Have questions about our College Rankings? Check out our most frequently asked questions below. For more information about BestColleges.com visit our About Us page.

Where does the data for your rankings come from?

We source our data exclusively from the governmental database: The National Center for Education Statistics.

How do you rank your schools?

An overview of our rankings methodologies can be found on our Methodology Page. Specific methodologies are included with each school ranking.

Are for-profit or non-accredited colleges included in your rankings?

No. Only accredited, not-for-profit colleges are eligible for our rankings.

Can I change my school’s write up in the ranking?

Yes, in fact we encourage reviewing them! If you are an employee of the university, please contact our Media Relations Team to coordinate any updates. Please note, that the only thing that cannot be updated is the school’s listed tuition under the separate school profile page, it is pulled directly from the NCES database.

My school was ranked higher (or lower) on last year’s ranking, why did it’s position change?

There is an increasing competitiveness to the online education marketplace, and as more colleges add online programs, shifts in rankings tend to occur. The annual data updates in the NCES database can also cause slight changes. We also updated our methodology for 2017 to reflect the growing marketplace and better reflect affordability for price-conscious students.

Can a college pay to be included on your rankings, or sponsor one?

No. Schools cannot buy their way onto our rankings, they are independently ranked.