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In an effort to combat the confusion around college rankings, BestColleges created a guide to help students better understand how to use rankings to find the schools and degree programs that are right for them. This includes discussing the benefits and challenges of rankings, the methodology, the data sources, and rankings philosophy in general.

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The 2017 Online Education Trends report indicates that education providers are under increasing pressure to provide meaningful outcomes data. Interestingly, 77% of surveyed schools report that students want placement/employment rates data provided on a course-by-course basis, 58% report requests for course completion rates, and nearly half are asked for information about postgraduate salaries.

Source: The Guardian

BestColleges, for example, writes on its website that American University and George Washington University, both in the nation's capital, are the most politically active schools.

Source: Newsweek

The University of Florida Career Resource Center, for instance, has been ranked among the best in America by BestColleges. Recruiters surveyed by the Wall Street Journal have said they love the fact that the school offers several annual career fairs, in addition to an online resource that helps students figure out how to turn their interests into careers.

Source: Entrepreneur

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