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38% of Working Americans Have a Plan for or Are Considering Job-Related Changes Next Year
69% With Federal Student Loans Will Need to Take Additional Action to Afford Monthly Payments When Deferment Ends Next Year
BestColleges Pledges $2 Million to Golden Door Scholars
61% of Americans With Work Experience Would Go Back and Change Their Educational or Training Path if They Could
New Resource for Prospective and Current HBCU Students
1 in 4 College Students Want to Relocate After Graduation
86% of College Students Say It's Important to Love What You Do
Georgia Is the Best State to Change Careers In
81% of College Students Want Flexibility to Choose How They Will Learn
Less Than 4 in 10 College Students Were Asked to Give Input on Schools’ DEI Efforts
Nationwide, 60% of Americans Consider Cost and Only 7% Consider Institutional Prestige to be Important When Making a College Decision
After 2020, 72% of College Students Are More Aware of Social Justice Issues
69% of Americans Feel the Government Should Provide Free Community College to First-Time Students
31% of Business Leaders Actively Recruiting College Students Believe Online Is Better Than On-Campus Education
73% of 2021 College Graduates Seeking Employment Are Optimistic They Will Secure a Job Within a Year
89% of Online College Students Reported Live, Virtual Class Meetings in 2020
Over 1 in 4 American Workers Unsure How to Develop the Skills Needed to Reach their Employment Goals
95% of College Students Report Negative Mental Health Symptoms Due to the Pandemic
Only 31% of College Students Believe That Campuses Should Be Open Releases 2021 Annual Online Education Trends Report
Support for Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Split Along Generational Lines