Form 3 – Online Bachelor’s Survey

Form 3: Online Bachelor’s Programs (Institutional Level)

The questions contained below help us assess an institution’s investment and long-term interest in developing online bachelor’s programs as well as to gauge the support offered to students and faculty who are engaged in online learning.


  • To get started, click the ‘+’ located to the right of Student Tuition & Borrowing. You should see this heading: “SECTION 3.1 STUDENT TUITION & BORROWING.”
  • Fill out this section, making sure to note any required fields. When finished, “Save & Continue.” Make sure to save your changes in EACH of the 4 sections below before moving to the next one to ensure your work is correctly saved.
  • Your page should refresh. Click the ‘+’ again. If you’ve completed this section successfully, you’ll see your answers displayed below. If there is an error, you will see a red message box at the top of this section with “Required field.” Fill in any missing information and “Save & Continue” again.
  • Continue this process for all four sections. At any time, you can log out and return later to complete this form; just make sure to “Save & Continue” a section first to save your data in our system.
  • After completing Section 3.4 (Online Course Information), you will be prompted to “Submit” your survey, and be redirected to a summary of your answers for your records. You will also receive a confirmation email.
  • At any time, you may make edits to your information; just make to “Save & Continue” any updates in their respective section. If you’ve submitted your survey but spot an error…that’s ok. Simply make any edits and resubmit. Each time you submit, you’ll receive the summary page and corresponding confirmation email. Only the most current edits will be stored in our system.

  • Student Tuition & Borrowing

    Student Enrollment

    Student Outcomes

    Online Course Information