2018 Online Bachelor’s Survey

Welcome to the 2018 Online Bachelor’s Survey hosted by BestColleges.com (Higher Education). The following survey is divided into three forms.

  • Form 1 (Home page) asks for information about your school’s programs and the formats offered.
  • Form 2 (Page 2) asks you to list information specific to EACH online bachelor’s program offered at your institution. These questions will help us determine student and learning outcomes at the program level.
  • Form 3 (Page 3) asks a series of questions about the online bachelor’s programs offered at your institution and the factors that contribute to the overall success of those programs (faculty, outcomes, financing). This form is broken into four separate sections. Please complete each section in its entirety and “Save & Continue” before moving to the next.
  • Do your best to answer questions as comprehensively and accurately as possible. All three forms will be used in calculating our 2019 academic rankings; however, Form 2 will be most heavily prioritized. If there are questions your school is unable to answer, respond at any time with ‘Unknown.’

    For data to be included in our 2019 rankings efforts, we ask that you submit this completed survey by September 14, 2018.

    Logging in and Getting Started

    At any time, you can log out and return later to complete this survey. Please Save & Continue a form or section in its entirety before logging out to ensure information is recorded correctly in our system. You should see a summary of any section you’ve completed and saved when logging back in. To preserve the security of your account, each session will expire after 2 hours of inactivity.

    Saving Your Updates

    We’ve designed this survey to be completed in three parts and recommend working on them in the order presented. Each form is submitted separately and upon completion of a form, you’ll be directed to the next page. Always Save & Continue a form or section before logging out and ensure that all required fields are filled in. At any time, you can return to a previous form to make edits to your responses. Make sure to always save your work again before moving on.

    Submitting your Survey

    Upon submission, you will be directed to a summary page listing all answers to this survey. We recommend printing or saving this summary as a PDF for your school’s records. You will also receive a confirmation email that we’ve received your survey. If you don’t receive this email or have concerns that your information was saved correctly, please reach out directly. If you see an error or need to make a change, simply edit the field(s) in questions, and Save & Continue / Submit Survey again. You will receive the summary page and email each time you add an update.

    Definition of Terms

    Online degree programs: A degree program in which all required coursework is available and delivered through technologies offered entirely online, with limited annual in-person requirements (quarterly or annual visits, orientation or graduation, and/or required internships). For the purpose of this survey, we will limit our questions to online degree programs at the bachelor’s level, listed here as ‘online bachelor’s programs.’

    Hybrid programs: A degree program in which at least some component of the required coursework is delivered with an online component.

    Academic year: Because it’s typical for online student to enroll on a rolling or ongoing basis, assume the total number of students for an entire academic year (enrolling June-July) when calculating totals.

    Online bachelor’s cohort: Any student enrolled in an online bachelor’s program, including full- or part -time, first- or non-first-time (transfer) students.

    Faculty: Any adjunct, tenured, part- time, or full-time instructor teaching at least one course included in an online bachelor’s program.

    Additional Information
  • Do you have questions or want to make updates to your school’s profile or program-level information? Stay tuned! We will soon offer this functionality on our site! In the interim, direct any inquiries to [email protected]
  • Are you interested in learning more about our surveys or providing feedback about this survey format? Please contact me directly at [email protected]
  • If you’d like to submit other publically available institutional reports compiled by your school (NCES, CDS) to ensure the accuracy of your institution’s information or have other questions about this survey, please contact us at [email protected] for more information.