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As with campus programs, an online psychology degree program focuses on human behavior at the cognitive, social, and emotional level. In a strong undergraduate program, you will gain foundational knowledge of the field and develop invaluable communication, research, and analytical skills that can be applied to countless industries. Those who earn a psychology degree online often pursue careers in human resources, marketing, sales, and public relations. Others attend graduate school to study psychology, social work, counseling, or law.

Even though the variety of careers and educational opportunities that stem from a bachelor’s degree in psychology make for a valuable investment, affordability is still an important consideration to make when choosing a program. A number of programs offer affordable online psychology degrees with discounted tuition rates and flexible timelines that allow you to work while earning your degree.

To help with your decision, we’ve ranked a number of accredited online psychology programs for affordability. We do distinguish between the cheapest online psychology programs, in terms of tuition, and the most affordable programs in terms of overall return on investment. Taking into account a number of affordability factors, including tuition and loan default rates, we have ranked the 25 most affordable online bachelor’s in psychology degrees. These online options are offered by institutions that have a track record for helping students graduate on time, providing financial aid, and launching graduates into successful careers.

Rank School Name Ranking Score Relative Cost Location Description
1 Utah State University 81.25 3/5 Logan, UT

Students completing an online psychology degree at Utah State University gain valuable experience outside of the classroom. Learners are encouraged to participate in research opportunities with faculty and are required to complete an apprenticeship course, giving them the opportunity to learn through applicable psychology-related jobs.

The online psychology degree is offered to students in almost every state with tuition rates that vary depending on a student's location. This degree is particularly cheap for Utah residents, with a cost-per-credit tuition rate of $191. Utah State participates in several financial aid programs from the campus to federal level, offering grants such as Federal Supplemental Grants and Federal Pell Grants. These tuition assistance programs provide numerous outlets for students to complete their online psychology degree while saving money and time.

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2 Colorado State University-Fort Collins 78.50 3/5 Fort Collins, CO

The online psychology degree at CSU-Fort Collins is built around coursework that strengthens written & oral communication and critical thinking, meaning students can apply their skills in a variety of careers. Students in the school's online degree program hone these skills through hands-on lab studies.

The 120-credit major costs $444 per credit and can be completed in a flexible timeframe. Not all forms of financial aid at CSU-Fort Collins are offered to online students, but distance learners are eligible to apply for federal financial aid and some scholarships, such as the John C. and Alex S. Snider Endowed Scholarship, which is offered to online students aged 25 and older.

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3 Rowan University 76.75 3/5 Glassboro, NJ

The affordability and variety of academic options at Rowan make its online psychology degree appealing to many distance learners. The school offers a bachelor of arts (BA) in psychology that consists of 33 credits and a bachelor of science (BS) in psychological science that comprises 60 credits. Students can also choose to complete a concentration in neuroscience. Past graduates of Rowan have pursued careers in human resources, social work, and marketing.

Students who complete their bachelor's degree in psychology online pay $455 per credit hour. The school offers financial aid for distance learners to offset these costs. All undergraduate-level students must be completing six credit hours per term to qualify for federal financial aid.

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4 Bellevue University 75.71 3/5 Bellevue, NE

Two affordable online psychology degrees are offered through Bellevue University: a BA in psychology and a BS in psychology. The coursework in the BA degree focuses on the completion of research proposals and empirical studies, whereas the BS degree devotes coursework to strengthen students' research and statistical analysis skills. Students in either the BA or BS degree program can opt to complete an internship as a way to learn more about applications of psychology in human and social service agencies. Such internships for online psychology degree students often involve counseling, social work, and research.

Tuition costs $410 per credit at Bellevue for students pursuing their bachelors in psychology. The school offers active duty members of the United States Military, National Guard, Reserve, and Coast Guard a discounted tuition rate of $250.00 per credit hour for all courses in their undergraduate degree, providing for a particularly affordable undergraduate education option for those in the armed forces.

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5 Bryan College-Dayton 74.11 3/5 Dayton, TN

Bryan College-Dayton offers three undergraduate degrees online, one of which is their BS in applied psychology. This cheap online psychology degree program is formatted in six-week accelerated classes that meet online, and the entire degree consists of 124 credit hours. The feasible time commitment and flexibility of the program allows students to complete their degree while working a full time job.

The coursework for this degree at Bryan College-Dayton incorporates Christian principles. Students are taught to evaluate human behavior from a Christian worldview. This faith-based online psychology degree curriculum is offered at $310 per credit hour. Bryan College-Dayton offers federal and state aid to offset these costs, providing scholarships through the state of Tennessee, such as the General Assembly Merit Scholarship and the Tennessee HOPE Scholarship. These scholarships are only offered to undergraduate students, including those completing their bachelor's degree in psychology online.

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6 University of Central Florida 73.54 3/5 Orlando, FL

The affordable online psychology degree offered at UCF provides a broad understanding of psychology that can be applied to future studies and many occupations. Students are taught concepts used in statistical psychology, physiological psychology, and research. Those looking to complete their degree online must have already fulfilled general education requirements as well as one year of college-level foreign language, three science classes, and statistics. With these prerequisites out of the way, course loads for this degree are lighter, allowing online students to work part- or full-time jobs as they complete their undergraduate education.

Due to state restrictions, not all students are eligible to complete this degree online. Those who can enroll pay $105.07 per credit hour for tuition, regardless of their location. This means that Florida residents save $51.09 per credit hour, and out-of-state students save $383.03 per credit hour. Tuition is made even more financially sound to online students through their access to the school's financial aid opportunities.

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7 Washington State University 73.39 3/5 Pullman, WA

Washington State University's online bachelor's degree in psychology consists of a broad curriculum that gives students an overview of psychology and scientific methods. The program is geared toward students who plan to use their education to work in the fields of health and human services, business, management, research, or sales. The bachelors in psychology also prepares those looking to continue their education at the graduate level to study psychology, social work, education, law, medicine, or business.

Tuition for this degree varies depending on the student's location and number of credits taken per semester. This degree is notably more affordable for students who live in Washington state, as tuition for part-time (less than 10 credits) students in-state is $492 per credit. Out-of-state students pay $570 per credit. To offset these expenses, WSU offers equal financial aid opportunities to online and on-campus students.

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8 The University of Texas of the Permian Basin 73.32 2/5 Odessa, TX

The online bachelor's degree in psychology at UTPB is offered in truncated quarters that consist of eight weeks, providing students the opportunity to complete their degree online in less time. The topics covered in this program's coursework range from social psychology to drugs and behavior, and are applied to a variety of careers. Graduates of UTPB's online bachelor's in psychology program often pursue jobs in counseling, law enforcement, marketing, sales, human resources, and real estate, among other fields.

The cost of tuition runs at $288 per credit hour regardless of whether the student lives in or out-of state. Financial aid opportunities are provided to all online students based on eligibility. This, in combination with the fact that students can complete their bachelor's degree in as few as 12 months, make this degree program a cost- and time-effective way for students to complete their undergraduate education.

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9 University of Minnesota-Duluth 69.57 3/5 Duluth, MN

UMN-Duluth offers an online bachelor's in psychology program that admits 15 students every fall semester. In order to apply, students must have either completed an associate of arts (AA) degree or satisfied general undergraduate requirements through the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum. Those who are admitted are encouraged to participate in psychology-related extracurriculars, such as becoming a psychology research or teaching assistant, completing an internship, or conducting a research project through a guided independent study. UMN-Duluth gives select students the opportunity to participate in the Honors in Psychology program.

Online students incur the same tuition and fees as those learning on campus, and in-state students pay substantially less than out-of-state students. That being said, those who live in North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Manitoba can receive discounted tuition rates due to a reciprocity agreement between these states, offering an affordable online psychology degree option for students living in these areas. Online students earning their bachelors in psychology are eligible for the same financial aid opportunities as other students.

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10 University of North Dakota 69.39 3/5 Grand Forks, ND

Students looking to gradually complete their psychology degree online as they work will find UND's bachelor's in psychology a viable and affordable option. The program offers courses that start every August, January, and May, enabling students to seamlessly fit the coursework of this online psychology degree into their existing schedules.

The school's bachelor's degree in psychology is offered to both in- and out-of-state students for the same cost of tuition. Online courses vary in price depending on their level; 100- and 200-level courses cost $339.04 per credit, whereas 300- and 400-level courses cost $389.04 per credit. While some semester-based, online courses are not eligible for tuition waiver programs at UND, most students are eligible to apply for federal and state financial aid programs. The flat rate of tuition in combination with financial aid opportunities offer an affordable undergraduate education option for remote learners.

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11 University of Northern Colorado 69.21 3/5 Greeley, CO

The affordable online psychology degree program at the UNCO is catered specifically towards adults of any age who need to fit their college education into their existing schedules, no matter where they live. This flexible bachelor's degree in psychology consists of coursework that strengthens students' research analysis, report writing, and presentation skills. Students can start the program in the fall, spring, or summer, enrolling in courses that vary in speed. Those looking to complete their degree quickly can opt to take eight-week long courses, while those who would like to fit courses into a full-time work schedule can gradually complete courses over a 16-week time span. Students can also take up to four bachelor's in psychology courses in the summer, and courses are offered through UNCO's Interim (Winter) Session.

Taking this psychology degree online saves students money; the university has a flat per-credit tuition rate for all online students. The cost of tuition is $360 per credit hour, and students taking more than six credits per term can apply for financial aid.

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12 Fort Hays State University 69.00 3/5 Hays, KS

Online students at FHSU can pursue either a BA or BS in psychology. The BS track in this cheap online psychology degree program requires students to complete 20 credits of natural sciences and mathematics coursework, whereas students on the BA track take foreign language courses in addition to 20 credits of coursework outside of the major. Those intending to go to graduate school after earning their psychology degree online are recommended to take the BS track.

FHSU's Virtual College -- which consists of over 40 online degree programs -- offers the same tuition rate ($207.24 per credit hour) for students regardless of whether they live in- or out-of-state. Those in the online psychology degree program qualify for this tuition rate and are eligible to apply for financial aid to offset these expenses.

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13 University of Louisiana at Monroe 68.18 2/5 Monroe, LA

The online psychology degree offered at this Louisiana school aims to provide students with a foundation of knowledge, and is fit for those looking to start a career after graduation and those interested in graduate studies. The bachelor's in psychology consists of 120 credit hours, and students must pass a written examination during their senior year to earn their bachelor's degree. Graduates of the program have pursued careers in market research, human resources, and rehabilitation.

Students completing their psychology degree online take courses in eight-week segments throughout the year. The school offers courses in the summer to further accommodate students' schedules and provide opportunities for them to complete their undergraduate degree in a shorter timeframe. Students enrolled in an undergraduate online degree program pay a flat tuition rate of $400.00 per credit hour, which can make this program strategically affordable for out-of-state students looking to complete their undergraduate education at UL-Monroe.

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14 Wilmington University 67.86 3/5 New Castle, DE

Wilmington offers an affordable online psychology degree. The curriculum prepares students for graduate studies and a variety of careers such as human services and community relations. The online degree programs at Wilmington are accessed through Blackboard. Students can begin these classes at the start of every school semester, and are expected to participate 3-5 days per week at their own pace and on their own schedule. The courses in the program can be offered in seven- or 15-week schedules to accommodate students' existing schedules.

The flexibility of this well-established program accommodates distance learners, and the tuition costs $354 per credit hour. Both in- and out-of-state students pay the same rate of tuition, which can be further offset with financial aid.

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15 University of Florida-Online 67.64 3/5 Gainesville, FL

This affordable online psychology degree at the UF is a wide-scoped major that explores social sciences and natural sciences in relation to the study of psychology. The broad curriculum caters to a wide range of careers; graduates from UF's online bachelor's degree in psychology have worked in education, human resources, business, and counseling, among other fields. The degree also prepares students for graduate studies in psychology. Due to the diverse nature of the program, students take courses in different subject areas, including statistics, math, and biology.

The tuition for this program varies depending on whether the student resides in- or out-of-state. In-state students are offered very affordable tuition and fees at $129.18 per credit hour, whereas out-of-state students pay $552.62 per credit hour for tuition and fees. Online students at UF are eligible to apply for federal, state, and institutional financial aid. In addition to grants and loans, the school also offers a few privately funded scholarships to online students to further offset the cost of tuition.

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16 City University of Seattle 67.39 3/5 Seattle, WA

At City University of Seattle, students looking to complete their psychology degree online can complete all required coursework in as little as three years. This bachelor's degree has optional emphases in child and adolescent services, criminal behavior, or gerontology to prepare students of all ages to continue their education at the graduate level in specialized programs. Graduates from City University's program have also found success directly from school into the workforce, pursuing careers in human resources, sales, and marketing. The career-oriented bachelor's in psychology course offerings include interviewing and counseling skills and critical thinking & writing skills in social sciences.

Tuition for this bachelor's in psychology costs $347 per credit hour for 100- and 200-level courses, and $434 per credit hour for 300- and 400-level courses. All students pay the same rate of tuition, allowing distance learners from across the U.S. to complete their degree remotely at a reasonable price. The school offers various grants, loans, and scholarships to online students to help pay for these expenses.

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17 Oregon State University 66.54 3/5 Corvallis, OR

Through Oregon State University's eCampus, students can earn their psychology degree online. Students can opt for a bachelor's in science or bachelor's in arts in psychology, both of which require 180 credits to graduate. Courses in these degrees focus on the study of human behavior, cognition, and the brain. The science-heavy curriculum aims to strengthen students' research methods, problem solving, and quantitative analysis. All courses in this school's online degree program are developed by OSU's esteemed faculty.

Tuition rates for all students regardless of location (students can study from anywhere in the world) cost $280 per credit hour. The flexibility of this program makes Oregon State's one of the cheapest online psychology degree options for international students. To make this program even more affordable, online students in an undergraduate degree program can apply for federal and state financial aid if enrolled for at least six credits per term.

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18 Chadron State College 66.43 3/5 Chadron, NE

The bachelor's degree in psychology offered through Chadron's online learning program consists of 8-week courses that are structured around five objectives: a knowledge base in psychology, scientific inquiry and critical thinking, ethical responsibility, communication, and professional development. The program implements these objectives through online classes and requires distance learners to complete an internship in order to graduate. Such internships for online students can involve counseling, social work, and research.

Students can easily enroll through the school's online portal to complete their undergraduate degree online. The cost of tuition is the same flat rate for both in- and out-of-state students at $260 per credit hour, allowing the school to offer affordable tuition rates to students no matter where they live. While the school does not have a robust offering of financial aid options for students, Chadro offers three payment plans to help students afford the cost of their online education.

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19 Gallaudet University 65.96 3/5 Washington, DC

This Washington D.C.-based university offers a psychology for online degree completion program to students who have completed their general undergraduate requirements and are interested in finishing their bachelor's degree online. This degree consists of 120 credits, and the required courses are specialized, as students must enter the program with their prerequisites already completed. For instance, admitted students take interpersonal and group conflict management, sports psychology, and introduction to careers in school and rehabilitation counseling with deaf people to complete their psychology degree online.

The cost of this program falls under the general tuition rates for Gallaudet University, which are $16,078 for the 2016-2017 school year. The school supports their students substantially with financial aid, and over 90% of students attending Gallaudet receive financial support in the form of scholarships, loans, and/or grants. Those in the psychology for online degree completion program can qualify for and benefit from these scholarships just the same as those taking classes on campus.

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20 Northern Arizona University 65.36 3/5 Flagstaff, AZ

Students earning their psychology degree online through Northern Arizona University are taught a broad range of subjects that delve into clinical, social, psychological, and health psychology. The research methods, statistical analysis, and communication skills acquired through the curriculum in this program set students up for different career outlets. Graduates from this bachelor's in psychology degree have pursued careers as research assistants, salespeople, and social service workers, among other professions. Others enroll in graduate programs, studying subjects such as psychology, sociology, and counseling.

This bachelor's degree requires students to either take a specific number of credits in science or foreign language depending on their personal and academic interests. These courses can be completed online and count toward the overall degree. The cost of tuition for this program depends on the number of credits taken and where the student lives. In-state students attending NAU online pay $1,221 per course for all undergraduate courses, whereas out-of-state students pay $1,905 per course. Both rates are cheaper than the tuition costs for on-campus students, making this an affordable option for students looking to finish their bachelor's degree remotely.

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21 McNeese State University 64.96 2/5 Lake Charles, LA

McNeese offers an affordable online psychology degree in an accelerated, remote format to help students complete their undergraduate education efficiently. Courses are taught in seven-week sessions during the school year and six-week sessions during the summer. The bachelor's in psychology is provided through LouisianaOnline, a program associated with the state of Louisiana that aims to increase instructional access to higher education.

Tuition and fees at McNeese are determined by the number of credits taken. Online students pay the same rate of tuition as in-state students, which for the 2016-2017 school year costs $3,104.75 for a 15 credit course load. Students completing their psychology degree online through McNeese are able to apply for financial aid in the form of scholarships, loans, and grants.

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22 Blue Mountain College 64.68 2/5 Blue Mountain, MS

Blue Mountain College's online education program offers a bachelor's degree in psychology to distance learners. The curriculum incorporates foundational psychology subject matter with Christian principles. Students are taught to understand human existence and behavior from a Christian worldview through the school's core courses, offered completely online. The required classes for this degree at Blue Mountain College are accessed through Blackboard. Online students take these classes following the same semester-based academic calendar as on-campus students.

Students pay a tuition rate of $1,143 per three-hour course. Remote learners have access to financial aid opportunities at Blue Mountain College in Mississippi. To apply for financial aid, online students must be enrolled, accepted for enrollment, or seeking endorsements to meet the requirements of the Mississippi Department of Education certification.

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23 Louisiana State University-Alexandria 63.82 2/5 Alexandria, LA

Two affordable online psychology degree programs are offered through Louisiana State University-Alexandria's online learning platform: a BS and a bachelor of general studies (BGS). The bachelor of science degree is distinctly more specific in the types of courses required to graduate, and prepares students for graduate studies and/or psychology-related jobs in the health, science, education, and business fields. The general studies bachelor's degree provides a foundational knowledge applicable to many different occupations such as a teacher, manager, and salesperson. The general studies degree is ideal for those coming in with a substantial number of credits, as this program accepts a large portion of transfer credits to help students complete their degree as efficiently as possible.

The two bachelor's degree in psychology programs run courses in seven-week increments at a cost of $249.40 per credit hour. This affordable tuition rate is offered to in- and out-of-state students. Opportunities for financial aid are offered to all students earning their psychology degree online who submit their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

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24 Peru State College 63.18 3/5 Peru, NE

The affordable online psychology degree offered to undergraduate students through Peru State provides foundational knowledge and prepares students for graduate school and human services professions. The school offers bachelor's in psychology students the opportunity take approved Provisional Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (PLADC) courses to earn the PLADC credential and launch careers in related fields. On top of taking these courses, students earning this credential must complete 300 hours of field experience and pass an examination.

This bachelor's degree in psychology with certification options offers classes for $260 per credit hour. This cost of tuition is more expensive than on-campus classes, but allows for greater flexibility, and remote learners save money by avoiding the various fees that on-campus students are required to pay. The school cuts costs with their financial aid offerings and their "One Rate Any State" program, which ensures that every undergraduate student pays the in-state tuition price.

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25 University of Maine at Presque Isle 63.14 3/5 Presque Isle, ME

UMPI offers a psychology degree online to those interested in pursuing a career in social services and/or those who are looking to earn a master's degree after completing their bachelor's degree in psychology. This affordable degree program delivers courses on social and cognitive psychology, drugs and behavior, and lifespan and personality development, among other topics.

These courses are offered throughout the school year and during two summer sessions. Every online learner at UMPI is assigned a personal academic advisor to provide academic support and ensure all students graduate on time. The tuition for distance learners is same for students on campus, costing $220 for Maine residents and $341 for non-residents -- a remarkably affordable price for such a highly personalized online program.

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