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7 Reasons to Attend College in Florida

Florida colleges offer learners many advantages. Learn more about seven reasons to study in Florida.

How to Get Into Columbia University: Tips From Real Students and Experts

Applying to Columbia? Check out the advice from admitted students and former admissions officers to strengthen your application.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Master’s Degree?

So exactly how long does it take to earn a master's degree? Find out what factors can influence your program, and what you can do to speed up the process.

NYU vs. Columbia: How Do They Compare?

What’s the difference between NYU and Columbia? Discover the differences in student body and popular majors and learn about NYU vs. Columbia.

Is an Accelerated Degree Program Right for Me?

Accelerated degree programs offer flexible options that enable motivated students to graduate in less time and enter the workforce more quickly.

What Are Pre-Orientation Programs?

College pre-orientation is an optional program that helps incoming students adjust to college life. Discover how these programs help undergraduates.

Video: How to Find an LGBTQ+ Inclusive Workplace

We talk to Min Matson, director of PricewaterhouseCoopers' Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consulting, about what to look for in a workplace that is supportive of LGBTQ+ workers.

Video: 5 Jobs With Alarming Gender Pay Disparity

Unless you've been living under a rock, you're probably aware that women continue to face gender pay gaps across most industries. Meg Embry walks you through.

Video: How to Quit Your Job (With Grace)

Putting in your two weeks notice with grace is a delicate process. In this video, Evan Thompson walks you through how to quit your job professionally.

10 Highest-Paying Jobs in Puerto Rico

Searching for a career in Puerto Rico that interests you and pays well? Then, check out our guide to the highest-paying jobs in Puerto Rico.

Leave of Absence 101

Check out our guide to fully understand different types of leave of absence, what situations they're used for, and how to ask for one.

How to Reschedule a Job Interview

When the unexpected happens, you may need to request a new date and time for a job interview. Learn how to reschedule an interview without burning bridges.

What Is the Florida Student Assistance Grant Program?

The Florida Student Assistance Grant Program for first-time degree-seekers is easy to apply for and receive — just complete the FAFSA early.

20+ Scholarships for Illinois Students

Are you an Illinois student hoping to cut costs in college? Well, you're in luck — check out these 20+ scholarships for Illinois students to start saving.

My Top 7 Tips for Finding College Scholarships in High School

Applying for scholarships can be a confusing process. Discover one student's tips for finding and securing college scholarships in high school.

How to Pay Back Student Loans Once Payments Resume

Student loan payments may start again in August. Learn how you can financially prepare and see if you qualify for repayment or forgiveness programs.

The 10 Best Part-Time Jobs for College Students

Finding ways to pay for college can be difficult. Check out the part-time jobs BestColleges recommends for students to help fund their education.

6 Ways College Finances Affect Mental Health

Stressed about student loans? Finances impact students' mental health. Find resources to support your wallet and your well-being.

Higher Ed Data and Trends

Does Education Make a Difference in Salary?

While education makes a difference in salary overall, this does not apply in all disciplines. Explore the relationship between education and income in this report.

What to Know About Parent PLUS Loans: 5 Startling Statistics

Outstanding Parent PLUS loan debt is in the billions, and more than 1 in 10 borrowers are defaulting on their loans just four years after their child graduates.

Is the CISSP Certification Worth It? Requirements, Exam Costs, and Salary

Getting the CISSP certification may increase your salary or job prospects, but is the cost worth it? Find more information on the certification costs, requirements, and projected salary.

Sexual Assault on College Campuses: Facts and Statistics

More than 1 in 10 students experience sexual misconduct on their college campus each year.

Highest-Paying Doctoral Degrees

A doctorate can boost your career opportunities and earning potential. Explore some of the highest-paying doctorates and Ph.D.s in tech, healthcare, and more.

Does the College You Go to Matter?

While listing the “right” college on your resume can give you an initial leg up, other factors may matter more when securing a job.


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