The Most Affordable Online Bachelor’s in Health Science Programs

Do you have a passion for taking care of others and an interest in joining the flourishing healthcare field? If so, an affordable online health science degree may be for you. The healthcare industry in the U.S. is growing faster than many other sectors of the economy. Advances in technology have contributed to explosive growth in our understanding of medical science, and our population continues to age. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth in healthcare occupations will continue to grow by 19% through 2024. This rapid expansion has created a need for leadership and management skills in jobs that previously didn’t require them. Allied health professionals like respiratory therapists, physical therapy assistants, and audiologists are being called on to assume supervisory and administrative roles in addition to patient care. Previously, their educational requirements left them unprepared for these responsibilities.

Enter the health science degree. An online health science degree program is designed to deliver a broad understanding of the biological and social sciences, global public health, and humanities. Alongside this multidisciplinary approach to health sciences, these programs deliver the knowledge and skills necessary to perform leadership roles in a clinical healthcare setting. This degree program is an excellent stepping stone to many graduate programs in the health sciences. In addition, it is particularly well suited to allied health professionals seeking a competitive advantage in today’s healthcare workplace.

Below, you’ll find our list of the most affordable online bachelor’s in health science degree programs available today. We did not simply choose the cheapest online health science program in terms of tuition, but rather looked at overall affordability based on value as a return on investment. Factoring in a variety of metrics, our College Affordability Score has holistically identified the most affordable online programs in health science, making it easier for you to decide which school fits your needs. If you’re thinking about returning to school for your degree, and are interested in taking classes online, be sure to take a look at these value-driven programs.

Rank School Name Ranking Score Relative Cost % Receiving Loans Location Description
1University of Missouri – Columbia80.003/562%Columbia, MO

The University of Missouri's affordable online health science degree is designed for students who already have some college credits and who aspire to non-clinical careers in healthcare administration. Graduates of this program are qualified for entry-level positions in healthcare-adjacent industries like pharmaceutical or medical equipment sales, health insurance, public health, or social services. Other graduates can use this degree as a stepping stone to graduate programs in related fields such as health education, health administration, informatics, or specialty practice areas like chiropractic, speech pathology, or physical therapy.

Mizzou offers this health science degree entirely via online courses. All core courses are asynchronous and follow a semester-based timeline. General education requirements and some electives, however, may be taken as independent study courses. In addition to standard financial aid options, the university offers scholarships to students in the School of Health Professions. Online students are charged the same tuition as their campus-based peers and are exempted from any fees related to campus activities, making Mizzou an affordable choice for this degree.

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2University of Colorado – Colorado Springs75.683/528%Colorado Springs, CO

The bachelor of science (BS) in health sciences at U. Colorado in Colorado Springs is targeted towards students who have already completed an associate degree or certificate program in an allied health field. Graduates of this affordable online health science degree program are prepared for leadership roles in the allied health professions; typical roles include that of health services manager, physical therapist, physician's assistant, respiratory therapist, and more.

All core and elective classes are available online. Because this program is designed for adult learners, students in the Colorado Springs area may also opt for traditional classes in the evenings or on weekends. Online students who meet residency requirements pay the same tuition as their on-campus peers, and non-resident students in this program are charged a discounted non-resident rate. UCCS is made even more affordable for Colorado residents through its participation in the College Opportunity Fund, which further discounts tuition for applicable students.

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3Texas Woman’s University67.502/536%Denton, TX

Texas Woman's University's online bachelor of applied science (BAS) in health professions is a two-year degree completion program. Working allied healthcare professionals who hold an associate degree can complete a bachelor's in health science degree online without putting their careers on hold. Students in this cheap health science degree program build on the foundations of their associate degree as they explore global public health, health education, and the business principles of the healthcare industry. Career options for graduates include health education, community health administration, pharmaceutical sales, field research, and more.

This program is delivered exclusively online and follows a traditional semester schedule. Classwork is generally asynchronous, though time-sensitive logins may occasionally be required. Besides standard financial aid options from federal funds or university endowments, TWU offers two privately funded scholarships for undergraduates in health studies programs. TWU's enrollment consists primarily of women; however, admissions policies are non-discriminatory.

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4Florida Gulf Coast University67.273/524%Fort Myers, FL

Florida Gulf Coast University offers the BS in health sciences to students who have either completed an associate degree or hold enough college credit to be classified as a junior. This affordable online health science degree is designed for working entry-level practitioners in the allied health fields who seek career advancement opportunities. Graduates are also qualified for further study in fields like physical therapy or occupational therapy.

All courses required to complete this degree are available online. However, the program's required practicum experience must be conducted on-site at an approved facility. All FGSU students, including distance learners, are subject to a service hours requirement. Students in this program must complete 40 hours of approved service learning. Tuition for online learners is the same as for classroom-based students. FGSU's affordability is further augmented by its participation in the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship program.

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5Wilmington University66.143/520%New Castle, DE

Wilmington University offers multiple pathways to the BS in health science. This affordable online health science degree program is designed for both working professionals who already hold an associate degree in an allied health field, as well as entering freshmen pursuing a four-year degree. Graduates will be qualified for leadership roles in healthcare administration; common career paths include quality improvement, research, patient care administration, and health education and screening. Many bachelor’s in health science graduates also continue on to post-baccalaureate study in allied health professions.

Though all classes are available online, standard classroom and hybrid courses are also available. Distance learners study asynchronously, and may take classes in seven-week blocks or on a semester-based schedule. Tuition is charged at the same rates for students in any class format. Students who meet residency requirements may be eligible for financial assistance via the university's participation in the $tand by Me Delaware Financial Empowerment Partnership. Dedicated scholarship funds are also available to students in the College of Health Professions.

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6University of West Florida62.593/545%Pensacola, FL

The University of West Florida's BS in health sciences degree completion program is targeted at working professionals seeking enhanced career mobility in public health, healthcare, and health administration. Students may earn a general health sciences degree, or specialize their studies in healthcare administration or public health. Graduates of this cheap health science degree program are qualified for entry-level positions in many healthcare and healthcare-adjacent industries; others go on to further study in allied health specializations such as nursing, physical therapy, or chiropractic.

All upper-division courses are delivered exclusively online. The program's internship requirement may be arranged at an approved facility convenient to the student. Though residency requirements do apply to tuition rates, online students may be eligible for tuition waivers that wholly or significantly reduce additional out-of-state fees. However, it's important to note that the university does not hold education agreements with every state.

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7University of South Dakota61.143/563%Vermillion, SD

The University of South Dakota boasts a comprehensive selection of pathways to bachelor's degree in health sciences. Entering freshman may pursue a standard four-year degree, and students holding an associate degree may opt for the degree completion program. All students specialize their studies to fit their intended career paths; options include pre-professional studies, health care studies, clinical informatics, public health, or research.

All courses in the program are available online and follow the traditional semester calendar. USD does not charge out-of-state tuition rates or additional fees for distance learners, making this an affordable online health science degree for students everywhere. Local students may also opt for campus-based classes at no change in cost.

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8Granite State College58.643/5N/AConcord, NH

Granite State College, based in Concord, New Hampshire, designed its online BS in Allied Health Leadership program for working adults who aspire to greater career mobility or post-baccalaureate education. Graduates of this affordable online health science degree program are prepared to improve efficiencies, enhance patient care and serve as leaders in healthcare and healthcare-adjacent industries. Research, administration, management, and education are all common career paths for these graduates.

Classes may be taken wholly online or in a hybrid format. Traditional classroom-based classes are also offered in the evening or via accelerated weekend courses that accommodate work schedules. Granite State does not charge additional fees for distance learners, and only assesses a minimal fee for students who do not meet residency requirements.

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9Northern Kentucky University57.502/551%Highland Heights, KY

Northern Kentucky University's affordable online health science degree was developed for working professionals who aspire to either enhance their careers in allied health or seek further education in advanced clinical practice specialties. Professionals who already hold an associate degree and clinical credentials may follow a clinical track to complete the bachelor's in health science. Alternatively, a non-clinical track is designed for associate-degreed students who seek to enhance existing careers in allied health or pursue graduate study in a clinical specialty. A transdisciplinary track delivers a broad-spectrum non-clinical degree, and is ideal for entering freshmen.

Clinical and non-clinical study tracks are available entirely online, while students in the transdisciplinary track take only upper-division courses online. All study is asynchronous. Unlike many universities, NKU assesses only a minimal additional fee for distance learners. Some Kentucky residents may also benefit from The Northern Difference and the Strive NKU Promise program, both institutional grant programs based on financial need.

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10Northwestern State University of Louisiana53.862/548%Natchitoches, LA

Northwestern State University, the largest provider of distance learning options in Louisiana, has developed a Bachelor of Applied Science in Allied Health program that is entirely online. This cheap health science degree completion program is designed for working professionals who hold an associate degree with prior clinical coursework. Its graduates are qualified for leadership roles in clinical settings or healthcare-adjacent industries. Typical job career paths include education, quality improvement, professional development instruction, industry sales, informatics and more.

Classes at NSU are asynchronous, and generally follow a semester timeline. Some classes are delivered in eight-week blocks. Students in exclusively online programs enjoy significant discounts and flat tuition rates. These students are also exempt from out-of-state tuition fees, making NSU an attractive and affordable option. In-state students may also be eligible for financial aid through Louisiana's Taylor Opportunity Program.

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11Clarion University of Pennsylvania52.503/511%Clarion, PA

Clarion University's BS in allied health leadership is an affordable online health sciences degree program geared towards aspiring healthcare managers. The program curriculum also qualifies its graduates for work in healthcare-adjacent industries like medical supply sales, pharmaceutical sales, and healthcare education. This degree completion program is ideal for clinical and non-clinical working professionals who hold two-year degrees in allied health subject areas.

The entire program is available online. Classes are asynchronous and follow a standard semester calendar. For Pennsylvania residents, online tuition is identical to campus-based tuition. Though out-of-state tuition does apply, it is heavily discounted for online students. The university also offers several privately funded scholarships to students pursuing a degree in health science.

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12Mercy College of Ohio49.773/531%Toledo, OH

Mercy College of Ohio, a private Catholic school focusing on healthcare and health sciences, offers an online bachelor's degree completion program in healthcare administration. This program prepares its graduates for management roles within clinical healthcare settings. Designed for both aspiring and currently employed healthcare administrators, the curriculum focuses on the planning, coordination, and management of a successful healthcare organization. This affordable online health science degree program is geared toward students who already hold an associate degree.

All classes are delivered via distance education. Classes are asynchronous and follow a traditional semester calendar. An on-site practicum experience is elective in this program; students who choose this route must conduct the practicum at an approved healthcare facility convenient to their residence. Mercy College charges the same per-hour rate for its online classes as it does its traditional classes. Adding to this program's affordability is its absence of out-of-state fees.

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13Southern New Hampshire University46.594/5N/AManchester, NH

Southern New Hampshire University's BS in health science is an affordable online health science degree program exclusively designed for professionals currently working in the allied health field. A generous transfer acceptance policy allows students to maximize the prior coursework completed for an associate degree. The bachelor’s in health science online program's curriculum builds on that coursework to deliver the supervisory and management skills required to succeed in clinical settings.

All program classes are online. Study is asynchronous, and classes are delivered in nine-week terms. Tuition is competitively priced as the university has frozen online tuition at its 2013 pricing. Significant discounting is offered to military service members and their families, and because SNHU is a private school, out-of-state tuition is not charged. Students residing in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Vermont may be eligible for need-based financial aid from their state-granting bodies.

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14Nova Southeastern University46.594/594%Fort Lauderdale, FL

A private school based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Nova Southeastern University delivers online education across the country. Its accredited, affordable online health science degree programs include a BS in health sciences that also boasts certification by the Southern Regional Education Board. Students in this program build on the associate degree they already hold, specializing their studies based on their career trajectory. Current occupational therapy assistants on the pre-MOT track prepare for graduate study in NSU's Master of Occupational Therapy program. Similarly, occupational therapy assistants can prepare for the Doctor of Occupational Therapy program on the pre-OTD track. Allied health professionals in other fields gain essential management skills on the generalist track.

All classes in the program are delivered online. The program also requires an internship component, which must be prearranged and approved by NSU administration. Classes are asynchronous and follow a traditional semester schedule. Tuition is priced competitively, and no additional fees are added for distance learners or out-of-state residents. As a private institution, NSU is endowed with a number of privately funded scholarships. Florida residents may also benefit from its participation with the Florida Bright Futures need-based scholarship program.

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15Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences45.455/585%Boston, MA

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences has added to its impressive roster of healthcare education options with the online bachelor of health sciences degree completion program. Currently credentialed allied health specialists with an associate degree can complete a bachelor's degree without sacrificing their workdays. This affordable online health science degree program's curriculum focuses on the skills necessary for these students to gain career mobility, advance to supervisory positions or move into the public health arena. Students in the BHS program can specialize their study in management, education, or generalist tracks.

All course requirements can be met online. Course content is generally meant to be studied asynchronously; some classes, however, may require time-sensitive log-ins. Classes follow the typical semester schedule. Tuition for online students is charged at a flat rate with no hidden fees, and is heavily discounted from the on-campus pricing for undergraduate students. The college also offers dedicated merit-based scholarships to students studying the health sciences.

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16Drury University44.324/576%Springfield, MO

Drury University, a small private school located in Springfield, Missouri, offers distance learners a solid option in the BS in health sciences degree completion program. Designed for working adults who hold an associate degree and current credentials, this affordable online health science degree program is geared toward RNs, radiological technologists, respiratory therapists, PT and OT assistants, EMS personnel, and related allied health professionals. Graduates of this online health sciences degree program will be equipped with the leadership skills essential to management in a clinical setting.

Drury's small class sizes are replicated in its online offerings, fostering close relationships with faculty and peers. All classes in this program are available online and follow a semester-based schedule; study is asynchronous. Tuition is heavily discounted from its on-campus pricing, and no out-of-state fees apply to online students. In addition to federal financial aid, some distance learners may also be eligible for Drury's considerably endowed scholarship funds.

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17National University44.094/51%La Jolla, CA

Based in La Jolla on the southern coast of California, National University is a private institution dedicated to helping working adults achieve higher education. Its bachelor of science in allied health degree program is aimed at credentialed allied health specialists who seek advancement, career mobility, or graduate education in their fields. This cheap health science degree curriculum delivers the skills and training required for successful leadership in a clinical setting. A concentration is also available in health informatics.

All program courses are available online and follow a quarter-based schedule; study is asynchronous. This program's required capstone project, however, must be conducted on-site at an approved facility convenient to the student. Tuition is competitive and does not penalize out-of-state students. Distance learners are eligible for federal financial aid programs; the university also offers a number of privately funded scholarships and grants to eligible students. Residents of California may also benefit from the state's numerous scholarships for students of the health sciences.

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18Philadelphia University42.734/597%Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia University's accelerated degree completion program roster offers the BS in health sciences. Designed for working students who already have some college credits, this affordable online health science degree program provides a fast track to a bachelor's degree. Graduates are prepared for a variety of entry-level careers in allied health specialties, clinical healthcare settings, or healthcare-adjacent industries like pharmaceutical sales or health insurance. The program also prepares students for graduate study programs in a number of allied health specialties.

Classes are structured with working adults in mind; all courses are available online, or on campus evenings and weekends. To facilitate quick movement through the program, classes are delivered in eight-week blocks. Prior learning assessments and a generous transfer acceptance policy may also accelerate students' path to a bachelor's degree. In addition to standard federal financial aid, some students who hold associate degrees from area schools may qualify for scholarship funds. Philadelphia city employees also receive discounted tuition rates.

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19Bay Path University41.593/5100%Longmeadow, MA

Bay Path University is a small, private women's college in New England. Its American Women's College Online boasts the distinction of being the first wholly online educational option for women only in the U.S. Among its accelerated offerings is the BS in health services administration. Geared toward credentialed allied health professionals who have some prior college credit or hold an associate degree, this affordable online health science program offers a path into administrative and management roles in the clinical setting. Graduates with a degree in health science are equipped to lead in today's complex and dynamic healthcare industry.

All classes in the program are online; courses are deployed in six-week blocks throughout the year. Study is asynchronous. Tuition is competitively priced, and out-of-state residents pay the same tuition as in-state. As a private school, Bay Path is endowed with considerable funding; online students are encouraged to apply for private scholarships in addition to traditional financial aid options.

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20Keiser University-Ft Lauderdale32.054/577%Fort Lauderdale, FL

Based in Florida, Keiser University is a private institution serving adult learners. Among its extensive online learning options is the bachelor of science in health sciences. This affordable online health science degree completion program is targeted at allied health professionals who hold both current credentialing and an associate degree. The program's curriculum is focused on interdisciplinary leadership skills that prepare graduates for supervisory roles in clinical settings. Graduates are also prepared to pursue graduate study in allied health specialties. This private school offers a number of privately funded scholarships in addition to standard federal financial aid options.

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