehouse on Commonwealth Avenue. Pavement Coffeehouse imports green coffee and trains its baristas to understand brew science and milk chemistry. The simple coffee offerings include drip coffees, lattes, and mochas.


University of Washington

Seattle, WA

Based in a city known for coffee, the University of Washington offers numerous coffee options for students, faculty, and visitors. Founded in Seattle in 1861, UW has three campuses. In 2009, Burke Museum on the university's main campus offered an exhibit called Coffee: The World in your Cup, which highlighted the benefits of coffee and the amount of coffee Seattle and Tacoma residents drink.

Coffee shops on and near UW's campus include Herkimer Coffee, which offers a quiet setting for students to study individually or in small groups, and Cafe Solstice, which provides coffee, beer, snacks, and music. Students who want to drink coffee while enjoying local art can visit Parnassus Cafe and Gallery, Seattle's oldest coffee shop. Parnassus donates a portion of its profits to student scholarships.


University of Kansas

Lawrence, KS

The University of Kansas, based in Lawrence, offers more than 400 degrees and certificates at its five campuses around the state. Students at the Lawrence campus can enjoy coffee at the Memorial Union, the Wescoe Underground, and the DeBruce Center. All locations serve coffee from The Roasterie, a Kansas City company that offers air-roasted coffee of various blends and flavors. The university's business school recently opened a collaboration suite near one of its coffee shops to provide a location for creative and intellectual exchange.

Near campus, students enjoy coffee drinks at Bourgeois Pig, a cozy coffee shop that offers unique coffee drinks, creative cocktails, beer, and wine. At Henry's Coffee Shop, students can enjoy live music and art events, while Scooter's Coffee offers a drive-through location near campus.


University of Georgia

Athens, GA

Founded in 1785, the University of Georgia campus spans nearly 800 acres in Athens. The campus has 465 buildings and hosts more than 700 student organizations.

UGA students can get coffee from Starbucks or Caribou Coffee, but with four campus locations, Jittery Joe's is a student favorite. Jittery Joe's also has off-campus locations throughout Athens and sells unique blends such as Attack the Day, Whoop Ass, and Mama's Boy in bulk. Walker's Coffee Shop and Pub in Athens provides coffee, food, and beer. Walker's offers numerous coffee blends, hot ciders, chocolate drinks, and iced coffees, and the shop hosts karaoke nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


University of California Davis

Davis, CA

Students at UC Davis have the opportunity to study coffee. Initially the farm extension of the University of California, Berkeley, UC Davis became the seventh campus in the California system in 1959. Faculty and students at the UC Davis Coffee Center and its coffee lab research the economics, engineering, biology, culture, and sustainability of coffee. Students can also take courses exploring the history and design of coffee.

Dining services at UC Davis provide extensive coffee offerings throughout campus. The Associated Students of the University of California at Davis Coffee House, more commonly known as CoHo, employs more than 250 students and serves more than 7,000 customers each day at various locations.

Students can also venture off campus to study, socialize, and drink coffee at local shops such as Common Grounds and Temple Coffee Roasters. Temple Coffee Roasters offers farm-to-cup coffee brewed through Kyoto drippers and its custom Nitro tap system. Temple also provides courses on coffee.


University of Florida

Gainesville, FL

The University of Florida offers numerous coffee options on its 2,000 acre campus in Gainesville. Cafe Bustelo has three on-campus locations, and students can also grab coffee to go from chains like Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts. The university even offers a course on growing coffee in the Florida landscape.

UF students can visit Bay Islands Coffee, a small shop with outdoor seating and drive-through service, or quieter options including Volta Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate, which serves hot and iced coffees and specialty blends. Maude's Cafe provides coffee during the day and drinks at night, in addition to live music, drag shows, and board games. Family-owned Coffee Cultures offers work spaces, open mic nights, and special drinks like the Chewbacca, which blends coffee, banana, and chocolate.


University of Texas Austin

Austin, TX

The University of Texas at Austin, founded in 1883, offers nearly 400 degrees and sits on more than 430 acres. Students can take off-campus, informal classes to learn how to be a barista.

On campus, students enjoy Starbuck's and Kin's Coffee at UT dining facilities. Near campus, the Square Peg Coffee Company offers hot and cold coffee drinks with outdoor seating and comfort food. The Lucky Lab Coffee Co., a food truck permanently parked on campus, provides quick coffee service for students on the go. Bennu Coffee has two locations that serve students and Austin residents all day, every day. Students can also visit Summer Moon Coffee's several locations in Austin. Summer Moon roasts its beans without gas or electricity.


Baylor University

Waco, TX

The state's oldest, continually operating university, Baylor University in Waco, Texas, was founded in 1845 by Baptist pioneers. Baylor's campus sits on 1,000 acres near the Brazos River and houses the country's first on-campus chapter of Habitat for Humanity.

Independence Coffee Company offers a Baylor University signature coffee series. Common Grounds, Baylor's best-known and most popular coffee shop, provides a quaint, satisfying coffee experience. Once a house, Baylor alums Chip and Joanna Gaines converted the shop to its present form on their show, Fixer Upper. Menu categories include drip coffee, iced drinks, and coffee for those who think "sleep is overrated." Common Grounds also runs a convenient on-campus coffee stand. Dichotomy Coffee and Spirits offers a unique assortment of drinks, including the 1885, which combines espresso, sugar, and Dr. Pepper. Students can also visit Bru Artisan Coffee, a shop that functions out of an old, gated elevator.


Scripps College

Claremont, CA

Scripps College in Claremont, CA has fewer than 1,000 students on its private, residential campus. As one of the Claremont Colleges, Scripps University provides its all female population with more than fifty undergraduate majors. Scripps also offer a post-baccalaureate premedical program for men and women.

Coffee at Scripps College is synonymous with the Motley Coffeehouse, a coffee shop with traditional drinks, specialty mochas, and a variety of espressos. The feminist, non-profit, student-run Motley Coffeehouse also provides live music, snacks, and a welcoming atmosphere. Students at Scripps can visit the Honnold Cafe at the Scripps Library, which offers coffee, grab-and-go food, and live events.The Some Crust Bakery near campus has an an array of coffee blends, including the Sucker Punch, a dark Italian roast, and the Velvet Hammer, a smokey blend that combines three different brews in one. Mochas, iced coffees, and teas complement Some Crust's extensive pastry and dessert offerings.


University of Wisconsin Madison

Madison, WI

The University of Wisconsin, founded 1848, has coffee shops across its 930-acre campus. Students can visit Peet's Coffee and local favorite Steep and Brew and can purchase coffee by the cup or in bulk from the Babcock Hall Dairy Store.

The university's proximity to downtown Madison provides students with access to restaurants and coffee shops. Colectivo Coffee has three locations in Madison and offers traditional brews and espressos, along with mocha and espresso shakes. Fair Trade Coffee House on State Street is an ideal study location and serves unique specialty mochas. Indie Coffee offers organic, made-to-order coffee and serves snacks and all-day waffles.


Auburn University

Auburn, AL

The first land-grant institution in the South, Auburn University's Alabama campus includes 427 buildings on more than 1,800 acres. Dining services offers a coffee shop in the library and at other locations, and off-campus options provide places to study and socialize.

The Bean Coffee Shop professionally trains baristas to provide a variety of espresso, drip coffee, and specialty drinks. The Bean also serves some of the best cinnamon rolls in town. Mama Mocha's Coffee Emporium roasts its own beans and serves craft beer, loose tea, and snacks at various daytime and evening events. World Cup Coffee serves coffee locally roasted by Sandy and Trish Toomer. World Cup Coffee only recently changed its name from Toomer's Coffee to reflect the diversity of its offerings.


American University

Washington, DC

Methodist-affiliated American University in the District of Columbia was chartered by Congress in 1893 and officially dedicated by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914. The university offers more than 150 undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and professional degrees and offers a class on myths abouts and methods to grow and make coffee.

AU students can get coffee from the school's many trayless dining halls, but the Davenport Cafe is the best-loved coffee spot in town. The Davenport Cafe, known as The Dav, is located in the School of International Studies building in a former chapel. The Dav became a student-run enterprise in 1980 and became a nonprofit organization in the early 2000s. In 2017, The Dav served more than 27,000 cups of coffee. In addition to coffee, the Davenport Cafe serves tea, pastries, and iced drinks. Students can also visit the Bridge Cafe, which provides a quieter environment. The Bridge Cafe is university-owned and student-run.


Georgia Tech

Atlanta, GA

Georgia Tech initially enrolled 84 students in 1888. The school now enrolls more than 25,000 students per year in undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs.

Students have access to numerous coffee spots on campus. The Highland Bakery was the first coffee shop at Georgia Tech; its menu includes unique takes on traditional Southern comfort food, such as country fried steak eggs benedict. Students can study at the Galloway Cafe in the West Architecture Building, and Java World, a small counter located in the College of Computing, provides a quick coffee fix before class.

Blue Donkey Coffee offers iced coffee and specialty hot brews, and students can visit one of Octane's locations, each catering specifically to the culture and population in its neighborhood. BRASH coffee, housed in a former shipping container, provides hot java and locally sourced pastries.


Drexel University

Philadelphia, PA

One of the nation's largest private universities, Drexel University has three campuses in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and campuses in other regional locations. Drexel University offers a co-op program for students, which includes the chance to work at coffee shop near or on campus. Through the co-op, students take full-time classes as freshmen and then alternate between six months of classes and six months of work with an approved employer. One of the most popular employers for students in the co-op program is Saxbys, a Philadelphia-based coffee company.

Students can visit Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts. Shops like Joe Coffee Company offer classes for aspiring baristas and study locations. OCF Coffee House operates a network of cafes that serve coffee, smoothies, and food, with indoor and outdoor seating.


Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester, NY

The Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York, includes nine individual colleges and is one of the state's engineering institutes. RIT emphasizes career education and experiential learning through technology-focused programs. Origins Coffee is a startup originating at RIT that uses a proprietary cold-brew method.

On campus, students can visit Java Wally's, an extension of an off-campus coffee shop that provides coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolate, and espressos. The shop's specialty drinks include the Hot Cocaine, which blends coffee and espresso. Beanz offers similar on-campus convenience, and off-campus shops, including Fuego in downtown Rochester, give students a quiet place to study. Boxcar in Rochester serves fried comfort food along with coffee and donuts, while Glen Edith Coffee Roasters roast coffee beans according to Specialty Coffee Association of American standards. For coffee at all hours, students can visit Midnight Oil, a late-night cafe that serves coffee and specialty drinks.


University of Cincinatti

Cincinatti, OH

The University of Cincinnati maintains a college of medicine, a nursing school, and an uptown campus. On-campus dining options include plenty of food and drink options, but the best coffee is at nearby shops.

Iris Book Cafe and Gallery unites coffee and books and provides full coffee and food service well into the evening. Students can drink coffee while they study or read from one of the cafe's used books. Rohs Street Cafe partners with Deeper Roots Coffee roasters but rotates other roasted beans throughout the year. Highland Coffee House stays open until two in the morning, providing a location for late-night study sessions.

Sitwell's Coffee House is the most lively coffee shop in town. The cafe hosts art showings and live music, and the extensive menu includes espresso, latte, cappuccino, and mocha drinks. Sitwell's is known for its hot drinks with liqueur and its iced coffee cocktails.


Columbia University

Manhattan, NY

Columbia University's New York City location provides plenty of coffee options for students and faculty. Founded in 1754 as King's College by King George III, the school closed during the American Revolution and reopened as Columbia University in 1784. Columbia moved to several locations in the city before settling at its current site in 1897.

On-campus students enjoy coffee at the Nous Espresso Bar in the Graduate Student Center, at Publique at the School of International and Public Affairs, and at Brownie's Cafe in the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation. Joe Coffee Company, one of the most beloved coffee shops on campus, provides a brightly lit and often decorated setting to study and enjoy house coffee. Students can also visit Plowshare Coffee Roasters in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Manhattan or La Toulousaine, which offers elaborate pastries, breads, and sandwiches.


Arizona State University

Tempe, AZ

Founded as Arizona State College in 1888, Arizona State University in Tempe transitioned to a university in 1958. In addition to its main Tempe location, ASU has campuses in Phoenix and Lake Havasu City.

ASU maintains several Starbucks locations, and students can visit Cupz Coffee on campus. Cupz offers hot and cold brew coffee, the latter steeped for 24 hours prior to serving. Espresso drinks at Cupz include mochas and caramel lattes. 1865 Coffee across the street from ASU is a nonprofit coffee shop affiliated with the Salvation Army.

The most popular coffee shop for ASU students is Cartel Coffee Lab, which is a short drive from campus. Students can drink espresso or drip coffee while they study or admire the local artwork on Cartel's walls. Students can also subscribe to Edition, Cartel's coffee bean delivery service.


Northwestern University

Chicago, IL

Founded on Lake Michigan in 1853, Northwestern University began offering classes at its main campus in Evanston, Illinois, in 1855. Northwestern also maintains campuses in Chicago and Qatar. Northwestern communication students have studied the sounds of coffee and waves, and medical students have published research on the epidemiology of coffee.

Because of Northwestern University's urban location, students have plenty of coffee options. On campus, students can enjoy Dunkin' Donuts and other dining options at the Norris University Center. Students can grab a hot or cold brew from the BrewBike coffee shop in Annenberg Hall, and the BrewBike founders still deliver coffee by bicycle.

Near campus, the Cupitol gives students a chance to drink coffee in an exclusive lounge setting, while Other Brother serves coffee on bar stools along windows facing the street. The Unicorn Cafe serves pastries and soup with its coffee beverages, giving students a place to eat, drink, and socialize.


University of Iowa

Iowa City, IA

Located near the Iowa River, the University of Iowa enrolls more than 33,000 undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. New students at the university can take advantage of the school's Coffee Crawl to get to know the local coffee haunts.

On campus, students have several coffee options, most notably Wild Bill's Coffee Shop. Wild BIll's, run in conjunction with the School of Social Work, employs adults with disabilities and serves as a practicum setting for students training to work with disabled individuals. Until recently, students and Iowa City residents could enjoy the local favorite Java House on campus. Java House is no longer available on campus, but students can visit other Iowa City locations. Java House serves caramel lattes and mochas, iced coffees, and specialty drinks, along with traditional roasted coffee. UI students can also visit the Prairie Lights Cafe for coffee, a reading, or book shopping.


Amherst College

Amherst, MA

Amherst College in Massachusetts provides 40 academic programs to its all-undergraduate student body. As a private, liberal arts college, Amherst offers open curricula with no core or distribution requirements.

Amherst students can visit Schwemm's Coffee House, a convenient shop that provides coffee and snacks until midnight. Frost Cafe at the library also serves hot java during late nights of studying. Off campus, students can visit Amherst Cafe, which offers a menu including espresso, coffee, tea, snacks, and a fully stocked bar. Adventurous students can participate in the monthly oyster happy hour at the cafe.

Other local haunts for Amherst students include the LimeRed Tea House, which serves espresso, bubble tea, and a dessert bar. The Black Sheep Sandwich Shop offers coffee and deli sandwiches.


University of Colorado Boulder

Boulder, CO

Founded months before Colorado became a state, the University of Colorado, Boulder enrolls more than 30,000 students and maintains more than 400 student organizations, many of which meet at the on-campus Starbucks. On-campus coffee options also include Folsom Street Coffee in the Biosciences building and BioLounge, an ever-changing coffee lounge in the Museum of Natural History's lower level. Students can also grab visit the Laughing Goat coffee shop in the Norlin Library.

Boulder's coffee shops provide opportunities to study off campus and socialize with friends. The Point Cafe serves craft coffee from Method Roasters, and St. Drogo's Coffee Bar is located at the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Center. Students can also visit Ozo Coffee, and SiP Boulder offers wine, beer, and coffee, along with food and entertainment.


Harvard University

Cambridge, MA

Founded in 1636, Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, includes twelve schools and is the oldest institution of higher education in the United States.

Students, faculty, staff, and visitors can visit Harvard's on-campus Starbucks or Cafe Pamplona, the oldest cafe at Harvard Square. In addition to pies and pastries, Petsi Pies offers a coffee bar. The L.A. Burdick chocolate shop in Cambridge offers coffee, specialty drinks, and several hot chocolate beverages. 1369 Coffee has two Cambridge locations offering cold and hot brews.

The most popular coffee shop near Harvard, however, is Crema Cafe, which experiments with coffee from by local roaster George Howell Coffee Co. The cafe also features guest roasters from around the world. Hot and cold coffees on the Crema Cafe menu accompany soups, sandwiches, and baked goods.