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Online colleges offer what was once nearly impossible: the opportunity to earn a college degree while maintaining a full-time job. As universities across the country rush to bring their programs online, students have more distance education options than ever before. With so many choices, it’s important to find the right school for your educational goals and your budget. An online degree is more than a temporary expense: it’s an investment in your future.

Unsurprisingly, many students prioritize affordability when they begin their college search. And as online education gains even greater prominence, many cost-conscious students begin by looking for the cheapest online colleges in terms of tuition costs. It’s a fair place to start, considering how much students save by foregoing room and board and commuting costs.

Critically, there is a big difference between affordable online colleges and cheap online colleges. Our list below is an attempt to separate the former from the latter. Using our new “College Affordability Score,” we have carefully calculated a list of online universities that offer robust educational opportunities and comprehensive financial aid. These colleges have a proven track record of helping online students graduate, without saddling them with punishing, long-term debt. This data can help you determine which colleges give you the best chance to earn a degree at an affordable price.

Rank School Name Ranking Score Relative Cost Graduation Rate Location Description

University of Florida

90.12/587.51%Gainesville, FL


Florida offers a variety of affordable online college degrees, ranging from anthropology and geology to public relations and sports marketing. Some of these programs require internships, which gives students practical experience in the field before graduation. UF offers rolling admissions deadlines for online degree programs, allowing students to apply at their convenience. Online students can pursue a variety of federal, state, and institutional financial assistance, along with private scholarships. These options include grants, which are offered to students as-needed. UF sits at the pinnacle of quality in the wide range of affordable colleges online.

  • Affordability Score: 90.1
  • Students Receiving Federal Loans: 25%
  • Loan Default Rate: 3.67%
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University of Delaware

83.13/578.98%Newark, DE


With more than 200 courses and a range of degree programs, Delaware’s online offerings have something for every student. With STEM degrees in engineering and cybersecurity, and a number of nursing programs alongside, Delaware’s affordable online college degrees prepare students to enter the workforce upon graduation. Online students enjoy access to most of the resources available to on-campus students, including career services and academic advising.

Online learning at UD is affordable, even for students from out of state. Students pay just $553 per credit hour (compared to $1,255 per credit for out-of-staters earning their degree on campus.)

  • Affordability Score: 83.1
  • Students Receiving Federal Loans: 52%
  • Loan Default Rate: 3.47%
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Appalachian State University

82.72/569.73%Boone, NC


Appalachian State offers a range of classes for undergraduate transfer students. Available programs range from child development to social work to management. Appalachian State also offers several graduate programs. On top of being what we deem an affordable online college, Appalachian State also lands among what would be considered one of the cheapest online colleges.

Once accepted, distance learners can access the same financial aid resources as residential students. That includes all financial aid options available to North Carolina residents, based both on merit and financial need. Appalachian State also allows its online students to create a dual-degree program through their Appalachian Learning Alliance. This encourages students to split their curriculum between approved community colleges and online courses from Appalachian State, while receiving financial aid through Appalachian State.

  • Affordability Score: 82.7
  • Students Receiving Federal Loans: 49%
  • Loan Default Rate: 3.93%
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Texas A&M University

81.13/579.34%College Station, TX


Texas A&M offers affordable online college degrees in science, dentistry, public health, and much more. Most of these degrees can be earned entirely online. Others allow students to complete over 50% of their curriculum online, and fulfill additional requirements on-campus. Online students can apply to Texas A&M on a rolling basis.

Students are eligible for federal financial aid, which they apply for through FAFSA. Students qualify for a number of additional grants and scholarships, such as the needs-based Texas Aggie Graduate Grant. Texas A&M also offers scholarships specifically for online students based on merit and financial need. These scholarships are open to Texas residents and nonresidents alike.

  • Affordability Score: 81.1
  • Students Receiving Federal Loans:30%
  • Loan Default Rate: %4.97
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University of Missouri – Columbia

75.32/569.48%Columbia, MO


Mizzou allows students to pursue over 90 undergraduate and graduate degrees and certificates online while providing exceptional educational resources to distance learners. Popular affordable online college programs range from health literacy to food safety and defense. Many of these degrees allow students to complete the curriculum entirely online.

Mizzou’s online students are allowed to take more than one semester to complete a course. In these cases, students don’t need to be concerned about their loans going into repayment. This means students can take each course at their own pace without worrying about financial repercussions.

  • Affordability Score: 75.3
  • Students Receiving Federal Loans:48%
  • Loan Default Rate: 5.27%
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East Carolina University

74.22/558.63%Greenville, NC

East Carolina offers over 60 bachelor’s and graduate programs. These options range from a master’s program in criminal justice to a bachelor’s in hospitality management. Distance learners have access to the same resources, including academic advising, as on-campus students.

East Carolina University makes higher education affordable, with online programs that cost just $156.45 per credit hour for residents, and $682.60 for non residents. This places ECU firmly in both camps of affordable online colleges and cheap online colleges. Students can apply for aid from the federal government, state government, and ECU itself. ECU offers graduate level scholarships for part-time and full-time students, with awards ranging from $1000 to $3500. ECU recommends that online students consider pursuing private grants from outside sources as well.

  • Affordability Score: 74.2
  • Students Receiving Federal Loans:64%
  • Loan Default Rate:5.47%
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University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

71.23/578.4%Minneapolis, MN

Minnesota has a robust online learning philosophy that focuses on increasing student accessibility to growing fields with strong career prospects, such as STEM disciplines and health care. The school also features several graduate programs, including degrees in nursing and engineering. Dozens of these offerings can be completed entirely online. The remaining programs are offered in a hybrid format.

Minnesota prioritizes being an affordable online college. Most of the school’s online programs qualify for funding under the Workforce Investment Act, allowing underemployed and unemployed students to receive financial assistance for tuition and associated fees. Additionally, students taking semester-long online courses are eligible to apply for the same financial aid as residential students, which range from university scholarships to federal grants, loans, and demographic-related and service-related grants and waivers.

  • Affordability Score: 71.2
  • Students Receiving Federal Loans: 48%
  • Loan Default Rate: 3.33%
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Brigham Young University-Idaho

70.81/556.09%Rexburg, ID

BYU-Idaho offers a range of learning opportunities for online students. These include certificates, which require 14-15 credits, 60-credit associate programs, and 120-credit bachelor’s degrees. Undergraduate programs range from software engineering to marriage & family studies. Students have autonomy over their schedule, and can either take courses year-round to graduate early, or try a more flexible, less-demanding schedule. BYU-Idaho also offers an online orientation course to help students plan their online learning career and acclimate to the online format. With low annual tuition rates, BYU stands as one of the cheapest online colleges.

While online students are ineligible for BYU-Idaho’s institute-level scholarship and grants, students can pursue the Pathway program. Here, students can take online courses and attend spiritual and educational gatherings.

  • Affordability Score: 70.8
  • Students Receiving Federal Loans: 27%
  • Loan Default Rate: 2.67%
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Westfield State University

70.32/562.69%Westfield, MA

Westfield State offers students a well-established affordable online college bachelor’s degree-completion program designed for students who have attended a Massachusetts Community College (students who do not fit that description can also attend). Westfield State offers bachelor’s degrees in business, sociology, liberal studies, and more. Minors in art, sociology, psychology, and management are also available.

Along with federal financial aid opportunities, students can also pursue Westfield State’s "Part-Time Grants," which are given to part-time students with demonstrable financial need. The school also offers discounted computer software for online students. Students are encouraged to apply for outside scholarships as well.

  • Affordability Score: 70.3
  • Students Receiving Federal Loans: 80%
  • Loan Default Rate: 4.33%
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University of North Carolina at Greensboro

70.12/555.61%Greensboro, NC

UNC Greensboro offers several online programs. Degrees encompass a range of subjects, including kinesiology and business administration. The school offers programs for undergraduate and graduate students. Additionally, UNC-Greensboro offers less-expensive certificate options in a variety of subjects, placing it among what can be considered cheap online colleges.

UNC-Greensboro’s 2-Plus program is a great option for students who have a two-year associate degree from an approved North Carolina Community College. This program allows students to earn their degree in a number of fields simply by completing any remaining credits online. Distance learners can qualify for the usual financial aid options available to on-campus students. Additionally, the school offers financial help to students who need assistance buying or fixing a computer.

  • Affordability Score: 70.1
  • Students Receiving Federal Loans: 67%
  • Loan Default Rate: 6.73%
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University of Alabama

69.73/565.66%Tuscaloosa, AL

Fondly called "Bama By Distance,"Alabama offers several online educational options, ranging from video conferences to online lectures. With a robust graduate and affordable online college undergraduate program, students can pursue a master’s in global business management entirely online, a hybrid bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, and many other offerings.

Online students can apply for financial aid from Alabama. Distance learners have access to federal and state grants, along with federal and private loans. They can also qualify for scholarships from the College of Continuing Study, or Alabama’s undergraduate scholarships. Additionally, the school offers "Back to Bama" scholarships that are specifically designed for students who began their degree on-campus and want to complete it online.

  • Affordability Score: 69.7
  • Students Receiving Federal Loans: 43%
  • Loan Default Rate: 5.65%
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Utah State University

67.92/549.77%Logan, UT

USU-Online is an affordable online college program, particularly for in-state students. For Utah residents, courses cost just $290 per credit for undergraduates and $370 for graduate students. Students can obtain a bachelor’s in fields ranging from psychology to economics or a minor in subjects as disparate as folklore and school library media administration. USU also offers several graduate programs.

Once accepted, students can apply for the same federal financial aid as residential students. Additionally, they may qualify for the scholarships provided by each of USU’s individual schools. For example, the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences offers approximately 200 scholarships to students every year, which amounted to $572,875 in aid during the 2014-2015 school year. Online students pursuing a degree may apply for scholarships from the appropriate school.

  • Affordability Score: 67.9
  • Students Receiving Federal Loans: 33%
  • Loan Default Rate: 5.87%
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University of Massachusetts – Amherst

69.43/575.09%Amherst, MA

UMass offers convenient, affordable access to its top-notch online programs, landing it squarely among our list of affordable online colleges. You can complete your degree online, selecting from a variety of graduate—including nationally renowned MBA and Nursing degrees—and bachelor’s programs, which range from journalism to hospitality. Additionally, UMass offers a number of certificate programs and standalone online courses. UMass recently launched a "blended learning" program which allows students to pursue these degrees through a mix of on and off-campus courses.

At UMass, 98% of students receive some form of financial aid, and online students are eligible for assistance as well. As you pursue your online degree, you can qualify for hundreds of scholarships, state and federal grants, federal loans, and tuition waivers for MA State Employees. Through its "University Without Walls" program, UMass helps adult students complete their Bachelor’s degree online or in a blended setting, while offering a number of scholarships ranging from $500-$2500, intended specifically for online students.

  • Affordability Score: 69.4
  • Students Receiving Federal Loans: 59%
  • Loan Default Rate: 4.9%
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Washington State University

68.33/567.24%Pullman, WA

Washington State features a renowned global campus, which hosts online learning opportunities for students pursuing bachelor’s degrees, minors, graduate programs, teaching endorsements, and a number of other professional development programs. With access to academic advising, free online tutoring, and live-streaming college events, students can enjoy the best this affordable online college without ever traveling to the Palouse.

WSU’s online students benefit from the same federal and state financial aid options as residential students. This includes federal loans, the WSU general scholarship, and more. Some students may also qualify for tuition adjustments based on financial need. The school prioritizes providing substantial financial assistance for online students through the SWSU Global Scholarship.

  • Affordability Score: 68.3
  • Students Receiving Federal Loans: 50%
  • Loan Default Rate: 4.37%
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Indian River State College

67.41/539.28%Fort Pierce, FL

Indian River’s virtual campus features bachelor’s programs in education, public administration, information technology, and more, all of which can be completed entirely online. With additional resources—including its “Smartthinking” online tutoring hub, an online job bank, and the college’s career services office—students are afforded many of the same benefits residential students receive.

Students of this affordable online college have access to federal, state, and college-specific financial aid. They can apply for federal loans, as well as Florida Bright Future scholarships. Students can also apply for the federal Pell Grant, the Florida Student Assistant Grant on a full-time or part-time basis, and the TEACH grant for students pursuing teaching degrees. The school also provides scholarships based on need and academic merit. It may be considered among the cheapest online colleges in terms of in-state tuition cost.

  • Affordability Score: 67.4
  • Students Receiving Federal Loans: 13%
  • Loan Default Rate: 20.3%
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Johnson University

 3/566.95%Knoxville, TN

Johnson offers an exceptional education grounded in Christ’s teachings at an affordable online college price. The school features a variety of religious and traditional academic programs, from ministry leadership to business administration. Students can pursue associate, bachelor’s, and master’s programs, along with five Christian-themed certificate programs. The school’s leadership studies PhD program is also available online.

Tuition and financial aid opportunities vary depending on your program. Some programs feature discounts, such as free course textbooks. Johnson’s founding mission was to train future ministers, church leaders, and nonprofit directors, and the school has always been committed to providing an affordable education. Students benefit from a subsidized education, thanks in part to private donors. Additionally, the university offers qualifying online students access to federal loans, private loans, and other scholarship opportunities. Johnson also encourages students to pursue outside aid opportunities through their church or employer.

  • Annual Tuition: $10800
  • Average Grant Award: $7087
  • Average Loan Amounts: $6287
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University of Oklahoma

 2/567.44%Norman, OK

Designed specially for working adults, Oklahoma’s online programs are flexible, convenient, and affordable. Students can attend classes entirely online, or in a hybrid format. Common degrees include criminal Justice, world cultural studies, and lifespan care administration. Students have the option to complete their degree in just 18 months, though most prefer a less rigorous schedule and try to graduate in two to three years. Each student has an academic advisor who helps them plan their curriculum.

Oklahoma offers a range of financial aid options, helping cement it among the rest of the affordable online colleges. This includes university-level scholarships based on financial-need and academic merit. A special emergency assistance scholarship is available for students who meet sudden and unexpected financial setbacks.

  • In-State Tuition Cost: $8916 per year
  • Out-of-State Tuition Cost: $21105 per year
  • Average Grant Award: $7415
  • Average Loan Amounts: $7070
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University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh

 2/554.34%Oshkosh, WI

Wisconsin-Oshkosh students can pursue a bachelor’s degree in aviation management, organizational administration, and liberal studies, among other programs. Students can take classes entirely online, or in a mix of online and residential courses. Those interested in either the bachelor’s or doctoral nursing program must adhere to the hybrid format. All students of this affordable online college have access to the same digital resources as residential students, including an online library, support services, and tutoring help.

Students pursuing an online degree on UW-Oshkosh’s e-campus are eligible for tuition grants based on financial need. They are also eligible for scholarships, which can be allotted both for financial need and academic achievement. Some grants are available specifically for adult students. Online students can also qualify for federal loans, depending on their financial situation.

  • In-State Tuition Cost: $7401 per year
  • Out-of-State Tuition Cost: $14974 per year
  • Average Grant Award: $ 4952
  • Average Loan Amounts: $6417
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South Dakota State University

 2/556.87%Brookings, SD

South Dakota State boasts an established affordable online college program that features an Award:winning MBA. The school is part of the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance (Great Plains IDEA), which is a coalition of 20 public universities sharing online resources and faculty. This affords students access to a broad online curriculum where each institution offers its strongest fields of study. In any given semester, you’ll be enrolled in classes taught by professors from an assortment of these schools.

This online program is available at an affordable rate, with several options for financial assistance. Distance learners can apply for federal loans and federal grants for students with financial needs; they may also qualify for state grants and university scholarships based on merit, transfer status, and more.

  • In-State Tuition Cost: $7713 per year
  • Out-of-State Tuition Cost: $9795 per year
  • Average Grant Award: $4349
  • Average Loan Amounts: $6479
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State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota

 1/530.92%Bradenton, FL

SCF online merges the best of the college’s academic excellence with the unparalleled convenience of online learning, and offers low in-state tuition rates which place it among the cheapest online colleges. The college offers career-changing opportunities in nursing, public safety, education, and technology. Students can access a number of financial aid options, including grants, scholarships, and loans. Federal student loans are available as needed, as are Federal Supplement Educational Opportunity Grants. The state of Florida offers aid through scholarships, work programs, and loans. Scholarships are provided by local businesses and the SCF financial aid department. The college also offers online students affordable access to software programs like Adobe and WileyPlus.

  • In-State Tuition Cost: $3074 per year
  • Out-of-State Tuition Cost: $11597 per year
  • Average Grant Award: $5926
  • Average Loan Amounts: $5074
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University of North Dakota

 1/555.49%Grand Forks, ND

SCF online merges the best of the college’s academic excellence with the unparalleled convenience of online learning, and offers low in-state tuition rates which place it among the cheapest online colleges. The college offers career-changing opportunities in nursing, public safety, education, and technology. Students can access a number of financial aid options, including grants, scholarships, and loans. Federal student loans are available as needed, as are Federal Supplement Educational Opportunity Grants. The state of Florida offers aid through scholarships, work programs, and loans. Scholarships are provided by local businesses and the SCF financial aid department. The college also offers online students affordable access to software programs like Adobe and WileyPlus.

  • In-State Tuition Cost: $3074 per year
  • Out-of-State Tuition Cost: $11597 per year
  • Average Grant Award: $5926
  • Average Loan Amounts: $5074
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SUNY at Oswego

 2/563.28%Oswego, NY

SUNY Oswego’s Extended Learning education programs lands firmly among the most affordable online colleges. Through their online platform, students can complete their bachelor’s in broadcasting and mass communication, public justice, public relations, and vocational teacher preparation. Additionally, SUNY Oswego collaborates with all other SUNY campuses to participate in "Open SUNY," which allows distance learners to access courses and degrees from other branches.

Students can apply for Oswego’s scholarship offerings, which are awarded to freshman and transfer students based on academic merit. Approximately 30% of students attending SUNY-Oswego receive some merit-based scholarship, amounting to almost $4 million dollars in scholarships provided to the student body. Grants are also provided to part-time and full-time student based on financial need.

  • In-State Tuition Cost: $7181 per year
  • Out-of-State Tuition Cost: $16631 per year
  • Average Grant Award: $6253
  • Average Loan Amounts: $6895
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Asbury University

 4/567.73%Wilmore, KY

Asbury’s multimedia online learning experience combines the school’s rigorous, spiritual curriculum with the convenience and flexibility of an online classroom. On the aptly named "Discovery" database, students will find Asbury’s online lecture videos, quizzes, assignments, and discussion boards. Additionally, webcam sessions allow students to actively participate in class. Students of this affordable online college can tailor the curriculum to meet their educational and career needs — adult students can enroll in the accelerated online program to finish their degree as quickly as possible, or take classes on a more traditional academic schedule.

Students may qualify for federal student loans. The university also provides special loans specifically for transfer students pursuing their bachelor’s degree online through the Adult Professionals program.

  • Annual Tuition: $26076
  • Average Grant Award: $12784
  • Average Loan Amounts: $5277
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Saint Joseph’s College of Maine

 5/562.62%Standish, ME

Saint Joseph’s offers a spectrum of majors and minors that can be earned entirely through their affordable online college, in subjects ranging from accounting and information technology to theology. The school also offers graduate programs. Certain degrees are offered on a "Fast Track" path for students looking to take classes full time to complete their degree quickly.

Online students can access federal financial aid, as long as they are enrolled at least part-time. This provides students access to federal direct loans, which can ease the cost of tuition and books. Additionally, undergraduates can apply for the Federal Pell Grant. Freshmen students may also be eligible for Saint Joseph’s incoming-student scholarships, which are based on academic merit and testing scores.

  • Annual Tuition: $30990
  • Average Grant Award: $20301
  • Average Loan Amounts: $5874
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University of Mississippi

 2/561.36%University, MS

Mississippi’s "Ole Miss Online" offers a variety of degree and certificate programs at all academic levels. Programs range from counseling to engineering, and the school boasts nationally ranked online MBA and education degrees. Ole Miss Online helps students with a range of interests meet their academic goals. The school features the same instructors residential students learn from, and they are available for private meetings and tutoring sessions with online students.

All students of this affordable online college are eligible for financial aid; distance learners can apply through FAFSA. Students may also pursue Ole Miss’s many scholarships, some of which are targeted specifically toward transfer students, distance learners who are re-entering college after a gap, or those demonstrating financial need.

  • In-State Tuition Cost: $6760 per year
  • Out-of-State Tuition Cost: $17728 per year
  • Average Grant Award: $7572
  • Average Loan Amounts: $7210
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When you choose from the range of affordable online colleges, you should select a school and program that will help you obtain a quality education and prepare you for a rewarding career. Consequently, it’s important to select an accredited school. Accreditation ensures that your online college has passed assessment by a government-approved regional accreditor. It also ensures that you can transfer credits you earn to other schools, and offers you federal aid opportunities you’d miss out on at a non-accredited university. But perhaps most importantly: most employees don’t want to hire students with degrees from unaccredited universities. For online students pursuing a degree to expand their career opportunities, earning a degree from a non-accredited university is simply counterproductive.

Before you choose a school, you also should assess what the holistic college experience would be. That’s why determining the graduation rate of an online university is so important. Completing an online degree program can require more willpower, and present more obstacles than a classic college experience. That’s why many colleges offer resources to help students overcome these difficulties. Research each of your target schools to see if they offer academic advising, free online tutoring, and 24-hour tech support. These resources can make your online learning experience more manageable, keep you from feeling like you’re on your own, and most importantly: help you graduate quickly.

Additionally, an online school’s employment rate at graduation can be helpful in determining what your financial payoff will be. Many schools, particularly with graduate programs, have employment statistics demonstrating the average salary and job placement rate of their graduates. Be sure to ask for this information, and clarify how they calculate their methodologies.

Above all, remember to look beyond the cost of tuition when determining the best college for your finances. The cheapest online college is unlikely fulfill all of your needs, making it not worth your time or money. When you’re planning for your future, make sure that your investment will pay off in the long-run.

Original Research

Most Affordable Online Colleges of 2015
Rank School City
1 Texas A&M University College Station, TX
2 University of Florida Gainsville, FL
3 University of Central Florida Orlando, FL
4 Brigham Young University-IDaho Rexburg, ID
5 LeTourneau University Longview, TX
6 East Carolina University Greenville, NC
7 University of North Carolina at Greensboro Greensboro, NC
8 Florida International University Miami, FL
9 University of Nebraska at Omaha Omaha, NE
10 California Baptist University Riverside, CA
11 Appalachian State University Boone, NC
12 University of Nebraska at a Kearny Kearney, NE
13 Oregon Institute of Technology Klamath Falls, OR
14 Fort Hays State University Hays, KS
15 Eastern Oregon University La grande, OR
16 Minot State University Minot, ND
17 University of Arkansas at Little Rock Little Rock, AR
18 Oregon State University Corvallis, OR
19 Central Washington University Ellensburg, WA
20 Southern Polytechnic State University Marietta, GA
21 Utah State University Logan, UT
22 University of West Florida Pensacola, FL
23 University of Missouri - Columbia Columbia, MO
24 University of Houston - Victoria Victoria, TX
25 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Daytona Beach, FL
26 University of Wisconsin - Stout Menomonie, WI
27 Concordia University - Wisconsin Mequon, WI
28 Southeastern Oklahoma State University Durant, OK
29 University of North Dakota Grand Forks, ND
30 University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh Oshkosh, WI
31 Nicholls State University Thibodaux, LA
32 South Dakota State University Brookings, SD
33 Southeast Missouri State University Cape Girardeau, MO
34 Winston - Salem State University Winston-Salem, NC
35 Endicott College Beverly, MA
36 Missouri State University Springfield, MO
37 Old Dominion University Norfolk, VA
38 Assumption College Worcester, MA
39 Lamar University Beaumont, TX
40 University of Central Missouri Warrensburg, MO
41 University of South Dakota Vermillion, SD
42 University of Houston-Downtown Houston, TX
43 Bemidji State University Bemidji, MN
44 Indiana Wesleyan University Marion, IN
45 University of Wisconsin=Superior Superior, WI
46 Columbus State University Columbus, OH
47 University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL
48 Arkansas State University Jonesboro, AR
49 Southern New Hampshire University Manchester, NH
50 University of North Alabama Florence, AL