Best Online Master’s in Human Services Programs

Rank School Name Relative Cost Location Description
1 University of Illinois at Springfield N/A Springfield, IL

UIS has been ranked as one of the most affordable online schools in the U.S. and offers its students over $7 million in research funding each year. The university offers a master’s degree in human services with four concentrations for students to choose from, but only the social services administration track is available fully online. To apply for this online master’s in human services, students must have maintained a GPA of at least 3.0 throughout their undergraduate education. Once enrolled in the social services administration concentration, students must maintain a grade of "B" or higher in all classes. This program requires students to complete 44 credits, with 24 of those credits devoted to core curriculum classes, and 20 to the concentration. Earning a master’s in human services prepares graduates to manage public and private institutions of human interest and welfare.

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2 Northeastern University Global Network N/A Boston, MA

NUGN delivers a 100% online master’s degree in human services on an asynchronous schedule through the NU Online learning system. The specific objectives of the program are to explore the ongoing development of service in human interest industries and to examine issues in leadership and behavior. Additionally, graduates of this program know how to engage communities to facilitate involvement and outreach. Full-time students can complete their coursework in two years, while part-time students generally earn their degree in three. Out of the 45 total credits required for this master’s degree, 21 of those credits are devoted to the core curriculum, nine to elective classes, and 15-16 hours are dedicated to a concentration. NUGN offers three concentrations within the human services degree: global studies, leadership, and organizational communication. Students may apply for financial aid in the form of loans, grants, scholarships, and employer reimbursement programs.

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3 Concordia University-Nebraska N/A Seward, NE

CUN offers a master's degree in human services, with a leadership and management concentration available fully online. This master’s in human services online degree program requires students to complete 36 credits: 24 credits in the core curriculum, nine credits toward a concentration, and three credits dedicated to a capstone course. CUN allows students to transfer up to 70 credits from an accredited two-year institution toward their degree. Students who are enrolled full time can expect to earn their degree within two years. While not mandatory, CUN encourages applicants to have a background in sociology, psychology, and/or community service. In efforts to streamline enrollment and course completion, the university has created a system of "concierge registration" where a team of specialists orchestrates the enrollment process for students to ensure that they take all classes required for them to graduate in a timely manner.

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4 Saint Mary's University of Minnesota N/A Winona, MN

Located in Minneapolis, SMUM delivers a variety of graduate degree programs on campus and online. The university has a limited transfer policy, allowing students to transfer a maximum of six semester credits.

SMUM’s online master’s in human services program has foundations in both theoretical and practical learning methods. Full-time students can expect to earn their degree, consisting of 36 required credits, within two years. SMUM offers concentrations within the program; students can specialize in human services, health care administration, or both. However, completing this program does not certify students for clinical work; students should look into their specific state’s requirements for related licensure. Upon enrollment in the online program, students are given an iPod preloaded with SMUM’s mobile learning platform. By accessing this platform, students can take part in interactive exercises involving real-world scenarios. Additionally, the platform provides an open channel of communication among online classmates.

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5 St. Joseph's College of New York N/A Brooklyn, NY

SJCNY's online master’s degree in human services, completed through a series of 10 courses, emphasizes the importance of working with the homeless, the aging, veterans, and victims of domestic violence. To be considered for this master’s program, applicants must have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited university with a minimum 3.0 GPA. Additionally, applicants may be required to hold full-time employment before they are granted admission to the program. The school also delivers a hybrid B.S. and master’s program in human services, allowing students to earn their bachelor’s and master’s degrees concurrently. Additionally, students can choose to pursue an advanced certification in human services.

SJCNY bases coursework on a leadership model with three domains: values, mediation, and fulfillment. To finish each of the 10 courses in the master's program, students must complete a competency application project that focuses on skills covered in the course.

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6 Liberty University N/A Lynchburg, VA

LU delivers an online master’s in human services counseling degree through its Department of Community Care and Counseling. While the degree does not directly lead to licensure for professional counseling, it does prepare students for certification in the field. To complete a master’s degree in human services at LU, students must choose one of eleven specializations, including addictions and recovery, business, criminal justice, and executive leadership. Each of these specializations, along with core degree requirements, can be completed fully online. Students can also complete this program in a hybrid format, taking classes both online and on campus. As an alternative to completing the degree entirely online, LU delivers some of the required courses as on-campus intensives, which are accelerated programs led by professors. If students choose to enroll in any of these intensives, LU offers temporary housing options on and off campus. The school also provides scholarships and financial aid to students in need.

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7 University of Northwestern-St Paul N/A Saint Paul, MN

A Christian faith-based institution, UNSP offers a fully online master's degree in human services. This program caters to students with a Christian background who seek to combine faith and work in both private and public sectors. Like many other master’s programs in this field, UNSP's master's degree in human services does not directly lead to licensure to practice counseling professionally. Students can choose to complete their coursework entirely online or in a hybrid format; the latter option offers a primarily online curriculum but requires students to attend a select number of classes on campus one day a week. To earn UNSP's online master’s in human services degree, students must complete a total of 36 credits and can expect to do so within 18 to 22 months. Throughout their time in this program, students develop a personalized human services philosophy with foundations in biblical ethics and their Christian-influenced worldview.

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8 Wilmington University N/A New Castle, DE

WU provides students multiple ways to earn a master’s in human services degree, including the option to complete courses in a semester format or a block format. Each semester runs for a period of 15 weeks, while a blocks takes only seven weeks. The primary difference between these two structures is intensity; block students will be expected to learn the same information as semester students, but in less than half the time. Through the university’s online learning platform, students have twenty-four hour access to all course materials. WU's online master's in human services program has no mandatory in-person components and can be completed entirely online. Though students generally finish the program in 18-24 months, they can choose to earn the degree in as few as 12 months on an accelerated track. Students are required to complete a minimum of 33 credits in this program, in addition to at least 120 hours of guided practicum or a capstone project.

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9 Southeastern University N/A Lakeland, FL

A "Christ-centered partner in higher education" located in Georgia, SU delivers a master's degree in human services entirely online and encourages students to select a concentration based on the industry in which they plan to work. Classes run over eight-week sessions, and students can earn a master's in human services at SU in as few as 12 months. To graduate, students must complete at least 36 credits. Of those 36 credits, 24 are dedicated to core courses, while the remainder come from the chosen specialization and a capstone project. SU offers five specializations within this master’s program: administrative, gerontology, children and family, emergency management, and ministry. To be admitted into this online master’s degree in human services, applicants must have received a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and have graduated with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. SU allows students to transfer up to nine credits toward a graduate degree.

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10 Lubbock Christian University N/A Lubbock, TX

A Christian university located in Texas, LCU delivers an online master's degree in human services that has no on-campus or residency requirements; students can live anywhere and still pay in-state tuition. LCU's master's program in human services is grounded in Christianity and biblical ethics; coursework aims to assist students in spiritual, intellectual, and emotional growth in addition to preparing them for a career in human services. Additionally, the program allows students to choose from one of two specializations: administration or family life education. Through its curriculum, the university endeavors to produce graduates prepared to work in human services jobs in the nonprofit sector. To earn a master's degree in human services at LCU, students complete a total of 36 credits and generally graduate within two years. The university allows students to transfer a maximum of 12 credits towards this master's degree.

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