20 Best Online Bachelor’s in Accounting Programs


In order to become licensed as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in most states, candidates are required to complete 150 hours of accounting coursework and externship. This makes a bachelor’s of science in accounting a uniquely valuable degree, because it is difficult to enter the field with a less specific undergraduate degree in finance or business. Formal accounting training is essential for these professionals.

Many college graduates return to school to complete fast-track BSA or to at least satisfy the minimum course hours required to sit for their CPA credentialing exam. Due to the standardization of accounting coursework, these programs are easily and commonly completed partially or fully online. Our picks for the best online bachelor’s in accounting programs are featured below. No matter what your situation is, we think you’ll find that one of these program will match your professional and academic aspirations in accounting.

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The Schools

  1. 1. Washington State University – Pullman, WA

    • Degrees Available Online: BS Accounting
    • Acceptance Rate: 76%
    • Retention Rate: 82%
    • Graduation Rate: 67%
    • Enrollment Rate: 39%

    WSU Online accounting students are well supported. Free access to 24 hour tech support, a dedicated student services support staff, and an online tutoring and writing lab are all included in the BSA program. They also offer opportunities to develop social relationships between remote students, including a student government, mixers and seminars specific to their accounting students. Online accounting students at WSU are also required to take international business courses and encouraged to spend a semester abroad studying accountancy or working as an intern in the accounting field.

  2. 2. DeSales University – Center Valley, PA

    • Degrees Available Online: BS Accounting
    • Acceptance Rate: 72%
    • Retention Rate: 83%
    • Graduation Rate: 68%
    • Enrollment Rate: 23%

    DeSales ACCESS Distance Learning offers both hybrid offerings (some campus instruction, supplemented by online learning) and 100% asynchronous online learning. They offer resources for distance learners, including 24/7 tech support, training videos for using Blackboard and Elluminate – two online access programs – and workshops for both students and faculty, to keep up-to-date on distance learning technology. Accounting students at DeSales must complete 40 courses, or 120 credits to complete their bachelor’s degree program. The BSA program also accepts up to 75 transfer credits and grants advanced standing or course credits to students who can demonstrate prior learning in accountancy.

  3. 3. St. Catherine University – St Paul, MN

    • Degrees Available Online: BA Accounting, BS Accounting
    • Acceptance Rate: 59%
    • Retention Rate: 83%
    • Graduation Rate: 55%
    • Enrollment Rate: 27%

    St Kate’s offers a hybrid accounting program: Half weekend or evening class time, half online instruction. Students can participate on a part time or full time basis. They do not offer a 100% online program. Classes may be taken on a full semester (15 week) basis or half semester (7 week) basis.

  4. 4. California College – San Diego, San Diego, CA

    • Degrees Available Online: AAS Business Management and Accounting, BS Accounting, BS Forensic Accounting
    • Acceptance Rate: 100%
    • Retention Rate: 89%
    • Graduation Rate: 60%
    • Enrollment Rate: Open

    CCSD offers their FastFlex accelerated program, designed to shorten the time required to gain an accounting degree. Under this program, AAS degrees can be completed in 15 to 20 months, and a BS can be completed in 30 to 36 months. All accounting courses are available either 100% online or on campus.

  5. 5. California Baptist University – Riverside, CA

    • Degrees Available Online: BS Accounting
    • Acceptance Rate: 73%
    • Retention Rate: 78%
    • Graduation Rate: 59%
    • Enrollment Rate: 43%

    CBU Online and Professional Studies (OPS) program was designed to meet the needs of the non-traditional student. Hybrid offerings that combine on-campus learning with online instruction, and 100% asynchronous online learning are both designed to meet the needs of adult students juggling work and family responsibilities. CBU’s accounting program is dedicated to preparing students with a highly practical and application-based education. Students at CBU can also access the extensive accounting alumni network during and after their programs. This is a great asset as many CBU accounting alumni now work in major CPA firms like Ernst & Young and Deloitte.

  6. 6. CollegeAmerica – Phoenix – Phoenix, AZ

    • Degrees Available Online: AAS Business Management and Accounting, BS Accounting, BS Accounting with Forensic Accounting emphasis
    • Acceptance Rate: 100%
    • Retention Rate: N/A
    • Graduation Rate: 68%
    • Enrollment Rate: Open

    With accounting programs available completely online, CollegeAmerica’s goal is for their students to step right into careers upon graduation. They also offer monthly starts, so that incoming students don’t have to wait months before starting their studies at the beginning of a new semester.

  7. 7. Champlain College – Burlington, VT

    • Degrees Available Online: Accounting Certificate, BS Accounting
    • Acceptance Rate: 74%
    • Retention Rate: 79%
    • Graduation Rate: 66%
    • Enrollment Rate: 18%

    Champlain College is one of the top nationally ranked colleges offering Bachelor’s degrees, according to recent online reviews. 100% of online programs are accelerated, with 7 week sessions. Students are able to transfer in as many as 90 credits from a previous school, and are able to ‘test out’ for some subjects. Champlain’s accounting program offers both online and campus-based students the option to complete their year-long Professional Training Program, a course based on executive workshop training programs used at Fortune 500 companies.

  8. 8. Indiana Wesleyan University – Marion, IN

    • Degrees Available Online: AS Accounting, BS Accounting, MS Accounting, Certificate Graduate Accounting
    • Acceptance Rate: 73%
    • Retention Rate: 74%
    • Graduation Rate: 64%
    • Enrollment Rate: 47%

    IWU offers an accelerated online program, with students taking one class at a time, each for about eight weeks. At the time the student registers to begin their program, they register for all of their core courses. Prior to the start of online classes, the student will receive a calendar giving the dates of each core class. This prevents the problem of classes being unavailable to students when they need them, which could delay graduation. The cost of textbooks and related materials is included with tuition, and these items are delivered directly to the student.

  9. 9. AIB College of Business – Des Moines, IA

    • Degrees Available Online: AAS Accounting, AAS Accounting and Financial Services, AAS Accounting and Information Technology, BS Accounting, Accounting Minor
    • Acceptance Rate: 73%
    • Retention Rate: 73%
    • Graduation Rate: 59%
    • Enrollment Rate: 67%

    AIB is all about business education. They offer 100% online programs, and can boast services many online colleges can’t, including a 24/7 tech support and one on one faculty consultation. AIB also offers blended programs, where certain classes meet for a few hours each week.Accounting students at AIB will graduate as business majors with an emphasis in accounting. For those in a hurry to get on with the rest of their lives, they offer the “AIB Degree in Three” program, an opportunity to earn a BS degree in 33 months.

  10. 10. Florida Institute of Technology – Melbourne, FL

    • Degrees Available Online: AA Accounting, BA Accounting, BA Business Management Accounting, MBA Business Management Accounting, MBA Accounting and Finance
    • Acceptance Rate: 59%
    • Retention Rate: 79%
    • Graduation Rate: 55%
    • Enrollment Rate: 17%

    Florida Tech offers an advanced e-learning environment. They use a variety of electronic modalities, including streaming video lectures, online discussion boards, live chat rooms, MP4 video lectures and MP3 Lectures. Added to that is an assigned online learning program advisor, to make certain the student gets the most out of these learning channels. FT is an ideal school for accounting students who want to work or study abroad because FT’s accounting program maintains an international finance focus and many FT alumni end up going to work at international accounting firms.

  11. 11. Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College – St Mary-of-the-Woods, IN

    • Degrees Available Online: AS Accounting, BS Accounting, Accounting Minor
    • Acceptance Rate: 64%
    • Retention Rate: 74%
    • Graduation Rate: 62%
    • Enrollment Rate: 26%

    The college’s Woods Online program offerings allow adult students to gain their Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree completely online. Their program offers different learning styles, including 8- and 16-week formats for some courses. They also participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program, which provides free education for veterans who have served at least 36 months on active duty since 9/11/2001. Accounting students can choose between an 8 or 16 week format for their BSA.

  12. 12. Midway College – Midway, KY

    • Degrees Available Online: BA Business Administration/Accounting
    • Acceptance Rate: 69%
    • Retention Rate: 75%
    • Graduation Rate: 62%
    • Enrollment Rate: 21%

    Midway ONLINE offers accelerated online programs to meet the needs of working adult students. Residentially, the Day College is the only Women’s College in Kentucky. However, the school offers programs for adult men and women through the School for Career Development (SCD), many of which can be taken through Midway ONLINE. At Midway, accounting students complete business degrees with a concentration in accounting.

  13. 13. University of Northwestern Ohio – Lima, OH

    • Degrees Available Online: AS Accounting, BS Accounting, BS Accounting CPA track, BS Forensic Accounting
    • Acceptance Rate: 100%
    • Retention Rate: N/A
    • Graduation Rate: 62%
    • Enrollment Rate: Open

    UNOH is a medium-sized university with five colleges within, including the College of Business, which offers most of the BS degrees awarded. With a 26:1 student/faculty ratio, students can expect that professors and instructors will know their names and be available for guidance and assistance. The online program is 100% asynchronous, allowing maximum flexibility for student participation.

  14. 14. Lakeland College – Howards Grove, WI

    • Degrees Available Online: BS Accounting, preparation for CPA exam
    • Acceptance Rate: 60%
    • Retention Rate: 81%
    • Graduation Rate: 46%
    • Enrollment Rate: 42%

    The accounting program at Lakeland College offers strong instruction. It also includes opportunities to gain real world knowledge and experience, including a required internship, the opportunity to participate in a voluntary program to prepare tax returns for local residents, field trips to locally based corporations to view their operations and required shadowing of local accounting professionals.

  15. 15. Saint Joseph’s College of Maine – Standish, ME

    • Degrees Available Online: BS Accounting, MS Accounting
    • Acceptance Rate: 80%
    • Retention Rate: 76%
    • Graduation Rate: 51%
    • Enrollment Rate: 85%

    St. Joseph’s is a Catholic liberal arts college, offering a values-based environment for students of all religions. Their online program has more than 9,400 graduates from around the country and around the world. Designed to meet the needs of the adult learner, coursework may start immediately upon enrollment, with monthly program start dates. The majority of accounting faculty members at St. Joseph’s are active CPAs so students can expect to receive a highly practical and experientially based program.

  16. 16. Tennessee Technological University – Cookeville, TN

    • Accounting Degrees Available Online: BSBA, MBA, CPA Exam Preparation
    • Acceptance Rate: 93%
    • Retention Rate: 76%
    • Graduation Rate: 52%
    • Enrollment Rate: 46%

    The TTU online Accounting program offers 21 hours in upper level courses. It is geared primarily to students requiring academic accounting credits to sit for the CPA exam or for students interested in pursuing a graduate degree in accounting. All remaining coursework for the degree must be taken on campus.

  17. 17. Monroe College, Main Campus – Bronx, NY

    • Accounting Degrees Available Online: AS Accounting, BS Accounting, BS Public Accounting
    • Acceptance Rate: 59%
    • Retention Rate: 70%
    • Graduation Rate: 51%
    • Enrollment Rate: 59%

    Monroe offers a strong program for those who want to hit the ground running at graduation. With two nearby campuses joined through direct digital connection, teleconferencing between the two is a regular part of their course offerings. Their technological strengths include an extensive online curriculum supporting a number of accounting majors and accounting preparation programs.

  18. 18. Clarion University of Pennsylvania – Clarion, PA

    • Accounting Degrees Available Online: BS Business Administration-Accounting, MS Business Administration (preparation for CPA certification)
    • Acceptance Rate: 47%
    • Retention Rate: 70%
    • Graduation Rate: 48%
    • Enrollment Rate: 76%

    Clarion’s online program is ranked as one of the best among online programs in several recent online rankings. The college offers a part time online BS in Business Administration with an Accounting major. The program is targeted to working students who want to take no more than 2 or 3 courses per semester.

  19. 19. Colorado Christian University – Lakewood, CO

    • Accounting Degrees Available Online: Accounting Certificate, BS Accounting
    • Acceptance Rate: 83%
    • Retention Rate: 94%
    • Graduation Rate: 41%
    • Enrollment Rate: 35%

    With a faith-based program, rigorous academics, and a vibrant online community, this small school is determined to make a big impression. The school’s primary aim is to produce well-educated students with the skills and knowledge to have an effective impact in their sphere of influence and on the world around them. CCU’s accounting program is conducted fully online. Students take a wide array of courses in accountancy, business management and general studies.

  20. 20. Florida National University – Hialeah, FL

    • Accounting Degrees Available Online: Associate, Bachelor’s
    • Acceptance Rate: Open
    • Retention Rate: 78%
    • Graduation Rate: 55%
    • Enrollment Rate: Open

    Florida National University held its first class in 1988, and now has three campuses throughout the state, though its main campus is still in Hialeah. The school’s mission is to educate the diverse population of Florida, especially the growing Hispanic population. The school places extra emphasis on smaller class sizes for more personalized learning, as well as utilizing the latest in education technology. The accounting program is entirely online, allowing students to gain competency in accounting practices, ethics, and business law at their own pace.

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