Best Online Master’s in Cybersecurity Programs

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Rank School Name Ranking Score Relative Cost % Enrolled Online Location Description
1 Johns Hopkins University 81.55 4/5 7% Baltimore, MD

Students can earn an online master's in cybersecurity at Johns Hopkins. The private university, best known for its medical school, is located in Baltimore, Maryland. The master's of science in cybersecurity is offered completely online or in a hybrid format. Students must meet a set of computer program and mathematics requirements for admittance. Johns Hopkins looks at professional experience as part of the application process. Courses include network security, managing e-security, and protocol design and simulation. JHU also offers a post-master's degree certificate option. The online cybersecurity master's degree program includes three track options: analysis, networks, and systems. Students can take part in an info session remotely through JHU's website and can access numerous JHU resources when enrolled. The completion date of the program is flexible and employment statistics are available on the program web page. The program takes about three-years to complete.

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2 University of Southern California 71.91 4/5 2% Los Angeles, CA

USC is a large, private university located in Los Angeles. Students can earn a master's of science in cyber security engineering from USC's Viterbi School of Engineering's completely online. The school's online master's in cybersecurity has a unique delivery approach, which uses a proprietary electronic delivery system to bring online learners into the physical classroom with their on-campus peers. Remote learners can attend lectures online with their Los Angeles peers or take an on-demand lecture. USC offers dozens of courses to prepare students for careers in intelligence analysis, network administration, information security, and homeland security. The program can be completed between 1.5 to 3.5 years based on full, or part-time enrollment. Students can begin taking USC cybersecurity classes for credit before officially enrolling through the limited state enrollment program. The program also prepares students for doctoral studies.

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3 New York University 62.90 5/5 2% New York, NY

NYU is located in Manhattan, New York. The school prepares students for the evolving world of information security. The master's of science in cybersecurity is designed for career-oriented computer security learning and can be earned completely online. Students must have a strong foundation in computer science and mathematics. Courses include network security, privacy, applied cryptography, and application security. Students have the opportunity to take electives, complete a research project, and write a thesis. The 30-credit program is open to students who have taken the required courses but do not have a degree in computer science. NYU is designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations from the National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security. The program can be completed in two-years. The school offers preparatory courses for students who don't have the needed cyber-security knowledge.

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4 Western Governors University 58.63 3/5 100% Salt Lake City, UT

WGU, founded in Utah in the late 1990s, was designed by the governors of several Western U.S. states to offer education online through competency-based learning.Distance learners can earn a master's of science in cybersecurity and information assurance from Western Governors.

WGU's online master's in cyber-security program is for current professionals in the information technology sector. The 30-unit program prepares students for leadership roles, ethical hacking, forensic work, and even government cyber-security work. Students must have a foundational education in computer science. Learners will complete a capstone project as part of the master's program. WGU's program is designed to take about 20-hours of work per week. Classes are delivered in six-month terms, and students are not charged for taking extra classes. All WGU students have the opportunity to work with a designated mentor to establish their education plan. Tuition is paid on a time-basis, not per credit.

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5 University of Dallas 57.90 4/5 0% Irving, TX

Dallas is a small, private, Catholic university located in Irving, Texas. The school offers a master's of science in cybersecurity completely online. Students are required to earn at least 30-credits to complete the online cybersecurity master's program. Graduates are prepared for jobs in network defense, cyber threat analysis, digital forensics, and more. Dallas is designated as one of the few National Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance and Cybersecurity by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security. Students take courses in digital forensics and network security along with business and leadership courses. UD also offers a 42-credit online MBA program with a concentration in cybersecurity and an 18-credit cybersecurity certificate. Students have access to class materials, study aids, and resources to help prepare them for the CISSP certification exam. There are multiple starting points each term, and students choose either a 12 or six-week course format.

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6 DePaul University 57.38 4/5 22% Chicago, IL

DePaul, located in Chicago, teaches a cybersecurity master's degree online through its College of Computing and Digital Media. Geared toward information technology professionals, DePaul's master of science in computer, information and network technology helps students keep-up with the latest technologies and upgrade their employment opportunities. The 52-credit program includes core, foundational, advanced, and elective courses. Students can explore a specific sector, such as telecommunication network security. A broad knowledge of the field is taught through courses like software risk management. Students complete a capstone project. The requirement is fulfilled by students taking a specialized course in security governance or network security or by completing a research project or thesis. The program features three areas of concentration: network infrastructure, computer security, and compliance. The school is designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance/Cybersecurity by the department of Homeland Security and the NSA.

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7 Bellevue University 54.67 3/5 84% Bellevue, NE

Bellevue is a private, nonprofit university located in Nebraska. The school's online master's degree in cybersecurity is designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance/Cybersecurity by the Department of Homeland Security and the NSA. Bellevue's master of science in cybersecurity prepares students to thrive in government or private business computer and network security work. Admission to the program requires a bachelor's degree, a GPA above 2.5 for the past 60 undergraduate credits, and some supplemental materials. Students can complete the program online. The 36-credit program has a traditional and accelerated cohort track available for experienced IT students who hold security certifications. Courses include information security management, ethical hacking, and human aspects of cyber security. Bellevue will work with students to achieve certain certification or professional development goals. Graduates will be able to recommend control strategies for risks to the IT assets and effectively respond to security breaches.

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8 National University 52.48 4/5 73% La Jolla, CA

National, located in La Jolla, California, allows amateur coders and professional information technology experts to earn a master's of science in cybersecurity and information assurance online. The 58.5-credit online cybersecurity master's program includes courses in cyber threats, network defense, and the ethical concerns surrounding cybersecurity. Students pursue one of two specializations: ethical hacking and pen testing or information assurance and security policy; a specialization must be chosen, and both require students to take four-courses. The ethical hacking specialization has students develop rules of engagement, prepare tool kits, prepare penetration test documentation, and more. The information assurance specialization has students assess the demands of internet-openness, legislation and law enforcement, and individual right-to-privacy. The program is open to students from different educational and professional backgrounds. Students may pursue a career in traditional IT security or focus more on the management and ethical considerations of cybercrimes.

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9 University of Detroit Mercy 51.97 4/5 13% Detroit, MI

Detroit Mercy's master of science in information assurance with a major in cybersecurity helps students learn about every aspect of cybersecurity. Students at UDM learn the necessary skills to protect against cyber threats and basic principles of cyber defense, cyber law, and new technology, including government, business, and industry ethics. The program can be taken completely online. Graduates are prepared for careers in the financial sector, IT management, the military, and law enforcement positions. UDM has been declared a Center for Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education by the NSA, DOD, and DHS. The 30-credit program was created for quick completion with most students finishing in one-year. Courses include ethical hacking, information audit, access technologies, and homeland security studies. UDM's online master's in cybersecurity is taught by faculty with connections to government security agencies.

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10 Robert Morris University 50.41 4/5 31% Moon Township, PA

Robert Morris, a small, private university near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, offers its master's of science in cybersecurity and information assurance to students all around the U.S. through online instruction. As one of the school's data technology programs, the online cybersecurity master's is designed to teach students how to recognize, defend, and avoid the cyber threats that have become common in the business and political world. The program features faculty with real-world cybersecurity experience. Robert Morris has several related programs including data analytics, internet information technology, and information technology project management. The university offers dozens of graduate and undergraduate degrees online through its two-team management system. Online students work with the Online Student Services Team for everything from class selection to advising while the Instructional Design Team helps faculty translate their lesson plans into the optimal online product.

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11 University of Maryland-University College 50.35 3/5 100% Adelphi, MD

The University College is located in Adelphi, Maryland, and teaches nearly 100,000 online students around the world. The school has embraced distance learning with a number of campuses in the District of Columbia, Europe, and the Middle East. The school has an open acceptance policy for qualified students. The master of science in cybersecurity technology is a fully online program with an interdisciplinary approach to cybersecurity. Online master's degree cyber security students take courses where they ethically hack and use cutting edge tools to test network and password security. Students must earn a "B" or higher in their core classes and complete a capstone project at the end of the program. University College also offers related courses for inexperienced computer science and coding students. The 36-credit program is popular with active-military personnel and veterans. Up to 6-credits can be transferred into UMUC's program.

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12 City University of Seattle 49.05 3/5 55% Seattle, WA

City University of Seattle students need an accredited bachelor's degree to enroll in the master's of science in information security. The 36-credit, 16-course, online master's in cybersecurity at CityU focuses on the basics of cyber and data cyber security. Students learn how to manage information ethically and securely through classes such as maintaining the technology infrastructure and cyber warfare. Students are required to complete a 3-credit, capstone project in computer science before graduating. The program has been named a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education by the NSA and the Department of Homeland Security. The degree is for IT professionals looking to become chief information officers, senior cyber security engineers, and secure network managers. The program offers several areas of specialization: cyber security environment, information security audit, breaking and securing code, and CPA exam review.

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13 Excelsior College 47.07 3/5 100% Albany, NY

Excelsior shares its name with the state motto of New York. The private, nonprofit school is located in Albany and focuses on online learning. One of Excelsior's online programs is the dual-degree online master's in cybersecurity. The dual-degree combines a bachelor's and master's degree into one program, allowing students to earn a graduate degree at an accelerated pace. The program requires students to earn 151 credits, 27 of which are graduate credits. Because the program includes a complete undergraduate degree, the application requirements are less than most master's programs. Students can enroll with no to little experience in computer science. Students are taught cyber security issues including law, ethics, information management, IT risk, communication, and information assurance. Excelsior's program allows for a maximum transfer of credits and is regionally accredited. Students have the option to earn an undergraduate cybersecurity certificate and graduate cybersecurity management certificate.

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14 Drexel University 45.04 5/5 31% Philadelphia, PA

Drexel's cybersecurity master's degree online is for IT professional and computer science enthusiasts. The program focuses on threats facing modern technology. The Philadelphia-based institution offers its master's in cybersecurity through its College of Engineering and College of Computing and Informatics. The program is designated as a Center of Academic Excellence by the NSA and DHS. All courses can be completed online. The application process requires a bachelor's degree, letters of recommendation, and a personal essay; providing GRE scores is recommended. Students are free to pursue specializations through electives, with core classes focusing on information security and threats. Students must take at least 18 credits of technical electives. Courses include principles of cybersecurity, information policy, data structures and algorithms, and computer networks. Graduates are prepared for work in e-commerce, government, and finance. It's recommended that students pursuing a Ph.D. or research-intensive career participate in the master's thesis.

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15 Mercy College 43.53 3/5 47% Dobbs Ferry, NY

Mercy, named as one of the few National Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education by the NSA and the Department of Homeland Security, offers an online cybersecurity master's program for IT professionals. Students at Mercy can earn an online master's in cybersecurity two ways: the 18-month MS program and the five-Year combined BS/MS program. There is an accelerated option available for associate degree holders as well. These options allow students at any level to earn a degree in network and information security. The 18-month MS program requires 30 credits and features courses such as wireless network security and IT audit and compliance. Admittance requires prerequisites in courses including statistics and local area networks; GRE scores aren't required. Students have the opportunity to participate in academic study, a master's thesis, a research project, and a capstone project. Cybersecurity master's online learners receive services like student advising.

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