5 Tips for Rushing a Business Fraternity

5 Tips for Rushing a Business Fraternity
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By Min Shin

Published on August 26, 2021

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Many colleges offer opportunities for students to rush business fraternities, or pre-professional organizations for students interested in business. Best of all, you don't have to be a business major to rush.

Business fraternities allow you to forge connections with current students as well as alumni who work for companies and startups around the globe. Joining a business fraternity also helps you polish your resume and interview skills to prepare you for the professional world. And you'll have access to resources that can help you when you apply for jobs or internships.

The rush process for business fraternities differs from the rush process for social fraternities and sororities. Here are some pointers if you're interested in joining a business fraternity.

Attend All Events

The first step to rushing a business fraternity is to make sure you go to all the events that the organization hosts. These events are an opportunity for you to get a feel for the business fraternity and see whether it may be a good fit for you.

Business fraternities typically host an info session at the start of recruitment. During this time, members talk about their experience in the business fraternity and what they've gained from joining. They may also talk about their internship experiences and career goals.

The events help you get to know the fraternity members, so your participation is essential if you're interested in joining. Each event will differ but can take the form of info sessions, resume workshops, social rounds, and professional rounds. Attending all events, including the optional ones, is a great way to express your commitment to joining a pre-professional organization.

Get to Know the Members

Another important aspect about rushing a business fraternity is getting to know as many members as you can. If the members remember your face, you may be more likely to stand out when they look at your resume or interview you.

Talking to members of a business fraternity is also a chance for you to see if you get along with them and share similar interests. You don't want to rush a business fraternity and realize toward the end that you don't have anything in common with anyone.

During events, make sure you're talking to multiple people instead of having a conversation with just one person. This is also an opportunity for you to practice networking. Make a good first impression by making eye contact and being aware of your body language. And always remember to be polite!

Sharpen Your Social Skills

Throughout recruitment, you'll learn many new names and give numerous self-introductions. Consequently, you should be prepared to socialize with members and be friendly to everyone you meet.

If members find that you're difficult to talk to or rude, they may decide you're not a good fit for their organization. Be conscious of what you say and how you wish to be perceived.

You don't need to be extroverted or overly outgoing to rush a business fraternity; however, members will be on the lookout to see if you're able to hold a conversation and if you get along with people.

Do Your Research for Interviews

Oftentimes, the interview rounds will be by invite only. This means that the members have deemed you a potential candidate for their business fraternity.

Make sure you're doing your part to get to know the specific business fraternity you're rushing. Each business fraternity has its own history, values, and goals. In your interview, be clear about why you're specifically interested in this business fraternity, what you hope to achieve, and how you can contribute to the community.

Note that it may be useful to read up on the news as members may ask you questions about current events. Be ready to think on the spot and outside the box. Some of the questions may not be meant to get a "correct" answer — the members will likely be more interested in seeing how you think through problems and find solutions under a time constraint.

Be Yourself

Because the members want to get to know you better, be prepared to talk about yourself, your experiences, and what you can bring to the table. Remember to be honest and authentic.

Trying to be someone you're not will only make the rushing process more grueling. If you're comfortable being yourself around the fraternity members, it may be easier for you to determine whether you could envision yourself in that fraternity.

During interview rounds, the members may also ask questions about your background and resume. It can be helpful to think through some of your strengths and weaknesses before meeting with the members. Always be confident in yourself and your abilities.

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