Annual Trends in Online Education

We’ve compiled the latest academic research on online education with the results of our most recent survey to bring you our 2017 Student Guide to Online Education. This exclusive report uses the feedback we received from more than 300 schools and 1,500 students to help you accomplish three things:

Decide if online education is right for you.

Understand what to expect as an online student.

Choose the best online program.

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As students are met with more online program choices from a wider variety of institutions, the competition for their enrollment increases. How can we help? This new report is designed to help you make the best decisions possible about the online programs you manage now and in the future. Key issues include:

The state of online learning.

Developing and managing online programs.

Meeting online student needs and expectations.

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Online Education Trends (2016)

This report is designed to inform a diverse group of stakeholders in online education. Administrators, instructors, students, and parents are faced with an increasing number of online options to consider as they pursue affordability and academic goals.

Online Student Needs, Preferences, and Expectations (2015)

As the competition to attract and enroll students in online programs increases, so does the need to understand who these students are and why they choose digital learning courses over the traditional on-campus format. This insight will help shape the decisions being made about the design and development of future online academic programs.