Form 2 – Online Bachelor’s Survey

Form 2: Online Bachelor’s Programs

For each of the online bachelor’s programs offered in the 2017-2018 academic year, fill out the following information:

  • Program Name: What is the name of the program and the degree earned (Examples: BA in Marketing, BS in Cybersecurity)?
  • Program URL: What URL describes this program on your institution’s web site?
  • CIP Code(s): What is the closest CIP Major (or majors) that describe this online program? Reference CIP2010 and separate codes with a comma.
  • First Year Offered: What academic year was the online bachelor’s program first offered at your institution?
  • Enrolled, 2017-2018: Number of 2017-2018 enrolled students
  • Graduates, 2017-2018: Number of 2017-2018 graduating students
  • Instructions

    This table is designed for you to add your school’s online programs one row at a time. When you first view it, it will indicate that there are ‘No records found.’ As you add rows of information, you should see a count of programs added along the left-hand border of the table.

    To add a new program, fill out your program information and click “Add.” You should see it appear on the table. At any time, you can edit or delete a row of information. Note that Program Name and CIP Code are required fields.

    When you’ve finished with this section, “Save & Continue” to move on to the next form.

    This information will be used to power our academic rankings and for students comparing academic programs within their field. If your institution does not track all of this information, please provide the information that you do have in order to fill this section out as thoroughly as possible.