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Earning an affordable online bachelor’s in finance can provide you the opportunity to pursue a career in banking, financial analysis, or financial planning — and the distance format allows you to study while you work at your current job. A bachelor’s of finance curriculum is comprised of broad business, accounting and economics coursework to build a solid foundation in core finance concepts. While pursuing a degree in finance, students will learn the basic principles of investing, as well as how to apply management skills and market insight to their choice of finance careers. Graduates of an online bachelor’s in finance are eligible for jobs as certified financial analysts and planners, loan officers, bank managers and more. Those who graduate with a degree in finance can expect an average starting salary of $53,143, according to a 2015 survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

Pursuing a finance degree can be a valuable investment in your future. And finding an affordable online finance program will allow you to maximize that investment by keeping costs low. However, it is important to make the distinction between the cheapest online bachelor’s in finance and most affordable. While cheap programs, in terms of tuition dollars, can offer short-term savings, true affordability should factor in the long-term return on investment. In other words, can you minimize student loans and upon graduation, will you find a job that allows you to pay off your investment? Each school in our list of affordable online finance programs meet stringent “College Affordability Score” criteria, chosen for their overall value across academic, professional and financial categories.

Rank School Name Ranking Score Relative Cost Location Description
1 Dickinson State University 81.85 3/5 Dickinson, ND

Dickinson State’s online finance program prepares students for careers as financial analysts, loan officers, and investment advisors in banking and financial planning. Students learn broad financial management concepts and build diverse job skills in finance service occupations. Distance learners must complete 128 course credits to graduate.

DSU uses Tegrity to facilitate online instruction. Though coursework is offered entirely online, program coordinators help distance students complete internship and externship requirements at a place near their home, allowing students to gain hands-on experience without needing to commute to campus. Financial aid -- including a variety of grants, foundational scholarships, and institutional awards -- is available for all online students.

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2 East Carolina University 76.48 3/5 Greenville, NC

ECU’s online bachelor's in finance includes concentrations in managerial finance, financial services, and risk management and insurance. Graduates leave school prepared to work as bankers, financial analysts, securities advisors, and more in accounting and financial services. Students must complete a combination of cognate, business core, concentration, and general business courses, including a capstone, to complete the degree.

ECU constantly strives to improve its online platform, and convenes its own distance education and learning technology committee once a month on campus. The school’s unique online resources include a dynamic virtual curriculum and focused instructor training. Online courses are delivered through Blackboard.

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3 University of Minnesota-Crookston 70.93 3/5 Crookston, MN

UMC’s online bachelor's in finance teaches students to assess risk and apply core finance and business concepts in the workplace. Graduates are eligible for jobs as financial analysts, actuaries, financial advisors, and more. Distance learners must complete a total of 120 credits to finish the degree, including an internship requirement.

Students in UMC’s online bachelor’s in finance program complete the same coursework as those studying on campus. The school’s unique online resources include mentorship and applied learning opportunities for distance learners through virtual communication tools designed to provide individual attention for the duration of the program. Out-of-state students pay in-state tuition. The school also has a generous transfer credit policy, and will accept most credits from your previous institutions.

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4 Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus 67.22 4/5 University Park, PA

The comprehensive online finance degree at Penn State helps you build a foundation in broad finance concepts, including financial markets, corporate finance, and investments. Graduates are prepared for careers in banking, financial planning, security analysis, and more. The degree requires you to complete a minimum of 120 credits, including general courses. Graduates are prepared to pursue CFA and CFP certifications. Penn State’s asynchronous learning format is convenient for students, and the program encourages all distance learners to communicate with peers and instructors through chat, video conferencing, and social media.

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5 Missouri State University-Springfield 65.56 3/5 Springfield, MO

MSU-Springfield offers a finance degree entirely online. Distance learners study all facets of money management, including investments and real estate holdings, for both private and public entities. Graduates often find work as financial analysts, insurance advisors, or real estate planners in banking, real estate, or money management. Students must complete 75 credits before they can apply to the school’s finance program.

Distance learners at MSU are encouraged to take advantage of the university’s many resources designed specifically for virtual learning. The school’s online programs help to develop strong organization and self-guided learning abilities, and use web-based communication tools to facilitate discussions between students and professors. Distance learners enrolled in online programs are exempt from paying the student services fees that are attached to on-campus courses, and they have access to the same scholarships and grant opportunities as traditional learners.

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6 Old Dominion University 64.44 3/5 Norfolk, VA

Old Dominion offers an online finance degree with a focus in global business. Popular positions for graduates include corporate financial manager, securities analyst, or account executive within finance agencies and firms; they are also prepared to assume management positions in the banking industry or to become entrepreneurs. Students must complete 120 credits in upper and lower division general education and finance-major coursework.

Distance learners should be prepared to take both synchronous and asynchronous classes. The school’s online academic advisors help to provide ongoing learning support, while also helping to arrange internships near the student’s location. Old Dominion offers a special tuition rate for active-duty military and a variety of both need-based and merit-based scholarships to all students.

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7 University of Alabama at Birmingham 64.26 3/5 Birmingham, AL

UAB offers a bachelor's in finance degree online that prepares students for careers in a variety of business and finance careers. Graduates are qualified for positions in financial analysis, investment services, and corporate finance, along with more specialized fields like property appraisal and real estate assessment. Distance leaders must complete 48 credit hours, including a four-course capstone requirement, to graduate.

UAB offers a variety of collaborative networking opportunities, along with a 24/7 Help Desk for distance learners. Dedicated online academic advisors provide support to students looking for internship opportunities; students can also get tutoring help online. This affordable program offers financial aid through more than 15 categories of scholarships, as well as various grants and other tuition discounts.

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8 Florida International University 62.78 3/5 Miami, FL

FIU offers an online bachelor of business administration (BBA) in finance degree, which is designed to prepare students to enter the field of banking, investments, or corporate finance. As finance majors within the BBA program, students learn both theoretical concepts and practical skills needed for occupations such as portfolio manager, investment advisor, and corporate finance consultant. The degree requires students to complete 120 credits, including business core courses, finance major requirements, and electives.

Distance learners at FIU are paired with a success coach in order to help them maximize their academic potential. The online finance program offers ongoing enrollment during fall, spring, and summer sessions, and allows off-campus students to join the Honors College to become eligible for additional awards and professional learning opportunities.

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9 Granite State College 57.41 3/5 Concord, NH

Granite State offers an online BS in accounting and finance with broad applications spanning numerous industries and a global focus. Graduates pursue jobs in industries involving financial management and accounting, including positions as an auditor, loan underwriter, financial planner/analyst, and more. Students may also prepare to earn the CPA designation as part of their degree. The BS in accounting and finance requires students to complete 120 credits.

Distance learners at Granite State use Moodle to complete assignments. Though coursework is offered entirely online, students looking for supplemental professional experience have access to dedicated GSU advisors, who help to make arrangements near the student’s location. Students enrolled in exclusively online classes pay slightly less than on-campus students.

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10 Metropolitan State University 57.96 3/5 Saint Paul, MN

MSU’s bachelor's in finance features a broad curriculum, offering classes in math, economics, statistics, and communication. Courses are designed to cover theoretical and applied finance, risk-management, and investment concepts, preparing students for occupations in corporate finance and personal investment services. The degree requires students to complete 120 credits.

Students are required to complete a capstone course -- Case Studies in Strategic Management -- during their final semester. MSU’s diverse financial aid options, including grants, scholarships, military benefits and a tuition-match program, make it one of the country’s most affordable schools.

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11 Regis University 55.93 4/5 Denver, CO

Regis offers a BS in finance degree online, with a focus in global economic forecasting, analysis, and management. Graduates are prepared for careers as financial analysts and advisors in banking, investments, insurance, government, and more. Students also receive the training necessary to pursue specialty certification in the finance industry. The program requires students to complete 128 credit hours.

Online participation in the finance degree program at Regis University is highly interactive, as the school offers only synchronous coursework in the virtual classroom. Regis also offers some courses and programs in an accelerated format. Regis also offers consortium options, allowing students to take classes at a partner university while maintaining their RU financial aid.

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12 Columbia College 55.37 3/5 Columbia, MO

Columbia College offers a bachelor's in business administration with a finance major entirely online. Coursework combines broad business and finance job skills, including assessment, management, and organization. Graduates are prepared to work in a variety of industries; students must complete 120 credits to graduate.

Distance learners complete all online coursework in an accelerated eight-week format. Courses are delivered virtually in an online multimedia classroom through Desire2Learn. Financial aid, including a variety of scholarships intended specifically for military members and other distance learners, is available to eligible students.

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13 DeSales University 55.37 4/5 Center Valley, PA

The online finance program at DeSales provides students with a strong focus in ethics training and cultural perspectives. In this program, finance majors build a foundation of job skills in business, accounting, and management while also studying cultural literacies and Christian values and theology. Graduates are prepared for careers in banking, risk management, security analysis and more. Online coursework may be synchronous, asynchronous, or both, depending on individual class requirements. Courses are delivered through the Blackboard platform. The school offers a generous transfer policy for prior credits, and distance learners can apply for several donor-sponsored scholarship opportunities.

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14 LeTourneau University 51.30 4/5 Longview, TX

LeTourneau offers an online BS in business administration with a concentration in finance. This online degree prepares students for careers in corporate financial management, financial consulting, and investment banking within both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Graduates typically find employment in risk management, fundraising, and real estate analysis. The degree requires students to complete of 128 credits; 72 credits must be major-specific.

The online curriculum at LeTourneau is centered on its faith-based student community. LeTourneau’s online programs reinforce the school’s Christian mission through humanities-inspired coursework; LU even provides virtual chapel services to distance learners. Financial aid, including several scholarships specifically for online learners, is available to all students.

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15 SUNY College of Technology at Canton 49.81 3/5 Canton, NY

The BBA in finance degree at SUNY Canton prepares students for careers in financial management, risk management, and global investment. With a focus in business-oriented career skills, the program covers key concepts in the field, including loan and mortgage evaluation, diversification techniques, and stock bond valuation. The degree requires students to complete 124 credits, including a first year experience, taken alongside introductory courses in the first semester. SUNY Canton’s online learning staff includes a dedicated team of online media specialists, including an instructional designer and technologist. The school is committed to providing comprehensive support for its many online courses, which are delivered through the Blackboard platform.

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16 National University 47.04 4/5 La Jolla, CA

Coursework in National University’s online bachelor's in finance programs is rooted in financial management and designed to provide an education in global financial perspectives. Finance majors learn the right combination of financial theory and decision-making skills needed to succeed as a professional in the industry. Graduates are well-prepared for careers in corporate financial management or related areas. Students must complete a capstone project to graduate.

At National, distance learners may complete assignments in the virtual classroom asynchronously. The university’s online course format is designed to maximize flexibility for working students and part-time learners. Coursework is delivered through the Blackboard platform. Financial aid, including a variety of scholarships geared toward military students and veterans, as well as a flexible transfer policy, make National University both affordable and accessible for all students.

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17 Immaculata University 47.04 5/5 Immaculata, PA

Immaculata’s online finance degree emphasizes liberal arts concepts within finance. The curriculum is designed to provide a foundation in key financial concepts, combining subjects like accounting, economics, management, and strategic decision-making. Graduates are eligible for a variety of positions in the field, including financial analyst, investment advisor, financial planner, and more.

Students who are working and studying online at Immaculata often have the opportunity to fulfill practicum or internship requirements at their current job. Regardless of your situation, academic advisors can help arrange workplace training for online students near their residence. Online courses are delivered through Moodle.

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18 Baker College 45.56 3/5 Flint, MI

Baker offers a bachelor of finance degree entirely online. Coursework focuses on the study of financial markets, tools and entities that drive money, and asset management. Graduates have the skills needed to work in banking, insurance, investments, corporate finance, and other financial services fields. The degree requires students to complete 181 credits and a work experience. Baker’s online learning model is designed to offer flexibility and instill self-discipline in its student-participants. Online programs and courses are delivered synchronously through Blackboard. The school also offers free tutoring to all students.

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19 Southern New Hampshire University 45.37 4/5 Manchester, NH

SNHU’s online finance degree is grounded in business, and emphasizes practical job skills needed in finance careers, including communication, collaboration, and entrepreneurial initiative. Graduates leave school prepared to work at banks, insurance providers, mortgage companies, and more as financial analysts, personal bankers, risk analysts, and more. The degree comprises 120 total course credits, culminating in a capstone experience.

Finance majors in SNHU’s online program are afforded the opportunity to learn advanced technical skills as part of the curriculum. In completing the capstone project, students use cutting-edge programs and software to prepare and evaluate financial data. Special financial aid packages are available to active military and veterans, as well as those who qualify for need-based aid. Merit scholarships are also available.

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20 Dallas Baptist University 44.07 4/5 Dallas, TX

DBU offers a bachelor of business studies in finance program entirely online. The curriculum prepares students for a range of careers in finance, business, and management. DBU’s program follows the overarching mission of the school, which encourages each student’s spiritual and academic development. As part of the program, students will complete all general education requirements, including religious-based courses and classes in the humanities. Online courses are delivered asynchronously through Blackboard.

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