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Created by Microsoft, C Sharp (C#) is a multi-purpose, object-oriented programming language beloved for its compatibility with Windows apps and by game developers. C# remains among the most popular programming languages. Aspiring C# experts can boost their skills quickly and affordably through a bootcamp or online course.

Coding Bootcamps

Coding bootcamps teach students fundamental C# programming skills that can help them enter the tech industry. Students can develop C# familiarity while also building a portfolio of coding projects for accelerated job readiness. Coding bootcamps can be more affordable than a bachelor's degree and usually take only a few months to complete.

Online Courses

Many software companies, tech organizations, and online course platforms offer free or low-cost courses in the C# programming language. Online courses may better serve students for whom C# bootcamps are too costly, time-consuming, or geographically restrictive.

  • The Complete C# and Object-Oriented Programming Course: Udemy offers this course focusing on object-oriented programming and C# 8. For a fee, the course includes on-demand videos and downloadable resources, lifetime access to course material, and a certificate of completion.
  • Learn C#: Microsoft offers this and other C# courses through the .NET portal of its website. Students can subscribe to Microsoft's .NET YouTube channel to access beginner C# video series, self-guided tutorials, and introductory course materials.
  • C# Courses: EdX offers several courses concentrated in beginner-level C# and object-oriented programming. Popular providers of such courses through edX include Harvard and Dartmouth.
  • Free C# Tutorial: provides a variety of tutorials in introductory C# programming, focused on functions like conditionals, arrays, and class variables. The course material requires interactive participation to achieve the best result.
  • C# Programming Series: For a fee, Harvard Community Education offers a comprehensive introductory course in C#, emphasizing experiential learning. Students work toward building their own graphical user interface. The program offers multiple start dates and enrollment options.

Find the Right Coding Bootcamp For You

Online Courses vs. Bootcamps

Online Courses
Pros Cons
  • Variety of free or low-cost options
  • Targeted instruction focusing on C#
  • Quick completion options
  • Convenient, flexible, and accessible
  • "Free" courses may actually require a fee to acquire certificate
  • May include only rudimentary C# instruction
  • Cannot prepare students for entry-level employment as a standalone course
  • Lacking collaborative, team-building opportunities and instructor interaction
Coding Bootcamps
Pros Cons
  • Often less expensive than a degree and may offer payment plans
  • Curriculum may have more breadth and depth than online course
  • Programs focus on career training and include career services
  • More personal attention from instructors and opportunities to work with peers
  • More expensive than a standalone online course
  • May not focus on C# exclusively
  • May not be a good fit for those who already have tech skills wanting to just learn C#
  • Possibly less flexible than an online course

Coding Bootcamps to Learn C Sharp

Claim Academy

  • Locations: Remote, St. Louis
  • Program Cost: $12,998
  • Learning Formats: Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time

Accepts GI Bill®
Career Services
Evening & Weekend Options

Claim Academy offers a 12-week cohort concentrated in .NET and C# full-stack software development. The bootcamp emphasizes paired programming projects, mentoring, career coaching, and networking opportunities. Students present their capstone projects to potential employers during a hiring event. Claim Academy requires students to complete an online prep course in C# before enrolling.


  • Locations: Remote, Portland, Seattle
  • Program Cost: $8,700
  • Learning Formats: In Person, Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time

Career Services
CIRR Member
Evening & Weekend Options

Epicodus offers an introductory programming bootcamp with a focus in C# and React. The seven-week program explores C# and database basics, intermediate C# and testing, and building an API, culminating in a group project.

According to data reported to the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting, 55% of graduates from Epicodus' 2020 Portland full-stack web development bootcamp were employed within 180 days of completing the bootcamp, and these professionals reported a median salary of $55,000.

Grand Circus

  • Locations: Remote
  • Program Cost: $11,750
  • Learning Formats: Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time, Self-Paced

Career Services
Evening & Weekend Options

Students can learn full-stack .NET and C# software development in 14 weeks through this Grand Circus bootcamp. The program offers multiple start dates throughout the year and features synchronous online courses. The curriculum covers core skills including HTML, JavaScript, and Angular, culminating in a final portfolio project.

The Tech Academy

  • Locations: Remote
  • Program Cost: $7,950
  • Learning Formats: Online
  • Time Commitment: Full Time, Part Time

Career Services
CIRR Member
Evening & Weekend Options

The Tech Academy specializes in C# training for beginners. The C#/.NET program is The Tech Academy's longest-running bootcamp, featuring live projects and more than 600 hours of content and coursework.

According to data reported to the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting, 64% of graduates from The Tech Academy's 2020 software development bootcamp were employed within 180 days of completing the bootcamp, and these professionals reported a median salary of $51,000.

C Sharp Jobs

C# Developer

Software developers with C# expertise use this programming language to create new apps for computers and mobile devices. C# is especially useful in the development of large-scale desktop sites and systems. Most employers require C# developers to possess bachelor's degree-level skills and work experience.

Median Annual Salary (May 2020): $110,140

Applications Systems Analyst

These professionals evaluate an organization's existing computer systems and recommend improvements to increase functionality and efficiency. Analysts with C# expertise can use this programming language to reconstruct sites and apps. Many hold a bachelor's degree in computer science, business, or liberal arts.

Median Annual Salary (May 2021): $99,270

Software Engineer

Software engineers often direct the activities of developers specializing in C# and other programming languages. They plan and oversee the broad strokes of software engineering projects, keeping developers and teams of developers on task. Employers may require a bachelor's or master's degree and work experience.

Median Annual Salary (May 2020): $110,140

What Are the Benefits of a C Sharp Certification?

A C# certificate from an online course or bootcamp can demonstrate a candidate's advantage over the competition for a programming job or promotion. C# certification may qualify existing tech professionals for higher wages, upward mobility, and/or a career switch from a related IT field.

Frequently Asked Questions About Learning C Sharp

Is C Sharp easy to learn?

While C# isn't typically considered a particularly easy language to learn, it can be depending on your level of previous coding experience and how you choose to learn it.

Taking a coding bootcamp specializing in beginner-level training can help you tackle the challenge.

Coding bootcamps often develop programming skills in C# alongside .NET, as these two languages must work together for most applications. Plenty of online courses in introductory and fundamental C# basics also exist.

Where can I learn C Sharp for free?

Students can find free online courses in C# by performing a quick internet search. Online course providers like Udemy and edX feature introductory and comprehensive C# courses, many with no fee required.

Some online C# courses require a fee, especially those that award a certificate or are offered through colleges or universities. Other online courses may deliver content for free but require a fee for additional benefits such as lifetime access or career services.

What is the best way to learn C Sharp?

Students should consider their individual learning needs, budget, and career goals when choosing the best way to learn C#. For example, students with limited time and funds may prefer a free online course, while others with the means to invest more time and money can seek out a coding bootcamp focusing on C#.

Both types of training can prepare graduates for C# careers. Students with programming experience may only require a brief online course to master C#; however, many beginner programmers choose bootcamps for their comprehensive technical and career training. Additionally, students seeking more personalized attention may prefer an in-person bootcamp or synchronous online course.